RoggleCast 12- Standards and Psychopaths

Two weeks in a row? WE ARE IN THE ZONE!
This week, Pollyne and I get into a variety of topics. We discuss how I don’t know how to buy shirts, how being creepy will always override being handsome, Titty Fucking and a fun thing called the “Area code game”.
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Okay? Okay.
Peep it…

9 thoughts on “RoggleCast 12- Standards and Psychopaths

  1. On point. You guys sound like you were stoned…and I mean that in a lots of laughing complimentary kinda way, because I don’t think you were.

    So funny with the wedding thing. I’m so happy I haven’t received much of that…yet ugh…but…



    Do you feel weird when you realize that you were once a person who used to chew on their own feet and love it? {because you were once a baby and ALL (most) babies put their feet in their mouths}?

  3. Are you two making sure that you have referenced your “every episode topic” in every episode since you’ve started? Standards and quality control, guys!

  4. What do you think of someone feeling familiar with you through a podcast? I’ve listened to days’ worth of the Ricky Gervais Show where it’s mostly just 3 mates talking very informally like on the Rogglecast. It can give you the impression that you sort of know them and their personality, which would probably make it really strange to meet them.

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