Answers for questions vol. 181

Whattup everyone, got back from an awesome weekend jaunt out west. Thanks to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland for three awesome shows. Seriously…they were abnormally fun for me.
Anyway, welcome to another edition of “you ask it, i answer it” (that’s the alternate title). You got ANYTHING you wanna ask me> Fire away, bro. Bring it, gurllllll. Send questions to: or leave the questions in the comments below. Either or. I’m not picky.
Without further ado, let’s get into this weeks batch.

When you get drunk do you ever end up spitting rhymes to your girlfriend in private? Be honest…

Oh man, you got me. What 37 year old man doesn’t do that?!?! I was gonna lie about this but then you said “be honest” so i felt obligated to admit that, all i do when I’m drunk is just spit hot rhymes in my girls face. I basically battle her, minus the part where she raps back. She LOVES it. It’s foreplay actually. We don’t even go out on dates. I light some candles, down a bottle of captain morgans and spit rhymes in her face from a distance of three inches. Freestyles or writtens. Doesn’t matter. She loves it soooooooo much.
Nah, but seriously, if you (or anyone else) does this you deserve to be cheated on. And if she likes it (she doesn’t…no one does) then you guys are a match made in heaven. Word of the wise to all people: 99% of people do no want to hear you rap ever. Save the rapping for when people rap. Not in a living room at 4 am with a bunch of drunk people too fucked up to tell you to shut the fuck up.

Question: Art imitates life or life imitates art? The Sex-and the-city-ruining-NYC reference above made me think about it. Do you think artists create self-fulfilling prophecies by either 1, being so in tune with the current state of things they are able to predict where things are going. or 2. they just create random art and people read/watch said art and it subconsciously influences them to comply. Example: fucking hoverboards, people soooo desperately want these to come to light so somewhere in some privately funded lab some dude is probably working on his side project to create a hoverboard because he’s a huge Back to the Future fan. Another example: Skynet bro, shit’s coming.

I’d say it works both ways. Some create art with no obvious outer influences while others are clearly guided by the world around them and what’s trendy. Art , in general, is more about cycles than a small group of people coming up with something brand new. Everything we see that comes out that seems “new” is pretty much just an old thing with a slight switch that makes it seem different enough to seem fresh. Look at trap music. People act like that shit didn’t exist in the early 2000’s, with the emergence of southern rap into the mainstream.
The only thing holding new inventions back is technology. Like hover boards. I honestly woulda guessed those would exist by now but I assume the technology to them is on some NASA shit that doesn’t make sense to spend billions of dollars on so some X-treme dipshits can floats around doing ollie’s off of sky scrapers.

What’s the deal with,ultra violent/disturbing rap or like horror core kind of stuff? i’m thinking rappers like cage, jedi mind tricks, necro. Where does the inspiration/desire to write this kind of music come from? What are the rappers like off stage? What are their fans usually like? I like cage and jedi mind (necro is a little too much for my taste) but every time i listen to them, i think, wow that’s fucked, why do I like this? you have good (or at the very least entertaining) insight into stuff; what’s the deal with this?

It’s entertainment. None of these guys are psychotic murderers. They’re just guys who enjoy rapping about fucked up shit. The same way Common likes rapping about eating guava at brunch, these guys get into some dark shit. I haven’t met many of these guys but my guess would be they’re generally normal in most ways. Perhaps slightly dark but not anything too crazy. I would say it’s a white boy thing but that would discredit the gravediggaz, the Geto Boys , Esham and Gangsta Nip who were really the trailblazers of this kind of rap. I’d also like to add that Necro is awesome and, if you’re gonna be into this shit, he’s pretty much the one who goes the hardest (and most ridiculous, but that’s kinda the point, right?)

In your “Old people doing drugs” post, what’s your guess (from right to left) as to the first names of the four people in the picture that you used?

Hmm…From left to right…There’s Burl, edith, Barbara and Malik Shabazz

Porn. I feel oddly proud at how much porn I’ve consumed as a female…perhaps for different reasons than your average male, but that’s neither here nor there…I just want to make the point that I know what I’m talking about. My POV on male porn consumption habits is that (once they get past their teenage years of idolizing older pornstars and the idea of “when I’m adult…I’m gonna be fucking all day, every day!” they settle into a routine of jerking off to younger porn chicks.

What I find interesting is that, it doesn’t matter if a dude is 36 or 45, he’s still gonna be watching porn with 18-22 year olds. But (unless a guy is a total creep) this doesn’t reflect who these men are thirsting for IRL, they are much more age appropriate. So what is this discrepancy between the age of porn chicks and real life bitches all about? Is it…

A) …that youth simply looks better on film? The camera adds 10lbs and highlights imperfections, etc.

B) …that jerking off is hugely tied to a guy’s memory of being youthfully carefree and younger girls remind them of that time?

C) …that “turning a girl out” is really what resonates with a dude’s libido, but that fantasy can’t realistically be applied to real life?

D) …that it’s easier to separate the demographic of who they watch onscreen vs who they associate with everyday, like a madonna-whore thing?

E) …a combination of these things?

