Answers for questions Vol. 178

Oh hey there. It’s time once again for “answers for questions”. This is where you, the reader, asks me stuff and I, the writer, answer it. If you’d like to be a part of this magic, ask me anything. Send questions to my email: or leave the questions in the comment section. Be original. Get weird.
So, let’s get into this weeks batch…

Probably been asked before but why do you always put a picture of an irresistable baby animal as the header of your entries? If its to make females read then its working.

I honestly don’t know what I started doing that. Funny thing is that I’m not an animal guy. I don’t have pets or desire them in any way. I generally don’t even like being around most animals. That said, I’m not totally dead inside and I do think they’re cute. Especially when they’re babies. So, I generally look for pics of cute little rodents or pigs. Sometimes monkees. Really, any random animal I can find being cute. I tend to stay away from dog pics cause, you know, what’s the point? Most of all, I have a strict no cat rule as I fucking hate cats and everything about them.

you’ve mentioned being “uncomfortable” in southern cities (cant remember the exact context). Is that because youre anticipating people being ignorant swine or is the err.. “pace of life” that different? Did you get scarred and end up at a shotty diner at 2am and see the epitome of redneck? What happened? I have lived in the north and south so i know the stereotypes on both ends, just wondering. And you made it a point to say the “deep south” so i guess that means mississippi alabama and such but correct me if im wrong. Im sure you didnt mean florida because florida is a region of its own.

Using the term “uncomfortable” was just me putting it on thick. I’m fine in most places. I definitely feel different when I’m down south (or in florida). It’s mostly the pace of things (slow as fuck), the down home-i-ness and the brand of politeness you find down there. It’s not jarring or anything. It’s actually pretty pleasant. But it definitely makes me act a certain way. Like I don’t wanna be the rude northerner. Not to mention, the palpable religious tones are not my favorite. Driving around and seeing mega churches and highway signs talking about how abortion is a sin can be a bit much. even if that’s not the common mind set it’s weird to see that shit all over the place and it absolutely sets a tone.
As for Florida, it’s mostly a complete shithole filled with crazy people. I’ve had some good times there but any drive I’ve ever done between cities within that state has been a terrifying mix of strip malls and rednecks that is pretty much the opposite of any place I ever wanna be.

i’m a lot like you in that i’m white, male, mid 30s and have run the gamut of the musical elements of hip hop (mc, dj, producer) and still dabble in all 3. and i’m self-aware enough to know that i’m ironically racist against white people in hip hop. i believe white people are taking over hip hop the same way we stole jazz, blues and rock. my guess is that around the year 2000 the number of white people creating (not just consuming) hip hop eclipsed the number of black people. not on a national scale, because blackness still equates to authenticity, but at least on a local and, therefore, overall scale. personally, i hate it, and i’m part of the problem. how do you see the racial future of hip hop playing out and what are your thoughts on that scenario?

At this point, i feel as though the music scene is some homogenized , race is secondary. Sure, it comes up and always will as long as authenticity of the culture matters in the slightest but white dudes are up in the shit deeply now. You got guys like Mac Miller getting co-signed by the best MC’s out right now. That’s as telling as anything. 15 years ago people would have avoided being seen in the same room with that kinda dude. Not to mention, the kids coming up to day were raised in the “post-racial” hip hop era. By that, I mean they’ve never known hip hop without white dudes. Eminem was one of the best mc’s alive when they got into the music. So it’s no bug deal. Dudes like us , who are old and bitter, remember the days when a white guy had to really earn his stripes just to be accepted in rap circles. Basically, as rap goes forward, we can expect it to dull down to a nice brownish beige color. That’s where we are headed.

Do you think that youtube commenters are the exact same types of people as those who write hateful messages on the walls of public restroom stalls?

