Ready to be confused? Say hello to Spooky Black

A few days ago I got a text from someone saying (in all caps) “YOU HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT SPOOKY BLACK ON YOUR BLOG!!!”. I had no idea who Spooky Black was and wasn’t in a place i could watch a video so, I put it on hold for a little while. Hearing the name “Spooky Black”, your mind goes places. I heard it and thought one of two things, it’s a weirdo southern rapper (probably cause the name reminded me of this group “The spooks” from back in the day) OR it’s some terribly embarrassing internet thing that was gonna make me feel funny inside. Well, it turns out the latter was closer to the truth…but not how I expected it.

Wait…what? Now, if you’re one of my readers who does that thing of casually glancing at something, making up a shitty opinion on it and moving on, then please just keep it moving here. If you ONLY fuck with rap music, clearly this song will come on as white noise to you. However, for the rest of you, that’s pretty crazy, right? He’s basically an albino child in a collection of killer turtlenecks , filming in the forests of who the fuck knows where (and on a couch) that HAPPENS to have this awesome voice. On top of that, he’s seemingly got good beats. I mean, it’s no reinventing the wheel but it’s both very relevant to what’s current right now and just, overall, a pleasing listen. I mean, shit, I’m by no means a new R&B guy. I think some Frank Ocean and The Weeknd is pretty good. I won’t bump it (or this for that matter) but I see it’s worth without question. With Spooky Black…I’m at a loss. It’s pretty undeniably good for what it is.
Also, it should be added that he’s , in fact, from the U.S.A.. I think of all these surprises that’s the biggest one. I assumed he was from Sweden or some shit but, nope…he’s apparently from St. Paul, MN. This dude is breaking stereotypes all over the fucking place.
My question is “How is this not a bigger deal?”

Last year, I wrote a disparaging piece on the emergence of “Yung Lean”.
Well, not so much his personally, but his rabid fanbase and the internet machine that allows him to thrive. The response has been a non-stop trickling of angry Yung Lean fans who both don’t know how to read and love terrible music. With Yung Lean, we had a weirdo kid doing something that was unexpected so it caught peoples eye. A swedish (I forget if that’s what he was but who cares?) teenager rapping about his emotions badly over current sounding cloud rap beats. The thing was, he wasn’t particularly talented. He just happened to be doing it and, clearly, that was enough for people. With spooky black there are similarities. He’s doing something that seems unexpected and presenting it in a way that’s even less sensical. In fact, it’s downright ridiculous. I mean, he’s the whitest man alive and his name is fucking Spooky Black. If I saw him walking through the woods, I’d be terrified that I entered some sort of pimped out children in the corn type world and run the other way as fast as possible. That said, he can fucking sing. He really can. So, when’s it his turn?
It would be a shame for this guy to slip through the cracks cause people don’t take him seriously based on his insane image, meanwhile, the far less talented basically do the same thing and get kudos all over the place. So, hey, let’s make Spooky Black happen. That video should have like 8 million views already and he should be busy planning his first US super tour. I don’t see what’s holding him up…get on this internet.
His album is available on Bandcamp. I’m actually kinda digging it.
This is so weird, man.
Or just peep his tracks here…

38 thoughts on “Ready to be confused? Say hello to Spooky Black

  1. Ha, “pimped out children of the corn type world!” Seriously, nice beat and voice though… Initially I watched the video, but it took away from the song and I only listened. Stylist? Yes…

  2. Got to say, that’s a pretty wickedly good track (actually kind of reminds me of Real Magic), but that video completely ruined it for me. The entire time I couldn’t help but think it was some sort of “meta” shit, like the actual artist got his little brother’s ghetto-acting friend to lip-sync the song while he recorded it with a cell phone camera.
    All in all, I’d listen to his record, but I’m afraid if it came to seeing him on tour I’d be cracking up the entire time at his persona and the over-the-top hand motions that seem to come packaged with it.

    • kinda the point of my entire post. It’s actually good yet the visual aspect is so fucking off. i mean, i think it’s awesome that they contradict like that. I dunno if i’d like it more if the video was some normal looking dude doing average stuff in an average video. while it doesn’t add to the song, it certainly gives it other levels to look at it from.

