Rogglecast 11- Daffy Bobcat

We are back! Scheduling has been a cruel bitch for us but Pollyne and I have returned with a good one. This week, we discuss if Thicke is a sucker for love and lovable sucker. We also cover drinking. We love it so much but it’s also the worst. Also, we answer some questions (if you’d like us to answer anything, send them over to me at It’s a fun one…just happy to be back.
Oh, and I should add that the song we end with may be my finest work yet. PLATINUM HITZZZZZ

6 thoughts on “Rogglecast 11- Daffy Bobcat

  1. Yippee!!! Have not listened yet, but if that beat at the end features the sounds of a bobbed cat gargling…..I’m gonna say in advance – ewwww, that’s a pretty gross beat!

  2. I half-thought that you guys would bring up the solange/jayz thing……pleasantly pleased that you didnt!

  3. If you could force Blockhead to sing one karoake hit this summer, what song would that be?

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