Answers for Questions vol. 189

Hello to all. It’s june. That means ,if you live in a place with real weather cycles, you’re pretty psyched. If not, business as usual.
Anyway, this is that thing where you guys ask me questions and I do my best to answer them. It’s really the life blood of this entire blog/website so never stop asking me shit. If you’d like to join the fun, send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. I take all comers. But i appreciate you creative/weirdo types even more.
Okay, let’s see what we got this week…

I have a really serious (ha!) advice question for Dr. Tony:

Really looking forward to the summer (like everyone else) and I’ve been daydreaming about it today. In my head, I’m like, “I’m gonna make this summer really count, enjoy it EVERY DAY” -but then I realize I have always said that before every summer too hahaha.

Anyways, I really enjoy playing soccer, always have, but I’ve never been much of a spectator. Not because watching it bothers me, but I just tend to not watch sports that much in general. What DOES bother me though is this looming feeling of the faux worldcup culture invading town and tainting summer for everyone! I know it won’t be as annoying in my city as it will be in nyc, but still, it’s gonna be bad. If the WORLD CUP were a holiday, it would totally be ST. PATRICK’S DAY…but the thing is….St. Paddy’s is only a day whereas the World Cup is so so much more than a day. Do you have any coping tips for me, Dr. Tony?

I don’t think this qualifies for a Dr. Tony question cause, while it’s advice based, it’s also retarded (no offense, as I have a feeling this was asked by my most consistent contributor).
As someone who loathes soccer, perhaps our coping mechanisms will be similar. For me, i avoid it all costs and it’s incredibly easy. Here’s what I do:
1)Stay out of sports bars ESPECIALLY in the morning/early afternoons. That’s when all the prime games were last time. Luckily, unless you’re a fall down drunk, doing this is incredibly easy.
2)If you see a crew of dipshits rocking soccer based shirts, barreling down the street, cross the street.
And there you have it. That’s how you avoid World Cup Fever in major cities in the US. In other words, just go on living you life like a normal, sane person and it won’t be an issue at all. It’s really not even close to a big deal.

idk if you’ve ever tackled this one, but, do you/have you ever thought/tried to make a beat(s) or work with an artist that would propel you into mad money? has crossed your mind: compromising your artistic integrity n walking away with mad cake ?

This has come up a few times in this column in slightly different incarnations. My answers is , if I could do what I do (meaning, make sample based hip hop beats without having to change my shit up or get it tampered with by record label people) then I’d be down. This is my job and that kind of pay day could keep me set for years. The publishing money on a pop song alone often means a 5 figured check 4 times a year for doing nothing. That’s something I would very much be into. I figure, as long as I’m not watering down what I do, it’s just someone purchasing my services. It’s kinda like back when I used to sell random people beats when I was younger (I’ve since stopped that). I didn’t love some of their artists I did that with but it wasn’t killing me creatively to give them a track for money. As long as they wanted the track that I had made, we were all good. The way I see it, as long as I keep up the quality on my end, no one can say shit to me. The second I make some bullshit in an attempt to find a new audience, then you can start yelling “Sell out!”. Speaking of people yelling “Sell out!”, it never anyone who’s livelihood depends on it. If you’re working a dead end desk job and yelling at some musician cause he made a shit ton of money off of music you don’t like , you got your priorities fucked up. That dude is living his dream but it’s still his job. As much as I think guys like Will.I.Am or DJ Khaled are hacks and the definition of “sell outs”, I’m in no place to knock them. Making a career out of music, ESPECIALLY in 2014, is not easy. By any means necessary. Some people are just willing to bend their morals a little further than some.
All that said, this imaginary conundrum will never be realized cause there are no huge pop stars out there knocking down my for for beats. Turns out, sampling limits what you can do on a massive level right now. Who knew?!?! Oh wait…everyone. Oh well!

What kind of tv watcher are you? Obviously there are shows that you need to watch in sequence in order to understand the plot, but with a show like “Louie” for example, are you a jump-arounder with the episodes or are you adamant about watching things in order?

I definitely keep close tabs on the shows I like. I kinda think of it in tiers. There are the shows I watch when they air (when possible) that have my full attention (The “Wire”, “game of thrones”, “Louie”, “breaking bad”, “True Detective” type shit) THen there is a second tier of shows I love (some are guilty pleasures) but I don’t fiend over them (many of which I watch with my girlfriend). Those I watch when I get a chance and enjoy greatly. Shit like “Top Chef” or “The real world”. “Catfish” is another one.
Then there is a third tier of shows I kinda watch but I don’t care about. That’s like any show on the Showtime network or “True Blood”. Those shows I watch in the background, typically while I’m playing around on my phone. I follow them but I don’t give a shit. They’re time passers before I go to bed or while I’m eating lunch.
With all of these shows , though, I definitely watch them in the order they come out. I mean, with the exception of stuff like South Park or Catfish, most of these shows are in a particular order so you can’t really skip around anyway.

Whose lifestyle would you prefer to have – Anthony Bourdain’s or Derek Jeter’s? Basically, what’s more information to you Blockhead – SEX or FOOD?

