Yay or Nay: Mick Jenkins

Judging from the amount of videos he has alone, I feel like this guy has been around for a little but , as far as I know, he just popped out of nowhere. He’s a Chicago rapper and I definitely hear those influences in his flow and word play.
He’s far more on the soulful side of things than a guy like Chief Keef but he still manages to sneak in some current types of rap styles, somehow reworking them to his favor. I think the first thing that jumped out to me about him was his voice. It just commands a track. Here are a few of his videos. Pretty versatile stuff.

He has an old mixtape you can download…to be honest, I haven’t peeped it yet due to time constraints but here that is in case you want to:

His new mixtape “The Waters” drops any day now and I’ll be sure to check that out.
So , what do you think?

8 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Mick Jenkins

  1. Sensed some of chances flow, JUST A LITTLE. It didn’t feel like he was biting his style at all. This guy is good, diggin’ it.

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