Which song do you prefer?

I’m always a proponent of old rappers doing good. In the last few weeks 3 legends and one highly regarded old rapper who still hasn’t released an album, released duets that I think deserve some attention. In this corner…
We have Black Thought and Pharoahe Monch. This is a cut off of Monch’s New album “Psdt”.
Monch is pretty much every rap nerd and rapper from the 90’s favorite MC. If not favorite, he’s top ten easily. There is no denying his skill set. While his solo albums never really had the same impact as his work with Organized Konfusion, there’s no denying his place amongst the upper echelon of rappers. Black thought is right there with him. Now, truth be told, he’s not a rapper I particularly love. I think he’s kinda boring BUT the dude is as skilled as rapper as it gets. It’s a moot point. He’s got every base of technical rapping down to science. Here’s the track:

In the other corner…
We have Jay-Z and Jay Electronica. Now, if you’re dipshit, you think Jay-z sucks. I’m speaking in the all-time sense. I’ll be the first to admit that Jay hasn’t made shit in a while that I loved but to deny his legacy is short sighted and , simply, flat out wrong. You may not like his topical range (People that claim this have obviously over looked his huge collection of introspective songs he’s done over the years) but his track record is impeccable. As for Jay Electronica, he’s a guy I’ve been touting for years now but he’s also a guy who can’t fucking put an album out. I’ve heard rumors as to why…one being that his album is finished but won’t be put out cause it lacks any sort of radio singles. If that’s the case, it’s pretty annoying…but he’s not the first or last to fall victim to that kinda shit. Anyway, this song is them rapping like Migos over a dope track. Also, Jay-Z disses Drake. No clue why and I honestly don’t care. It’s a good song though.

So, which do you prefer? which of these all 35 plus year old rappers do you ride for? I have a feeling I know who’s gonna win this but , hey, I’ve been surprised before. Get your vote on…

15 thoughts on “Which song do you prefer?

  1. I don’t hear this Drake diss, and I had this song for probably a month now. How does he diss him? If it is it is definitely not one of Jay’s best diss tracks like the Super Ugly. I am all for diss tracks but I just don’t hear it.

  2. Impressed on a technical level by the bars all around, but that’s the only real appeal I can feel on these. first beat sounds like some talib kweli shit and second beat seems like pretty generic trap to me. I’m an untrained ear tho.

  3. I’ve been bumping the Pharaohe/Black Thought joint for a few weeks, now, and it’s really hard to beat. Talk about a rap nerd orgasm!

  4. Hate the beat for the monche song. Beats that have lots of little one not key stabs usually annoy me and this one did as well. I’m a HUGE drake fan but he has brought it less in the bars department lately so it was cool to hear someone actually go in on this beat.

    the Jay brothers > Monch and Black Thought on this day.

  5. Maybe I should give Jigga another chance – I really just haven’t enjoyed his music in the past (but totally acknowledge his accomplishments, I’m not a complete fuckhead), but damn. I’m surprised I picked that song over Monch and Black Thought. I love Electronica and I knew he was going to destroy it, but damn. It just felt more interesting to listen to for me. Not that the other one wasn’t great, but it felt like there was just more energy to it and it was much more listenable. Both are dope, but Jay-Z and Jay Elec got my vote.

  6. 1st beat was dope, both verses were dope
    2nd beat wasn’t as interesting, Jay Electronica’s flow was dope at least
    Jay-Z’s flow and verse were weak

    I think he had a couple historic rhymes and I’ve liked some of the production to come out of Rockafella. So while I don’t *completely* write him off as crap, he maybe shouldn’t focus on rapping about how dope he is because it’s only drawing attention to his lack of dopeness.

  7. I see Jay-Z and Monch dissing each other on their verses. The brain tank is like a piranha think tank… refers to the amount bites Pharoahe has incurred. (The Grand Theft Auto – Mick and Mallory Small, relates to Bonnie & Clyde which bit Pac’s Me and My Girlfriend, which bit Nas i gave you power which bit Pharoahe’s Stray Bullet. The Piss on the Picasso (Picasso baby) hmmmm Monch said this was written before… sure it was. In the HITMAN, CALCULATED AMALGAMATION on WAR there are subliminal disses – but semi overt on Still Standing. Crack never peddled that opposite of Jigga – followed by like the statue of liberty my knees will never bend (ref to never Monch never selling out) I could go on, it’s so deep routed but check it out. I can’t be arsed shedding light on Jay-Z ( this guy is the ultimate plagiarist from Biggie, Slick Rick, Snoop, everybody) he doesnt use references just the exact same bars.

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