Yay or Nay: Your Old Droog

This one is a bit of a mystery.
All I know about him is he comes from Brooklyn and he kinda sounds like Nas. Now, this is not to say he’s biting Nas. It’s his voice. Can’t really control that. But I searched around the internet and came up with nothing about this guy. Aside from his age (24) and his home (Coney Island) he’s managed to pretty much stay off the grid. Well, all that aside, he can rap. In fact, he can rap very well. The Nas thing will probably hang over his head (Much like the ghostface thing did with action Bronson) but if he keep coming with songs like the one below, hopefully, all that noise will fade.

So, what do you think?

13 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Your Old Droog

  1. I’m trying to figure if I like him cause he’s dope, or, cause he sounds like Nas?! I guess it’s a bit of both. Still, I think he sounds more like Nas, than Bronson sounds like Ghost.

    For all of the comparisons, Action Bronson really only sounds like Ghost in cadence…their voices are similar but flows completely different. But, this Droog guy flows like Nas. It’s nice to hear someone just spit dope shit, but, I think he’s really going to have to switch up his flow in order to separate hisself from Nas. Then again, I’m basing this on one song, so whatever.

    • ction Bronson really only sounds like Ghost in cadence

      this has nothing to do with anything but I disagree with this point wholeheartedly.
      I’d say his voice sounds like him more than his flow. No one really flows like Ghost.

  2. You need a “he’s alright”, or “i like nas so this doesn’t bother me” option.

    He sounds a lot like Nas, though. When I first read that I figured it might be something illmatic-ish, but he sounds like contemporary Nas, too. In the case of Bronson thats actually what got me to check him out (can’t ever get enough ghostface), but Bronson is pretty damn funny in his own right. I’d check this guy out more, but he’d have to be pretty damn profilic (like Bronson or Danny Brown) to make a dent in the current landscape.

  3. aw shitttt, he does sound like Nas…
    For me the Action Bronson-Ghost was never that big deal though.

    Hey, this is so random but do you know if the guy from “A Convergence Of Tubes” has new blog? The old one was awesome and I don’t know why I thought you guys are friends?
    Your instagram is very similar to that blog

  4. This is dope. He sounds like Nas the same way Killer Mike sounds like Ice Cube. I think he’ll be alright without changing too much.

    Also, there are a lot of Tonys here

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