Rogglecast 14- No apologies

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This week, Pollyne and I apparently left the filter at home. Maybe we were both in “a mood” or “Felt some type of way” but, whatever it is, the gloves were off.
We discuss topics such as the different variety of shitty parades we must deal with as people living in Manhattan, how conspiracy theorists are more dumb than crazy and how celebrities never need to say they’re sorry, no matte show shitty they are.
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13 thoughts on “Rogglecast 14- No apologies

  1. 4 comments here –>

    -Heard Po say “flicking the bean” and was wondering if she used that expression seriously or jokingly, because word on the street is that guys are grossed out when girls use that term.

    -I noticed that the difference in your accent compared to mine is in the vowel sounds. Like in TOURIST you say ‘tor-ist’ whereas I’d say ‘toor-ist.’

    -Fun facts segment, I hope that becomes regular!

    -Question for Pollyne: How many fingers up the butt are you good for? One, two, or three? ( 🙂 )

  2. Jenji Kohan is actually a chick. Shocked me to the core when I was watching a behind the scenes and found out she was a woman and not the indian dude I was weirdly expecting for some reason.

  3. With Pollyne saying those “Aesop’s lyrics don’t really mean anything” comments — if your podcast partner were a male (instead of Pollyne), do you think that person would be HEARING it right now from your fans?

      • No it’s okay, it’s dumb. Just the onion’s parody of buzzfeed and all their quizzes.

        Ok, one more orange comment and that’s it (bc talk of this show is getting quite excessive for phatfriend), but guess what, there’s an Atmosphere song at the end of the 9th episode. They’re scoring some of that jenji coin!

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