Ever been grapefruited by a bobcat?

I used to “date” this girl I affectionately referred to as “The bobcat”. She got this name by being a…well…toothy lover. Yesterday I saw a video that introduced me to a new type of bobcat. In fact, pretty much the opposite of that girl I used to hook up with. Just a heads up (no pun intended), this is HIGHLY NSW. I’m saying, if you’re sitting in your godforsaken cubicle , this is a no go. For so many reasons.

Bless this woman. Looking like a sexually invigorated version of Roc’s wife, this lady is serious about her pleasure giving. After seeing this, I immediately went into “find out everything on earth about this person” mode. Well, she’s for real. She’s an intimacy expert. She’s got a website and she sells her insights.
A little more digging and this video popped up
Wow. I mean…WOW. This woman terrifies me but, at the same time, there is no denying her technique. I don’t doubt being the guy who receives her “gift” is special. I’m speechless.

15 thoughts on “Ever been grapefruited by a bobcat?

      • Does she read this?

        Is this a hint?

        Did you just ask your woman to grapefruit you?

        I am in awe of your loving and understanding relationship. Truly.

      • The rawness is real!
        woman in the video is Bout that grape fruiting life! ha ha!

  1. Have not been able to watch the video yet. But perfect timing, Blockhead, because it’s absolutely 100% BonerDay here in Montreal right now! Everyone’s looking so great!! (by EVERYONE, I mean everyone excluding the vast majority of the male montreal population…obviously)

  2. Ha. Watched. I`m positive that I don`t make that sound when I give head… have I been doing it wrong all along?!??

    • No, you’re good. This “intimacy expert” lady is mad confused. Just don’t use your teeth or get too rough with the hands

  3. Wow. Grapefruit trick aside….If a girl started making that crazy loud noise while she sucked my dick, I’d be terrified… I’d let her finish, but I’d be terrified. Really though, who wants to hear that shit? I watched part of the other video too. I’m always amazed at all the over-complicated bullshit some of these “experts” come up with. I doubt this lady is even that good… she probably just sucks off a half dozen guys on the regular for “professional experience”, and their all afraid she’ll stop practicing on them, if they tell her she’s doing something wrong. It’s like one of those rappers that keeps putting out mediocre shit because they keep too many “yes men” around the studio.

    • Hmmm…I’mma disagree with your idea that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. While she definitely has her mind set on sucking dicks a particular way, there is no doubt in my mind she’s a pro. Nothing about her reads as a new jack to the art form. The noise thing though…I guess some dudes do love that shit. It’s in porn all the time too. So, she’s probably just following that lead.

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