Rogglecast 8- Hey Hey We’re the Monkees

It’s been a minute but we have returned. Due to a dumb mistake I made in recording last week, we lost a show but this one is here to fill it’s shoes.
This week, Pollyne and I discuss inventions we’d like to create, we play a brutal game of “Would you rather?” and go over a list of our least favorite words. Peep it here or download it on I-tunes. Subscribe! Write a friendly review (that apparently is a good thing). Okaaaaay?

8 thoughts on “Rogglecast 8- Hey Hey We’re the Monkees

  1. Blockhead, what would you rather do if it was Courtney Love instead of a man? Would you rather lick her snatch for 5 seconds or make out with her for a full 20m? No loopholes allowed, you’d have to get IN there in both cases.

  2. A man can definitely be raped. By that logic, women aren’t getting raped if they orgasm or get wet, which seems to be fairly common.

    • That logic lacks logic. A guy would have to have an erection. I’m not saying all dudes with boners want to have sex but if a guy is scared, chances are, he won’t get a boner. So what’s she gonna do? Stuff his limp dick in her? that won’t work. The shoving stuff up his butt is a definite though.

  3. Lately, I keep hearing people say “OMG” instead of just saying “Oh my god” which has just as many syllables and really doesn’t need to be shortened. I’m not sure if I hate hearing that more than “Oh my goodness” but neither make me cringe as much as when someone says “Oh my word”.

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