I’d say the bathroom wall people are like the cavemen version of the youtube commenters. That said, they’re infinitely more creative in general. While both are done out of boredom, the bathroom artists have an excuse. They’re sitting down and taking a shit. They got some time to kill for a valid reason. The youtube people though…it would be hard to fathom a worse breed of person that someone who dedicates a lot of time to trolling people in youtube comments. That’s like being someone who rips other peoples scabs off for a living. I’d like to generalize and call them all pathetic assholes but, the reality of it is that they are probably just bored and don’t even consider ramifications of being an asshole online. They might even be well adjusted people, with good jobs and nice families who simply blow off steam by making strangers upset in youtube. Whoever they are, fuck them. There’s no excuse for that kinda behavior if you’re an adult. If you’re a kid? Well, then it’s the most fun in the world and I salute you.

What are your thoughts on Martin Manley? The story is 6 months old, but basically he made a blog describing his life and then killed himself on his 60 birthday. It’s an interesting read (not everything, but most of it is). Anyway, here it is

Now, there is no way on earth I’m trying to read all of this. So, I treated it like a high school reading assignment and skimmed the first few paragraphs. So, many of my conclusions could be wrong here. Just a heads up.
From what I glazed over, this dude wrote about his life which he decided to end on his 60th birthday. The first few paragraphs are all about his reasoning for killing himself. You know, really fun stuff. I imagine he later gets into his life story which was either terrible OR he felt that living to 60 was as much life as he needed to live.
I feel two ways about this.
1)I think this guy is kind of a selfish prick. You know the saying “real g’s move in silence”? Well, real suicidal people don’t right self important blogs about the deed, they just do it cause they don’t wanna live anymore. It’s as if he couldn’t leave earth with one more masturbatory essay. Fuck that shit. I’m sure his friends and family take great solace in this blog post. Sure they do.
He has an essay on the sidebar defending against people who say him doing this is self serving. Guess what, bro? That defense was self serving. Here’s the thing, any time you write anything about yourself (that no one else asked for) it’s going to be self serving. This very blog I write is self serving like a motherfucker. I get that. but the whole point of this site seems to be him getting in the last word before he deaded himself. I bet, when he was alive, he was a nightmare to argue with.
2)I’ve been talking about this with a few people recently. “This” being getting old and dying. I have no clue if this guy goes into this at all on his blog but , lately, the idea of getting really old has not been very appealing. Being my age right now and noticing how my body is slowly starting to fall apart…I can’t even imagine getting to a point where things like simply walking or taking a shit are all of a sudden serious issues. I don’t care how full of wisdom my brain is or how much perspective the old age gives me, I’m not trying to be a guy who can’t wipe his own ass. In a way, that’s when I’ll know it’s a wrap. The second I got my legs up like a newborn baby and some poor nurse or child of mine is forced to clean my asshole, feel free to pull the plug on me. I hope someone gives me a laptop so I can write a suicide blog all about what happens next.

I know you don’t give two sit-spins about the winter olympics or the olympics in general – none of us do. But let’s take you back to hypothetical la-la land and pretend that you’re 24-25ish years old again and for some reason the Olympics are being hosted in the surrounding areas of NYC (that would be super strange). You’re single, and all of a sudden your native land is being inundated with winter olympians. Which type of female athlete would you be gunning for the most? (it’s bobsledding, am i right?’s totally a bobsledder..)

Hmm…female winter olympians. I’d imagine the ice skaters cause they got ass. They may be like ballerinas who, in my experience, are filthy good time girls. A lot of those extreme sport types aren’t really my steeze. They either got broad shoulders or look like their lips are constantly sunburned. Not to mention, my disinterest in that whole scene when added to their over the top obsession with it wouldn’t work out to well. They’d be all talking about flipping a “double dandy side slip” (that’s a move i just made up) off of alpaca canyon (that’s a mountain I made up) and I’d be zoning out over the amount of times they say “hella” and “gnar”.

