Song of the day 6/6/14

Bless ya life By KGB
It’s been a long time since I did one of these. This actually might be a song I’ve given away here before but, if I did, it was a long time ago so don’t sweat it, guys.
Anyway, I was walking home last night, listening to my Ipod and this song popped on. Sometimes you will forget a song existed until you hear it again but, when you do, it transports you to a very particular time or moment. As soon at the opening sample plucked away, my mind immediately jumped to being a year out of high school, listening to the Stretch Armstrong and Bobitto radio show one late thursday night. This song came on and I was immediately obsessed with it. Thing is, back then, there was no way to find out what a songs name was or who the artist was unless you were told. Even after hearing their names, it was still a bit of guess work. I recall once hearing a demo from a group I understood to be called “Squire and Pony D”, later I’d find out they were Siah and yeshua DaPoEd (these guys). I had tapes recorded off the radio full of made up names that , to this day, I truly don’t know how correct they are. But I digress.
With this song, there was no announcement as to who made it so , in a time before google, I had to do what we did. Go to local record stores and describe the the song. This was always humiliating cause, well, I’d basically be rapping in a record store to a clerk who didn’t care.

After months of searching , I had given up. I assumed this was just a demo or a super small release that only 5 people owned. Then, one day, I’m in this record store near my house that was more known for dance and reggae music.I wasn’t a fan of either of those genre’s but they would often get early releases of albums on cassette (I got a copy of “Illmatic” there 5 months before it was released publicly). So, I’m sorta casually flipping through new releases and I see it. A song called “Bless ya life”. The group name “KGB” made me suspect that this was just some weirdo german house music. I asked the dude at the store to pay it and, blam, there it was. I bought it, took it home, and made love to it.

I tell that long winded story just to give some perspective of how things were back then. You had to often be a patient detective to find new music. While nowadays, anyone can find anything via Shazam or google, it took a certain type of obsessive person to thrive in being a hardcore music fan. So, to those people who remember that time, I say Bless ya life. While it’s far easier now and everything is accessible, music will never be as satisfying as it was when you had to actually work to get it.

6 thoughts on “Song of the day 6/6/14

  1. Kids these days have it so easy. I remember as a kid buying tapes based solely on the album cover and what label they were on. There was no 30 second sample itunes tore. It was all just a shot in the dark. I must have wasted $100 of dollars on complete shit. Also if there was one good track you still had to buy the whole album. 35 year old old man rant done. Great song though

  2. never heard this one before. could see how it would hook you with that distant raspy sound. and any rap with a faces of death reference in those days would pique a fringe finder’s interest. but i was waiting for the hidden track!

  3. Whilst I can’t speak to how finding records were back then, shazam and google only really help if you listen to music that’s popular enough that it can be searched/is in a database (shazam literally never works for me). Even songs with lyrics can be hard to search for if the song is from an obscure enough artist–though I admit it definitely isn’t as difficult as rapping to a clerk. But it isn’t as if every DJ-set has an accompanying tracklist, and there are still tons of songs that are difficult to find/own even if they are digital. Also, you have to dig through SO MUCH shit nowadays because there’s a lower bar of entry for people to start making music and publishing it.

    I guess I’m saying that it still might’ve been hard to find this song if it was released in 2014. But anyways, thanks for the song, the DL link, and the story! definitely an interesting read.

    • Trust me when I say having to do actual footwork to find music is a billion times more difficult that finding some random song today. Even if shazam doesn’t have it, you can google lyrics or even go on message boards and ask people.

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