Well, this Vince Staples album is really good.

I don’t typically do this but , fuck it.
Normally, I would give you guys some sort of poll about new music. Sometimes I come across an album that is so clearly a “yay”, in my eyes, that I don’t wanna give you people a chance to ruin that for me. Fact of the matter is, I realize what kind of rap music the typical Phat friend reader is into. It’s intelligent. It’s a little abstract. It’s also generally very white person friendly. Meaning , topically, it’s not about street shit and if the rapper has any sort of regional accent, it’s a problem. Judging from past “Yay or Nay” columns the amount of times some of you recoil upon hearing anyone rapping about guns or drugs (regardless of context or creativity), it’s as if you’re your own parents. That’s fine. We like what we like. I’ve been there. I used to curse Puffy and Mase in the late 90’s as “not real” hip hop. I know how it feels. However, good rap is good rap. And, let’s not forget, this is rap music. Not folk rock. At least that’s what I’m trying to show you guys every time I post a new artist with a street edge.
Enter Vince Staples.
He’s Odd Future Affiliated and his new mixtape/album “Shyne Goldchain II” just dropped.
Vince is a dude I honestly didn’t pay much attention to until recently. Prior to his murderous verse on Earl’s album , where he easily stole the show from Earl (a highly talented rapper himself), he had done a few little things here and there. Honestly, I couldn’t get past the production in most cases so I kinda let it just fly by me. This album though? He got some beats. Or I should say, he found the sound that works for him.
As a rapper, he reminds me a little of Snoop dogg in his laid back demeanor but way more serious. He also has shades of another of my favorite under rated rappers Young Bleed. With both comparisons, I’m seeing a somewhat mellow killer. While I could easily see people listening to this ,in passing, and writing him off as just another rapper talking about the same street shit, those people would be wrong. Yes, he is just another rapper and he does talk about street shit but , with rapping, it’s all about HOW you talk shit. He’s got style, presence ,a great voice and an original way of putting familiar words together. Look at the Clipse and how they made selling coke in rap an art form.
The point of all this is, hey, give it a chance ,you uptight and short sighted rap nerds. It’s funny to think that you can expand your horizons by actually giving something you might deem “beneath you” a chance. Consider this…you know how you feel about the rap music you love? Like you think if that guy you know who only likes Rick Ross and drake would just give it a chance , he’d finally see why you hold it in such high regard? It works both ways. Grey area is everywhere.
So, here’s a link to Vince Staple’s New mixtape FREE DOWNLOAD!

Here are some clips from the album:

For a stream of the whole album:

20 thoughts on “Well, this Vince Staples album is really good.

  1. I was hopin you’d talk about this! Im lovin Vince right now, and this mixtape is great. Just some real cold lines on there: “I still got slaves hangin from my family tree” and “Obama’s just a house nigga to me”, two lines that really capture the essence of Vince. Dope.

    Really lookin forward to that Freddie Gibbs album too. Wonder how your blog’s fanbase is gonna feel about that one. The combination of the prototypical gangster MC with the hipster favorite Madlib might explode their narrow-minded brains.

      • I don’t feel that good about it, but… I already downloaded Madlib+Gibbs Piñata album and it’s pretty fucking awesome. I’m a big fan of Freddie Gibbs and Madlib is always interesting so…

      • Not that Vince Staples is the end all of music and defines a persons taste in any way but I’m curious, what are some things you are into? Aside from Gibbs/madlib.

    • Don’t want to sound like a douche here but… Madlib has probably worked with more “prototypical gangster” rappers then any other classification. I don’t think he fan base is going to see it any differently then the OJ Simpson LP with Guilty Simpson, or the ton of music he has done with Strong Arm Steady, MED, Frank n Dank…

      • I see what you’re saying but Madlib’s most revered works that he’s known for are with rappers like MF doom and Dilla. those are the albums his surface level fans expect out of him. And his instrumental stuff.

      • “what are some things you are into? ”

        I don’t know if you asked me this because it’s a bit confusing with the comments.

        In case you did it, what I meant is that I don’t feel good about downloading the album before it’s even released… I like Vince Staples also specially that verse in Earl’s Hive.

        I like everything from nina simone to big daddy kane and that doesn’t include talib kweli

  2. I agree. Vince Staples is that quite killer. and that verse on Earl’s Hive…wow. that’s what got me hooked. looking foward to seeing Vince, Isaiah and Schoolboy in April. finally we agree Blockhead…finally.

  3. He killed it on Earls song, but when I went through his discog I didn’t find myself liking him as much. Hopefully I enjoy this new shit.

  4. I like Vince, and i like this album a lot. For some reason though, i can’t see listening to this album as much as i might have thought i would. Man, i’m not even sure what it is. Maybe it’s just the mood i’m in now.

  5. Hold up. When I told you that I’m your #3 biggest rogglefan, was I actually saying that I’m the third biggest cheerleader of whiskey farts?

    Because, no.

  6. “White people friendly” haha, killed me. I haven’t listened to the album, but I’ve heard some Vince. Him and Larry Fisherman did a good job together. I’ve been thinking about rap in fullness though lately. A lot of it is bad, or repetitive, but a lot of it is good, or fun. It seems like rap lyrics, and it’s fans, added competition to music. It’s cool, but I feel like some people don’t understand that there’s other music that isn’t bad. Everybody is just stuck, and it’s hard to get out there. Originality is a killer.

  7. Mellow Killer for sure. Vince has definitely been putting it down. I think most hip hop heads, even those with hipster origins, have a soft spot for something more raw, murderous, and maybe egotistical, they just don’t want to admit it to themselves. They’ll be happy to rep Blue Scholars all day, but not someone like GOD. Just know some of us still openly love that shit. I may be a yuppie white guy, but I can’t deny talent.

  8. Damn, this is great. You were more or less correct when it comes to my hiphop tastes, although I love me some needlessly aggressive 90’s hiphop. I love how raw this entire mixtape sounds, do you know any other artists like this?

  9. I prefer hip-hop head over rap nerd. “Meaning , topically, it’s not about street shit” at some point I grew out of “I murder mothafuckas/Im a kingpin/criminal behavior, Im the best there has ever been at it” hip hop a long time ago. There are alot better things to fantasize about than dont cross me cuz Im a killer. To glamorize taking a human life, or even implying that you could/will/have seems opposite of quality to me. That being said HE gets props from me for the artistic use of language and the dedication and work it it takes to get to a level to be heard by and talked about by people besides your homies.

    • Thing about that is by crossing off any one who talks about such topics, you’re completely overlooking nuances of rap like style and cleverness that makes such droll topics listenable for the 1,000,000th time. Often, it’s those nuances that separate the geniuses from the hacks. To me, the topics are just the canvas and how the rapper uses the words is what is most important. There are tons of rappers talking about topics I bet you’d greatly prefer but, in reality, they aren’t half the rappers some of the gun toting rapper are. That’s why I harp on people who get obsessed with what rappers are talking about. after all, this is entertainment. The thugged out rappers aren’t killing people the same way Common probably isn’t the best boyfriend. It’s all entertainment. The creativity in how, not what.

  10. I was hooked in from a link on the bottom when I saw Vince’s name, I gotta say that kid kills it every time he’s had a verse on all the random OFWGKTA tracks he’s on, it’s about time he got a full album; it feels to me similar to waiting for J-Tredds to come out with a solo joint years ago and it never happened; he used to lurk in the shadows of all the insane cypher tracks and kill it just like Vince, but this time you get a full albums worth. This kid comes with a similar wordplay/battle rap/street life style that reminds me of classic albums like the cold vein and liquid swords. It’s a ghetto narrative with actual substance over style.

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