Answers for questions vol. 183

A fine day to you, sir. And you as well , madam. How are you? Oh me, I’m Chinchillin’ (yes, that’s a chinchilla up there).
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask stuff, I answer it. Speaking of which, my cupeth running a little low so I need you guys to bring the heat. send me questions…about anything. The stranger the better. Get creative. Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at Become a part of the magic, yo!
Anyway, here are this weeks batch. Apparently, the east/west coast rivalry lives on. Who knew?

So I know people from the East And West coast specifically New York And California have certain views of each other Ive always been curious as to what a Native New Yorkers general views are on people from California?

California is a HUGE State. So big that you can’t really pigeon hole the entire thing. I mean sure, in general, I can say that California people tend to be a little more mellow than NYC people but that’s like saying Salt tends to be more salty than sugar.
Because of California’s huge size it’s got a variety of types. A person from San Diego is gonna be completely different than a person from San francisco who would be totally different than a person from Bakersfield. The common theme is that California is spacious and , generally, has nice weather. They’re near mountains and beaches. While NYC is compact, full of people and everyone walks every where. Our nature is pretty much limited to parks and gross beaches on the outskirts of the city.
I used to make fun of California as it was in my nature but I get it now. While I wouldn’t wanna live there myself (I’m unequivocally a person who prefers a real metropolis) I totally get it’s appeal. Hell, just being in L.A. for two days during the last winter nailed that point home. It’s definitely a more relaxed and easy going lifestyle out there. That said, it’s more boring. It’s slower. It’s the type of place you can smoke weed all day and never get out of your car. I don’t smoke weed so that doesn’t appeal to me. I like walking about of my apartment building and being thrust in action. As much as it may seem like I don’t like people, I thrive of the energy of having activity around me at all times.
So, yeah, the two places are extremely different but I’m not about to sit here and shit on California. It’s got some awesome places. If NYC ever gong under water, I’d probably wanna move to S.F. but , until then, I’m good here and still enjoy my brief visits out west.

I have a question. Why are guys so perverted?

That’s a fairly open ended question. hmm…Why is ice cold? Why does hot pizza burn your mouth? In the words of Lady Gaga, I’d venture to say we were born this way.
Guys are perverted cause our minds are simple when it comes to sex. It’s all visual for us. I can’t even fathom what goes through girls heads but, from discussions I’ve had, it’s so far and beyond anything a guy would even begin to get into ,it’s no wonder we have so much trouble meeting eye to eye. You guys work on a totally different plain. Detailed and layered. Emotional and situational. We can literally see some lower back dimples and the top of an ass crack and get a semi-erection cause the thought “I want to put my penis near there” will pop in our heads.
The funny thing about the simplicity of men is that it’s that lack of depth in our thoughts that lead to us getting weirder and weirder. Because we’re so visual our simplicity often spirals into places. Like , I often wonder how a man goes from being a typical guy who likes putting his penis in vaginas to, down the road, being the type of guy who can only achieve orgasm by a woman stepping on his balls with high heels. I suppose we are more prone to go down dark paths sexually. I mean, let’s not act like women don’t do the same thing but I feel as though men do it more and go to stranger places. Even the more basic fetishes we have (Watching girls choke on dicks, facials, anal sex etc…) seem to , at times, be based as much on “pleasure” as it is our ego and self worth. It’s definitely strange and i don’t blame girls for being horrified by it all but hey, guess what? I guess you guys gotta deal with it cause we’re the only species around that can make babies with you. Raw deal, I know…but that’s life.

Also whats your view on west coast hip hop vs. east side ?

Do you think there are any west coast groups or rappers that have had just as big of an impact on hip hop as co flow and juggaknots?

There is no way this is still a topic of interest , is it? I figured the internet pretty much wiped out any discussion of musical location. Yes, the two coasts make different types of rap at times but, really, no one has given a shit about that in a long long time. I’d venture to say the south and middle parts of america are just as much of a force as any coast is now.
As for the second part, I love both those groups but I can’t really say they’re influence on hip hop was THAT big. I mean, that movement definitely had a ripple effect that spread far and wide but I’d say they , stylistically, were not as influential as Freestyle Fellowship or maybe even Blackalicious and the old Solesides crew. What Co-flow and the Juggaknots did do was open the doors fully on the east coast for wierdo rap. Which is great. Sure, we had Ultramagnetic before them but they definitely took it somewhere else and that spawned all sorts of mc’s from future generations. Hip hop has always worked like the domino effect. One things leads to another. And those two groups are certainly in the chain of events.

Will you ever stop doing the Answers to Questions portion of your blog? Between your blog and when you used to do the questions thing on Myspace… it has to get old sometimes.

And/or does doing it weekly give you a sense of routine or structure?