First off I want to say i saw your show last night at the King King and you sounded awesome as usual. I just wish your set was longer, the dude before you started getting really old really fast. I wasn’t feeling the soul in it or something, just a bunch of sounds. I got there all pumped up to see you and lost my buzz by the time you came on. Anyways, my question is did that camera guy get on your nerves? I saw as soon as you started this guy is all hovering around you flashing his camera all up in your face. He came up to where i was sitting too and without warning flashed that shit in my face, he could have at least given me a heads up. Do you know that guy personally or is he just some person hired to take pictures or something?

Ah, the King king show. That was the show that I had gotten food poisoning before. I barfed in the parking lot prior to entering and bought a trash can on stage with me in case i need to hurl while performing. Shit was brutal. That said, glad you liked the show.
As for the camera guy, I did not know him. i never know anyone who takes pictures at my shows. To be honest, I typically am okay with it as long as they are quick and don’t get up in my face too much. unfortunately, some of these dudes are the worst and will literally take pics for like 15 minutes , running around behind me (a huge peeve of mine cause I’m easily distracted) and just being a nuisance. The thing that annoys me about it most is that it’s not like I’m striking poses up there. I’m nerding out on a trigger pad. There’s not much to capture. I figure once you get like 4 or 5 shots, you should be good to go. But, you know, I guess you’re better off having too many pictures than too few.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 178

  1. Here’s another picturey type question fer ya!

    Which lower-back tattoo would bum you out the most (if you were young&single and had just closed after the bar) if it were attached to one of the phattest of all asses?




  2. are you familiar with this dude’s beats?
    I guess it’s not straight ahead hip hop or w/e but I thought his beats sound cool…..i never hear his name mentioned though, but i don’t really follow much of hip hop/electronic/computer music anymore, but i do read this blog occasionally

  3. Hm… I assume somebody already asked these questions, but I’m too lazy to reread everything, so here I go…
    1) Attack The Doctor – the “lyrics”, i.e. that voice always cracks me up, for some reason. Where did that come from?
    2) If I ever wanted to buy you a drink on your show (not very likely as I currently live in the French countryside), what would it be? Have in mind that it would be in Europe, so you’d have to forget about something that is really American (maybe I’m missing something, but apart from Coke, the standard drink for concerts here is beer). Would you take that drink anyway? I want to spare myself the embarrassment of coming like “Hey Block, great show, have a cold one” and then being told “I get free stuff, peasant!”.

    PS Where’s that new album?

  4. What’s the deal with,ultra violent/disturbing rap or like horror core kind of stuff? i’m thinking rappers like cage, jedi mind tricks, necro. Where does the inspiration/desire to write this kind of music come from? What are the rappers like off stage? What are their fans usually like? I like cage and jedi mind (necro is a little too much for my taste) but every time i listen to them, i think, wow that’s fucked, why do I like this? you have good (or at the very least entertaining) insight into stuff; what’s the deal with this?

  5. Getting old and dying. What a fun (depressing) topic!
    I dunno, I feel as though I’d much rather lose physical capabilities over mental ones (although realistically I’m sure that both tend to degenerate in tandem, not just one or the other usually).

    No disrespect to anyone, because I’m sure most of us have known someone who has passed on with dementia, it’s so common. But that is my greatest fear of all time -not being able to remember. (I realize though that dementia eventually affects the physical too)

    I’d much rather be wheelchair-bound than not have memories or not be able to think clearly. But I’m also the type of person who can sit in a chair for a long time without anything to do and simply be entertained by my thoughts. The mind is a playground…. gotta do those brain kegels!

  6. You’re from New York, so might have some experience with pushy people. SXSW always brings out the assholes here, and waiting in line is the worst. How do you react when someone A) Quietly slips in front of you in line, hoping you won’t say anything? B) Forces their way in front of you with a hard elbow or shoulder push? If they won’t respond to a simple “hey fuck off I was standing here”, do you have any good tips how to intimidate them into waiting their turn? Should there be a different approach for different situations like a music venue bar, bathroom line, food line, ATM? I’m looking for some options that don’t mean I have to leave right away or get arrested, but it can still be some mean shit.

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