This week in ridiculous rap: Dhananjay The First

This one is confusing. I’m kinda torn as to how real this is. Cause this guy is either really laser focused and hilarious or a totally lost soul. I honestly can’t tell anymore.

So, for the sake of this column, I’mma go with “he’s a totally lost soul” just cause it’s way funnier that way. When it comes to finding the next Andy Kaufman, I tend to think bad youtube rap videos are not where you’re gonna unearth him.

So, this fucking guy. No clue where he’s from (he mentions “grenelle” but I’m pretty sure he’s not french). No clue what his angle is but he’s something. In a music scene that is scarce when it comes to Indian rappers (Heems and Big Baby Ghandi are the only two I can think of off the top of my head), this guy is really moving in his own lane. He’s got a voice that sounds like it should be auto-tuned but isn’t. He’s got the presence on the mike of a dude shyly rapping behind a well placed fern plant. But I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have something. Also, HUGE drake fan. Huge.

For more info…here’s an interview he did with Noisey.

9 thoughts on “This week in ridiculous rap: Dhananjay The First

  1. This guy interned for my company last summer. We didn’t know about this video till the last day he worked with us.

  2. I think he may be knowingly creating hilarious, ironic shit…in a somewhat calculated way, perhaps. He sort of seems like the type of guy who’d always pretty much be joking about everything. However, he could be entirely serious about being that “lil homie tryin to run up on the major deal.” Who knows.

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