I have no intention of stopping. I’m sure I will one day but , as long as people send me questions, I’ll keep answering them. It definitely has gotten old at times but I also use a little more selectiveness with what questions I answer. To be clear, I answer like 95% of the questions people send/ask me. But if one comes up that I’ve done a bunch of times before or is an opinion question like “Do you like (band name)?” I’ll skip those cause they’re either played out or boring.
This definitely does help give me a routine but that’s this entire blog. I wake up, write some shit, post it and go on with my day. Without that, I don’t know what I’d do in the early part of my day. So, yeah, keep sending me questions so I have something to do in the mornings!

You’re a comedy junkie. Therefore, I know that you’ve seen that ‘Talking Funny’ HBO special before. One thing that Jerry Seinfeld said in it is – “No one is more judged in civilized society than the stand-up comedian. Every 12 seconds, you’re rated.” So I have three mini q’s related to that quote.

1) Do you agree with Seinfeld’s statement?

From an artists perspective? I’d agree with that. Comedy is relentless. You could say the same thing about a rapper but, in general, rappers get about 4 bars before people make their mind up about them. They also can redeem themselves later. Comedians, though, are just constantly being scrutinized through out an entire performance. They can be killing it, say one wrong thing and the whole dynamic of their show will chance. That’s pretty fucking brutal.

2) When you hear a new hip hop track for the first time, how many seconds do you think it takes you to make a ‘judgement?’ And do you think that amount of time is different or the same when you’re hearing a professional recording versus when you’re listening to a demo?
Depends. If the beat is wack it’s got less of a chance. I tend to go into listening to new rap like so: I first see if I like the voice, check if the flow is tight, listen to what he’s saying and if he does it in a creative/interesting manner then , the last thing I’ll notice is what he’s talking about , content wise. This can all take place in about 8 bars. Some rappers need more time to be evaluated while others I can tell if I like them after once sentence. It depends. Whether it’s a demo or not doesn’t really make a difference. Before I did “Demo Reviews” on here I was a guy who listened to underground radio shows and recorded random rap demos on to a cassette for my own listening pleasure.Some of those demos were my favorite songs when I was younger. I can see past bad quality if the talent is there.

3) You have reviewed many (!) demos by now. How many secs into a demo would you say it takes you to formulate an opinion? Do you think it’s a recurring judgement, kinda like what Jerry said with the “every 12 seconds” or do you think that once you’ve made your opinion, that tends to stick for the duration of the song?

I make it a point to listen to the whole song but, in general, I can tell pretty quickly how good/bad the demo is. The flaws tend to jump off the page, if you know what I mean. The only exception is if the song has multiple rappers on it and a better/worse one comes in later in the song.

I don’t tend to crush on celebs all that often, especially not the guys (some of the girls are pretty dope, let’s be honest). Sam Cooke tho…I watch this video
and I am literally turned on. That lip bite..that face! that voice!! So so sad what happened to him. Anyways, is it weird to have a crush on a star who has been dead for, oh say, 50 years now?

I don’t think it’s weird up to a point. Like you should be able to separate this crush from the reality of the situation. He is a dead man, after all. So, by that, I mean you can watch that video and have those feeling but the second you start masturbating to black and white pictures of a dead guy, you might have a problem. Personally, I can see a pic of some old timey woman and be like “damn…she was beautiful…” but I don’t think I’d really ever be able to look at her in a sexual way beyond that. The reality that she’s dead or just old as fuck would weigh to much on my mind. I can barely enjoy porn made in the 70’s and 80’s at this point cause , for one, it just looks so grainy and old but , secondly, I think about how old those women are now. I dunno…maybe you have a more vibrant imagination than me and can pull some creative fantasies off? That’s on you though.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 183

  1. Whoa….posting this holiday friday AND a holiday monday? You’re a workhorse, Blockhead, a goddamn workhorse! Much appreciated.

  2. Question:

    Do you think people who are into celebrating ‘four-twenty” are the corniest people alive or are you totally indifferent, royal-baby-wedding styles?

    PS: I have definitely been a corny-ass 420 celebrating motherfucker in the past, so I personally am not allowed to judge anybody in this manner.

  3. I know you do the “Yay or Nay” segment, but, a while back you put up a post just speaking praises for Vince Staple’s “Shyne Goldchain Vol. 2”, and flatout telling everyone to get it. Well, I copped it, and the shit is fucking dope.

    What I’m wondering is, are there any other new-ish records you’re listening to, where you would say ‘cut the bullshit’ and just get it?

  4. Have you ever commented on a youtube video that wasn’t related to your own stuff (i dunno if you have your own channel or not)? I have never commented on a video in my life but I’m always curious to know if others have. Are you a youtube commenter, Blockhead?

  5. Shit..
    Sadly I hear the shit all the time at shows, maybe it’s just people from LA? That are so obsessed with listening to strictly West Coast Hip Hop and almost see it as a sort of betrayal when someone disagrees that atmosphere is not the best rapper in the world and that Evidence is not a fucking god…. Its all noise obviously people will talk shit for days about their views and what not just noticed people from East coast seem to be way more open to different styles of rap etc..

  6. From reading your blog, I know that little things don’t tend to affect you too much and that you can be often be described as “indifferent.” But come on…you aren’t a robot! So what sorts of things make you feel embarrassed?

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