Rogglecast9- Go Ask Alice

alice-wetterlundAnd now for something a little different! This week, we flip the game up a bit and have our very first guest. That guest is the lovely and talented Alice Wetterlund. She’s an actor/comedian that you may recognize from MTV’s Girl Code. I certainly do…cause I watch that shit all the time. No shame in my old man game whatsoever.
Anyway, She, Pollyne and I discuss Girl code, dating younger people and we give Alice a survey. She also teaches us that when australians say “back pack” it sounds like “dick pic” , which pretty much blew my mind.
Peep it here:

Oh, and , of course, find us on I-tunes. Download episodes. Subscribe. write romantic poems to us in the comment section. Whatever keeps you going.

12 thoughts on “Rogglecast9- Go Ask Alice

  1. Awwwwww ya! This one is sooo good. Alice is just GREAT…Pollyne is obviously GREAT…and you’re not too bad yourself ;). I love how when Alice mentioned listening to another podcast, both of you got all territorial and were like….WHAT!!! hahahaha.

    I’m sure I’ll have more comments later, listened super quickly, but for now: Blockhead, what about girls who were fairly hot growing up, then got fat for a few years, and then evened out after that. Are they the best? the worst? somewhere in between? (asking for a friend…)

      • Aw shit! I was going to take a train and everything to see your show.
        They should remove your name from their website.

        Thanks anyway and I hope to see you soon somewhere in Europe or the states

      • Damn man, not an ignorance is bliss type, but rather of not known the circumstances…kind of ruined Alice for me.

      • Huh? How does her getting divorce effect your opinion of her at all? You don’t know her personally, I presume? Am I missing something?

      • Oh shit! I’m just gonna do some general sweeping here and assume that this dude is a total M’LADY who doesn’t personally know Alice but has been intently following her online. Please let the world know if I’m mistaken, pink square guy! and I apologize if I am indeed wrong….

  2. I listened to the full thing now :). To Alice – I can completely relate to your hands moving your belongings and it not fully registering with your brain and also yes to the two events in one night being able to somehow co-exist in your mind kinda thing.

    There are left-handed people and then there are LEFT-HANDED people and I would bet any money in the world (which I don’t actually have) that you are an extreme LEFTY like me.

    Blockhead, please let me know if I’m correct!

  3. The girl wouldn’t know me from a can of paint. I guess you’re right, sometimes the mind cultivates an image, but isn’t that what the performer wants. That image brought me to your podcast. You told me she was divorced, that went against my understanding of the situation. So I googled it and listened to the other side. I’m not going to throw out a synopsis right here, but yo, that shit caught me off guard and changed how I perceived things. Just being honest man.

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