Rogglecast7-Throw that boy poopy

To be clear, this a picture from halloween in the later 90’s. We don’t really look like that. annnnnyway…
It’s been a few weeks, but Pollyne and I are back with I-tunes #5,586,438 most popular Podcast. This week we play no games and get right into the dirt. We answer a question about anal sex, talk about weird jobs we’ve had and tell tales of pooping mistakes. This one is definitely not…umm…clean. Listen here or go to I-tunes and pep it. Download it. Subscribe. Give it good reviews. Whatever you gotta do, bro. You’re your own person and I respect that. Anyway, here’s the new Rogglecast…

4 thoughts on “Rogglecast7-Throw that boy poopy

  1. Awwww shit! Perfect timing. I’ve only listened to a little bit, but I’ll listen to the rest later before I even watch the finale for Broad City…you two should be SO proud 😉

    I didn`t realize her and Chris Martin had broken up! So, fine fine, I have a tiny little question now for Answers for questions:

    Who do you think would be best suited as Gwyneth Paltrow`s* next victim…er, I mean lover.
    *Hereinto referred to as THE GOOP ­—>

    A) THE GOOP & Mike Myers
    B) THE GOOP & Frankie Muniz
    C) THE GOOP & Krs-One
    D) THE GOOP & Matthew McConnaughey
    E) THE GOOP & Bono
    F) THE GOOP & David Hasselhoff

  2. Pollyne finally gets laid….then proceeds to tell the whole internet how she shit herself in public that one time.

    I dig your style, Po!

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