Demo Reviews Vol. 50

It’s fucking volume 50 of this crap. Can you believe that? That means I’ve reviewed 500 of your demos. 500!!!!! Kill me!
Anyway, thanks to all those people who have submitted. You make this personal hell of mine possible. Oh, and speaking of submitting, I’d like to say that I am no longer accepting demo submissions at this time. I got a whole bunch the last few weeks so i should be good for the next 3 or 4 months. When it’s time for more, I’ll let you know.
So, obviously, this is demo reviews. You send me your music, I get all critical on you and we both part ways amicably. The reviews are done like so: I write a paragraph or two about your demo than rate you in these 4 arbitrary categories

Simple stuff really. Let’s get into this weeks batch…

Artist:Fake Money
Song: The empire Bikes fast

This is like a weird mix between Eminem, J-zone and a person who doesn’t curse. It’s quirky and cute. I don’t love how this dude uses his voice but his wordplay is actually pretty creative and his dorkiness in endearing. I like this way more than I feel like I should. Production wise, it’s okay. It play’s it’s part but the focus is obviously the rapper. Seriously, I wanna like this a lot less but it somehow works.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:6 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:6 out of 10

Artist: Vivid Dreamscapes
Song: Creators Lament

Beat-wise, there is nothing happening here. It’s a somber 2 bar loop. It definitely got a mood to it but it’s pretty boring overall. The rapper sounds like he’s reading his rhymes of the paper and is fairly monotone. He’s not bad and will very likely improve to being straight up good (his voice could be really dope if he learns how to use it better) but, currently, he’s not quite there yet.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:3.5 out of 10

Artist: Synau
Song: Relax relapse

This some decent emotional instrumental shit right here. Nice use of live instruments for sure. Good sounds all around. Not really the type of thing I’d listen to but it’s executed well. As a song, it doesn’t really go any where in particular. It just kinda meanders but, I suppose, that’s the point of songs like this.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist:Cautious Kieran
Song: Day One

I like this beat a lot. It’s well put together and just weird enough to not sound typical. The rapper is okay. He posted his lyrics on the bandcamp page and, honestly, upon reading them before listening to the song, I expected this to be much worse. So, in a way, that’s a victory in itself. But, outside of that, he sounds a little stiff.
Production:6.5 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Krillhead
Song:Brown Bottles

This is what it would sound like if pirates made instrumental sample based music. It’s bugged out. I kinda like it.
It’s got a few parts but it could also be shortened cause the song is basically the same two 3 part sequences playing twice. Other than that, it’s cool.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist: Matt the Wolf
Song: Palm sweat

It’s rare that you hear a dude with a lisp do double time. The result is half interesting and half mumble-y. This dude can double time rap for sure but his speech impediment is definitely glaring. Still, he can rap well. The flow and way he emotes is very much similar to many other people who have done double time before. In fact, it’s kinda the go-to cadence where this kinda rap is concerned.
The production is okay. honestly, I don’t feel to strongly either way about it. It’s well made but not particularly interesting.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist:Fatt & Tensile
Song: Buckle

This guy strikes me as one of those guys who is good at writing but doesn’t have the voice or natural flow to really ever take his rapping to the next level. Trust me, I can relate deeply. I was that dude once. He’s not a bad rapper but there’s not much about him that’s gonna make people go back to him. The beat is weird. Like, I don’t really know what’s going on. It’s not dissonant but it’s also not exactly reeling me in either.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Artist: Fou-Lu
Song: Poetry and love

Okay…first off…this beat. It’s a note and a snare. I get they might be going for that super minimal KA type thing but it did not work on any level.

It’s just grating. As for the rapping, I’d like to admit something…i saw the song title “Poetry and love” and immediately was ready to write this dude off. TERRIBLE title. It just speaks a deeper truth about the level of corny you might be dealing with. Upon listening, it’s not as bad as I thought but it’s also not good. It’s a dude spitting “#barz who isn’t really ready to be spitting bars. His voice is a little flimsy and the lyrics themselves are just pretty typical of this kind of rap. But, at least, he’s less corny than the song title would have made me assume.
Production:2 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:3.5 out of 10

Artist: Big Chief Shitty Weasel
Song: The hammer, anvil and stirrup

This is different. I like the musical aspect of this. The production/instrumentation is cool. Now, the vocals…the nerdiness is palpable. I’m just not into this kinda nasal vocal styling unless it’s someone like John Darnielle from the Mountian Goats.

Basically, this isn’t in my wheelhouse but it’s not badly done.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals:3 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist: Forgotso
Song: Tehn

This falls into that “i have no clue” category reserved for electronic music I’m sure some people out there love but I never ever need to listen to. It’s well made. I think. Like I said, I have no clue. Towards the middle it take an “air” like “sexy boy” turn

but still…I dunno. Not really for me to say if this is good or bad.
Production:5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

So, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Demo Reviews Vol. 50

  1. I think the most interesting part of this post was that you know “sexy boy” well enough to spot similarities to it in another song. Not complaining, it’s a decent song, but just kind of amusing. That’s all I got…carry on.

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