Rogglecast 13- Pokin’ Po

This week, Pollyne and Tony Discuss how to remain a person of dignity while being on social networks. They also break down the top ten things we’ve learned about Pollyne since the inception of this podcast.
As always, if you’d like us to discuss anything particularly , let me know. Send me questions and ideas to or leave them in the comments below.
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11 thoughts on “Rogglecast 13- Pokin’ Po

  1. I’m halfway through, but came in to say:
    Sure, girls may not get what an inch represents, but I don’t think guys get it either! I assume every dude has measured his own, but there’s so much ambiguity there. Whenever I’ve measured my hips-waist-bust measurements (i don’t think every girl does that though, im weird) an inch or two can be skewed depending on how I do it. So if I were a guy, I’d wonder, do you measure from the bottom of the shaft or at the very base? There’s a lot of leeway in there. Also, metric system.

    • My point is that , when I hear a girl talk about how she only likes dicks 8 inches or bigger, she’s typically not seen a real 8 inch dick in her life. As dudes, we’re so locked in to actual measurements and watching so much porn, those measurements actually mean something to us.
      And the correct way to measure is from where the dick starts at the base (where the pubic hair is), not well into you scrotum. .

      • but I get how there are so many girls who are like “I’ve only fucked guys with big dicks” and it’s like, no, the consistency in these numbers means that they are AVERAGE haha

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