Oh man…thing about this is that one guy eats the best food and the other has sex with the hottest women. That’s really tough. I might cheat here and pick Bourdain cause , while he gets the best food, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t slacking on the ladies either (prior to marriage). I imagine that wasn’t the intention of this question but, seriously, I’d kill to live either of those guys lives so fuck you!
This is also a question that will change over time. The older I get, the less I’ll care about the sex, while good food will become the highlight of my existence. God, I love food.

Why do you think NBA players enjoy their tattoos more than any other professional sport?

Well, without delving too deep into a sociological discussion I have no leg to stand on it, I’d say cause they’re the one sport that has the most exposed skin. You see their arms, shoulders and necks clearly. So , it makes sense. I’d venture to say Football players are covered in tattoo’s as well, you just don’t notice it as much cause they’re covered up.
Also, it’s clear that we, as a nation, have become a culture of followers. There was a time when tattoo’s were more alternative. Like the people who had them were either bad asses , people who felt very strongly about something or true skin art enthusiasts. Then they got more popular and it just became a thing people did cause…why the fuck not? The second Justin Beiber got a full sleeve, the whole game should have reevaluated itself. While, at one point, the only people who had them were outsiders, it’s flipped to the point where the most basic, bro , douche bag will be covered in tattoos. It’s unfortunate for all those people out there who are really bout it.
I feel as though, with basketball players (as well as other athletes, actors and musicians) it’s just a bunch of dudes following. I’m not saying all of them, but a large portion of them are. You can tell by dumb ass tattoos they get. Some of these dudes should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, JR smith is an incredibly entertaining moron but look at this fucking guy’s back tattoo…

I love pumping canadiana at you for some reason, ha. What’s your favourite Canadian”ish” thing out of the following options *William Shatner *Kids in the Hall *Emmanuelle Chriqui *Vice *extreme niceness *Poutine?

In order:
1)Emmanuelle Chriqui (I fucking love her)
2)Kids in the hall (Classic show, though I haven’t seen it in years. I wonder if it’s aged well)
3)Vice (Although it’s become something like a monster, it was once the best. My bathroom is still filled with old vice mags from the early 2000’s/late 90’s.)
4)Poutine (It’s delicious)
5)Extreme niceness (It’s always pleasant but it’s also unsettling after a while)
6)William Shatner (I don’t give a fuck about William Shatner)

Hey Blockhead, how are you?
When I first listened to Eminem’s Rap God, I thought of you. Was it you that used this Captain America sample first in a song or is it a common sample? And if it was you, how did you feel? Pissed or vindicated that someone so popular used an idea of yours? I mean you share this kind of thoughts with funs so that’s why i’m asking, i don’t mean to be rude or anything.

I’ve been asked about this a few times outside of this blog so I might as well address it here. I feel no sort of way about this. People using the same samples is a thing that’s been happening for years in hip hop. In most cases, it’s never on purpose. In fact, it’s typically a case of two people having the same record and the second person not even being aware of the first person using it. I’d say with the upmost certainty that this is one of those cases. I doubt Eminem is bumping much “Music by cavelight”.
I feel as though, any producer worth their salt will never re-use a sample they’ve heard already used. It’s kinda just the code of originality. Sure, it happens (in the early 90’s, producers reused samples all the time) but nowadays? It’s generally just a case of coincidence.

5 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 189

  1. Regarding my bourdain question, I meant it to say “Basically, what’s more IMPORTANT to you” instead of “information,” but you got the idea.

    And it’s fine haha with your retarded comment to the world cup thing (I swear I have actual problems in actual life just like everyone)

    Do you ever ‘partymix’ when listening to podcasts? TO PARTYMIX, is this really lame term I just came up with bc can’t think of anything better, but what I mean is playing a random show/movie on mute while listening to an episode of whatever. Some of the best stuff online these days is within podcasts, but I’m SUCH a visual learner and prefer to stare at something consistent so I don’t zone out. For example, I find the ROGGLECAST is best paired with a muted episode of “Ready or Not” “Fresh Prince” or “Who’s the Boss.” So, doyoudothat?

  2. What are the 3 grossest things you remember seeing on the ground within the ny subway system? PS: what do new yorkers call the subway – the train?

  3. On the last Rogglecast you guys bemoaned the sense of entitlement that you inferred from Kickstarter projects. To paraphrase you said something like “back in the old days you worked for your art and suffered to put yourself out there”.

    Interestingly, an artist I’m a fan of has gone one step further back beyond “the old days” and is doing some strange Romanesque artistic patronage strategy. He proposed a limited run of $50 in advance for all of the material that he would release in a calendar year, plus some other bonuses, just so that he might have some financial stability up front.

    I just wondered what you thought of that? Is it the same as Kickstarter, or more noble, or more pretentious, or just weird? Does it compromise the “artistic struggle”?

  4. What is something you enjoy doing that most other people don’t enjoy doing? (besides laundry, that’s too easy of an answer)

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