Rogglecast 17- Nebulous Stipulations

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.28.01 AM
This week, Pollyne and I discuss the wacky and wild gay pride party that went on in my buildings backyard this past weekend as well as our love of TV. We also answer a bunch of questions, including one that may or may not have been asked by an alien.
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9 thoughts on “Rogglecast 17- Nebulous Stipulations

  1. For that question… (I love this game!) my first guess would actually be a portuguese speaker and my second guess would be a native japanese speaker. I’m not too confident in my answer though this time.

  2. What kind of popsicles are those and I have a “scandalous” question for Pollyne:

    What do you think feels better, girl fingers or guy fingers? (ps: im a girl not a guy)

  3. question:
    Which celebrities have you guys been told that you look like? (for Pollyne – I’d imagine that ppl have told you that you resemble a Christina Ricci crossed with a generic latina actress etc. and for Blockhead – I have no idea, sorry!)

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