Rogglecast10-Hookah Shell Necklaces

This week, Pollyne and I briefly discuss this fucking Donald Sterling debacle but, more importantly, it’s a week of personal discovery for Pollyne. We also talk about dreams, girls in workout cloths and the best/worst song of the week.
Also, if you’re the type who likes to listen to podcasts in your iPhone/pod/car, all these are available on I-tunes. Search for “Rogglecast”. Subscribe! Write kind comments! give us good ratings! All that shit.

11 thoughts on “Rogglecast10-Hookah Shell Necklaces

    • ^Did you get the meaning of the pictures? The first one is like “wieeeeeeeeeee!” and the second one is to celebrate your 1st birthday. I think 10 episodes = 1y.old in podcast years, obviously.

      If I had a dick for a day (would have to be the whole package) I would love to rub one out during my morning shower routine. Forget peeing standing up, I’m so jealous of guys with the ease in which they can masturbate while showering like it ain’t no thing.

  1. Question for the both of you:

    Obviously you can spot an out of towner from a mile away, but has the opposite ever happened? Have you ever thought that someone was a native when you met them and were wrong?

  2. One thing I wanna say is with the load on the face thing – HUGE difference with that happening with someone you’ve never slept with before versus someone you know a lot better. In a long term relationship? I mean what HASNT happened already when youve had a certain amount of sex together, not awhole lot. NBD

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