  3. that was the weirdest/best dollar i’ve spent in a while. without the bizarre image attached, this is solid music that i can definitely, strangely, get into. it has a very ‘Why?’ feel, only way more hip hop influenced. dj luxurious sure knows how to put shit together. i never thought i would type a sentence like that, in my life. haha.

  4. seem like his vocals are largely a confluence of effects (reverb + delay + chorus) more than they’re the result of him having an awesome voice.

    but i’m an idiot and you actually make music for a living so…

  5. Damn. This is on par with you turning me on to Billy Woods. Different genre but this shit is kinda floating on it’s own. I kinda doubt he will blow up on the DungLean level but that is mostly because most people on the internets is ignant. At the very least I can say this is better than shai and jodeci. Viva Lil’ Spook! Keep on.

  6. Wow such a perfect comedown track, the video seems so out of place that I keep hoping its done that way on purpose..if it was then dude is a crazy genius.

  7. I truly think its funny what you said about yung lean. Its not a matter of it being “terrible music” but you obviously have a pretty one- sided opinion yourself. You either get it or you don’t. If you don’t vibe to it, then you weren’t meant to. its also not about his vocab or his vocal skill its his style. Take lil b for example. He did the same exact thing in a different way and now is making more money than he was with the pack. I truly hope that in the next few years musicians of this nature earn some respect for being themselves. Just because you have skill does not make you a good artist!!!!

    • The “You don’t get it” faction of people are probably the dumbest motherfuckers on earth. That not a valid explanation of what makes Yung Lean terrible. I can explain my point. cAn you? Please, indulge me. Give me some SOLID reasons that Yung Lean makes good music. And “he has good beats” isn’t on the table cause that has nothing to do with his rapping or song making. I want a defense of him a vocalist. I’m all fucking ears, guy.

      • You got a good point, I can’t defend him as a vocalist. That said it’s just pure entertainment to me, I saw him live over here in Prague a few months ago and I thought “Ok, this guy is just big on the internet, it might be cool to get stoned and see what it looks like live, and my Czech buddies love this guy so why not” But I we were all just utterly blown away by the show, its up there as one of my favorites this year along with Brian Jonestown Massacre who rolled into town the other week. Also I guess me and my friends back home were kids from the suburbs, grew up loving pokemon, video games, super ghetto southern hip hop and heavy beats and other stuff so it kinda rings a familiar tone to me. So I dunno, I guess I’m just shameless.

  8. if the video wasn’t what it is, it wouldn’t have gotten as much attention (even though he’s actually pretty damn good). plus, i’m pretty sure it’s a joke, he was laughing/smiling in every scene at the end

  9. Spooky black is actually pretty good and he has a good voice! His visuals are kind of confusing but I think if he gets some attention he can probably make it

  10. loving it! combo of strange visuals and voice make it all feel so raw and real. Think he’s just being himself without trying to impress with the usual tricks.. really respect that… taking rnb away from the usual T&A…

  11. The visual aesthetic is a particular sort of trend I’ve noticed on Tumblr. Low pixels, color-blocking, and an anti-social expression, with a 90s aesthetic. It’s very deliberate but also sort of clowning. Add some forest dwelling and suicidal lyrics to it and you have the product of the kids who grew up on both the musical and visual ideas of Korn AND TLC. It’s hard to put this into words accurately, but I tried. Thanks.

  12. I think this is pretty dope. This dude from st Paul is doing his thing and everybody is confused… Laughing about the fact that he’s white… Lol. Apparently nobody knows anything about him so they gotta speculate…. Like only black people can sing rnb. I don’t give a phuck what the dude looks like I’m not trying to judge him because he wears a do rag. He sounds genuine. I just wanna listen to that smooooth shhh

    • Well it is is our music, why cant so called white people just make there own genres of music we don’t copy their shit, so called black people just mad cause over the years many so called white people take our culture and use it for their own and take the praise eg Elvis, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Justin Timerblake, Britney Spears, Christina……facts

      • Get off the internet, your computer, get rid of all your electronic devices. They are all made by the people of whom didn’t create “your music” but certainly enabled it. Oh and music theory. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

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  14. It’s strange how most dissed the video-clip. For me that just added to the whole strange experience of finding something bizarre yet insanely awesome.

    just brought back some memories from the 90s when kids tried to make movies with some shitty hand cameras in the woods. loved every minute of it but I had to google spooky to see the guy in the video was actually him or what?
    just can’t get over the baby face behind the tunes…

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