Yay or Nay: Isaiah Rashad

This might be one of those situations where I just stumbled upon someone who is already totally established so , you know, forgive me if that is the case.
Today’s “Yay or Nay” Is Isaiah Rashad, who is part of the T.D.E. Crew Aka probably one of the most respected rap crews in hip hop right now. Between Kendrick Lamar and SchoolBoy Q, they pretty much have shit locked down right now. Trust be told, I like Schoolboy Q but have never been able to get into Kendrick. This is not to say he’s not a good rapper. In fact, he’s undeniably good. For some reason or another, I just can’t get into his voice or something. Really, I dunno what it is. But I pride myself on not being one of those internet assholes who can’t differentiate between my personal taste and reality. Without question, that dude is insanely talented. But I digress…
This is about Isaiah Rashad. Rashad is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Not a known hotbed for hip hop. His style is both down home yet as aggressive as anyone else you might hear affiliated with T.D.E. I think what jumped out at me first was his taste in beats. Somewhat Jazzy and laid back. They definitely compliment his style nicely.
Yes, he is a rapper that will say the word “Bitch” and talk about “smoking weed”. If this is an issue for you, then I suggest you skip him. Also, welcome to rap music, pussy. (Sorry for continually harping on this but you guys have no idea how much it bums me out that I have to deal with people being offended by the content of regular rap music week after week in this column)
Here are two songs of his I’ve been into.

So, what do you think?

17 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Isaiah Rashad

  1. I’d like a category called “the beats are great and he holds his own.” The production is top notch, his rhymes are run of the mill, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or anything, just not surprising.

  2. Does people fronting on “regular” rap on here bother you more because they are your fans? I’d imagine that’s got to be a little disenheartening. I like that you continue to do it though because I dig most of the stuff you post and without phat friend, I’d probably never hear it.

    • Well, kinda. It more bothers me cause it generally exposes a close mindedness of the people that read this blog. Almost a snobbishness that almost feels kinda racist. The fact of the matter is, the majority of the artist i post are good conventional rappers. It’s like people don’t really go for some shit I post unless it’s super abstract or a white guy. It just leads me to believe that the people reading this blog have no concept of what makes a rapper good. So, yeah, it’s disheartening. I understand that a good amount of people who real this are both young and fans of mine so it’s not like I’m shocked. i just wish they’d embrace good rap as good rap and not get caught up in the rapper being too normal or being “offensive” cause they talk about shit that rappers talk about. It’s like people don’t like shit unless they’re reinventing the wheel. Which is ridiculous.

  3. Schoolboy Q is def my favorite rapper going these days. I don’t do prescription drugs but man…that song kicked me hard in the gut in terms of the anxious/depressive thought process.

  4. i turned it off when i heard him say b****. very offensive stuff, mr blockhead.

    nah im just fucking with you. but i was wondering, since you were really into TREE and roc marciano a bit back, what you think of their two new albums, marci beaucoup and that sion shit, since reloaded and both sunday schools were outta this world and these two new albums were, in my opinion and i think popular opinion pretty disappointing (i personally though the pimpire mixtable was better than roc’s new joint, tho hearing quelle chris was pretty dope and ka went hard as always)

    • Yeah, I didn’t love either of the two new album but, in their defense, they weren’t official releases. The scion shit was an ep with and completely different productions style and roc’s last shit was a production album with guests. Pimpire had some joints though.

  5. It’s interesting that you haven’t gotten into Kendrick, since, Isaiah Rashad sounds quite a bit like him, just with a bit more bass in his voice (especially in that “Ronnie Drake” song)

    In any case, yea, he’s dope. And, hopefully your readers will start opening up to more types of hip hop. Ain’t nothing wrong with street shit, especially when they’re dope. Word.

  6. hes ok. i got his cilvia demo when it came out. i was kinda excited that someone i like more than kendrick was coming out on tde. then i listened to the demo. i dont have a problem with commercial rappers as long as they have skill. i dont have a problem with rappers talking pussy and weed. my only issue with his demo was it was almost every song. as if there is nothing else to talk about. his flow is good but pretty typical, although hes good at it. his voice is great and the beats are good. yes im white. doesnt really factor into the artists i listen to seeing as how my two favorite rappers out right now are joey badass and bishop nehru. im just stuck in that golden era i guess.

  7. Blockhead, I think you and I would both agree that we shouldn’t always trust my opinion when it comes to hip-hop music (haahaaa…)

    But I think a lot (not all) rap fans don’t get it. And what they don’t get is that having filtered, explicit, unwavering opinions about every rapper in no way defines how much hip-hop has enhanced your appreciation of music or shaped your life. It’s short-sighted, really narrows the scope of things – and that’s not what’s up.

  8. Ima say this because I think you need to hear it. I fucking love all the music you put on here. Yes, I come because of your music, and affiliation with Aesop was the reason I found your stuff… But I keep coming back because of the dope new shit you’re always posting. (Well that in addition to the laughs and such…) Please keep posting shit like this. I never would have found Gunplay, or probably Earl or Vince Staples without your help. (it’s just not the type of shit people who go for your style check for – or maybe it’s just me). BTW that Vince Staples has been on repeat since downloading for me.

    Anyway, I know you’re open-minded about this stuff, but I appreciate you mixing it up and putting your fans onto shit like this. I came up loving 1992-2000 era stuff and I guess just always appreciate the ones out there still doing stuff like this. Please keep this going. Just one man’s opinion that I know you don’t need to hear, but just wanted to put it out there.

  9. Isaiah Rashad is definitely good shit. Semi-totally “made it” already I’d say given TDE’s positioning these days, but that said, even Ab-Soul and Jay Rock still have a ways to go to be household names. I really like Isaiah’s album though. Probably more than any TDE release that’s not good kid, section 80, or habits & contradictions.

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