In my eyes, it’s a combo of most these things. I’d say “A” and and “D” are the most typical. Yes, Youth looks better. It feeds the fantasy aspect of jerking off to porn. The “I can’t get that BUT, in a way, it’s still believable”. I certainly watch porn that features girls that, if I saw in real life, would consider too young to actually have sex with. I’m in my mid-late 30’s. With porn, It’s about the fantasy. The same way some dudes LOVE graphic anal porn yet don’t even really do it in real life.
At the same time, some of the best porn a guy can watch is when there is a realism to it. Like homemade movies. It really just depends what you’re in the mood for.
The thing about porn is that it can take men down all these rabbit holes or perversion. It’s kinda like falling into a youtube wormhole where you start watching the video for some shit like “Royals” by Lorde and end up watching security camera footage of people pissing in the coffee pot at work…but with porn.

Attack The Doctor – the “lyrics”, i.e. that voice always cracks me up, for some reason. Where did that come from?

The “da dip dip da da” vocal sample at the 5:16 mark is from an educational record. I don’t recall exactly which one but it was one that teaches kids how to play music. I guess that “da dip dip da da” is some sort cadence they were trying to bestow upon the students. The fact the dude decided to say “attack the doctor” was just so fucking weird I couldn’t resist it.

If I ever wanted to buy you a drink on your show (not very likely as I currently live in the French countryside), what would it be? Have in mind that it would be in Europe, so you’d have to forget about something that is really American (maybe I’m missing something, but apart from Coke, the standard drink for concerts here is beer). Would you take that drink anyway? I want to spare myself the embarrassment of coming like “Hey Block, great show, have a cold one” and then being told “I get free stuff, peasant!”.

It really depends for two reasons:
1)I don’t always drink at shows. With drinking, I’m the type of person who is all or none. I’m either getting drunk or I’m not touching the stuff. I don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol so it’s not like i want one just to have it. So, sometimes, when people offer me drinks, I turn them down for that reason.
2)In general, we get free drinks at the shows we play. So, if I am drinking , it’s free anyway. I feel bad for some dude who paid to come see my show and then bought me a drink that I coulda gotten for free. Save your money. By a cd or record instead.

In general, the only time I’ll accept a drink from someone is if I’m drinking that night, chilling in the merch booth and too lazy to get myself a new one. OR, sometimes, people will just strong arm me into it but that’s really on them. Just know, there’s no embarrassment to it. It’s just situational. But, in general, you see me drinking water and no booze? I probably will politely turn down the offer. It’s never personal, just my own strange , regimented drinking habits.

I don’t have any tattoos…but I like to imagine that I can (hopefully) make it to at least SIXTY YEARS OLD and then I would get a tattoo that reads BADDEST BITCH. I have absolutely no idea where I’d wanna put it on my body though. Where do you think would be an apt location for an old lady to get her first tattoo?

With an old lady, you gotta consider skin looseness. I mean, doing a massive tattoo on old person skin could be rough cause the skin is basically floating on the body at that point. You do a huge piece on a lady’s back and the skin might started bunching up like you were trying to write a check on the sheets of a waterbed. So, with that in mind, you wanna find the tightest skin you can find. On an old lady? My guess that would be either the calves, the bottom of the foot or…the forehead. If you’re really bout that life (the slowly deteriorating like), that’s the move.

21 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 181

  1. I always wondered if one of the reasons why anal sex was so prevalent in straight porn was because it ups that visual simplicity of a hole & and a dick (ew). The ass looks like a perfectly round circle on film whereas the vagina does not, because of um, female anatomy. It’s like a mini-putting golf course up there in pornoland these days!

    …..oh my fucking god, it’s monday

  2. Will you ever stop doing the Answers to Questions portion of your blog? Between your blog and when you used to do the questions thing on Myspace… it has to get old sometimes.

    And/or does doing it weekly give you a sense of routine or structure?

  3. Thanks for answering my dumb tattoo question! In all likelihood I’d be too much of a wimp by then to handle the pain (or…I’d have an entirely different set of priorities at that age and wouldn’t remember do it in the first place…). But I like the calf suggestion the best….I could incorporate my varicose veins into the design to make them look like lightening bolts!!!

  4. Have you ever seen Trailer Park Boys? Do you think that ‘Ricky’ looks like a canadian version of Danny McBride? I do!

  5. Your production pops up on NPR shows every once and a while. I’ve caught it on both “This American Life” and “TED Radio Hour,” which are the top two most popular podcasts on iTunes. Did they seek your permission or did they just sample you?

  6. Do you think babyfaced Anthony Jeselnik will ever physically show signs of aging? He looks exactly like a 22 year old college student to me!

  7. shit, noooo, that`s terrible! I`ve only been watching season 1 so far, why`d it get cancelled? I just started recently watching that Amy Schumer show…found out that they had dated, which brought me over to the Jeselnik Offensive and it`s sooooo good.

  8. Yo block, just saw you for the first time this weekend. What was with all the electronic drums substituted in songs? Didn’t think I heard the breaks you used on your albums. And no vinyl? Maybe I’ve been out of the hip hop loop, but is it all electronic controllers and stuff now?

    • I’mma throw this one in the queue to answer later but if you didn’t notice any break beats in my live set, I don’t think you know what a break is. The drums are literally like 85% breaks in my live set.

  9. I’ve seen you write that SATC ruined NYC, could you elaborate on this, if you haven’t already? I’m the kind of dude who likes to have a girlfriend (weird, eh?), and thinks it’s good to do stuff she likes once in a while (especially if it’s watching a tv show, then I can just get a nap if I don’t like it), so I’ve seen a fair share of SATC (actually most of it tbh). It’s not great, it can be super lame, but I also think it has it’s funny moments.

    Where I live (Denmark, Europe), I think it influenced a whole generation of young women, in a mostly positive way, so I think it would be interesting to hear a New Yorkers perspective on it.

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