Yay or Nay: Smoota

Okay,here’s something a little different. Normally this column is dedicated to rappers. In general, I try and pick rappers that will maybe make some of you re-evaluate your values as a hip hop fan or just some unknown dude I think needs to be heard more. This week is not about that. This isn’t about rap at all. This is some other shit.
Smoota is not a rapper. He is, however, an extremely talented man making music that I’d imagine a good deal of you could make babies to. He dubs himself “a post modern sex crooner” and I’d say that’s about right. His music has a nice vintage feel to it (due in part to his usage of old synths and the maestro rhythm king drum machine from the 60’s and 70’s). He’s toured with the likes of TV on the radio, Sufjan stevens and Spoon but this is his solo shit. So, peep it:

For more:

So, what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Smoota

  1. This guy plays at Cheetahs in L.A. like one Saturday a month. He’s talented, nice as can be, and the dancers get extra sultry for his sets. Got him in my Sonos favorites for when ladies come over…

  2. A little too “ironic”-y for my tastes. The first track sounds like an interlude in a long Will Ferrel Anchorman car commercial.

    I’m sure he pulls a lotta ass, though.

  3. I guess I am just too out of touch to “get” this one. Criminal sounds like a song you would give a passing “meh” to if it were on Demo Reviews.

      • It just sounds really bad to me, the singing isn’t anything but OK, lyrics whatever, and the music is pretty garbage, but I am in the minority per the poll. So I assume there’s something I don’t “get”.

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