This week in Internet Dickheads

I’m not gonna lie to you, I got food poisoning last night (second time this year bt, so, you know, feeling preeeetty awesome about it) so I’m not exactly all there today. So, I’mma make my “job” easy and just hip you two a few things I saw pop up on the internet this week that had me like “Really?”
The first is possibly one of the corniest moves I’ve ever seen a rapper pull to get attention.
We’re all familiar with when rappers claim they’re “retiring”. Typically, it’s the biggest rap stars trying to drum up a way to make their next project seem important. Well, what about when a no name rapper does it before anyone has even heard of him? Yes, the music equivalent to the person who gets picked last in sports walking off the court before the teams are made. Enter this dickbag…
This is 21 year old rapper , Corduroy. He recently wrote a letter to “all blogs” and whoever about his choice to retire from the rap game…thing is, nobody knows him. Instead of me rehashing his reasons, just read it yourself:
The funny thing about him pulling this shit is that, in a way, it worked. I bet that write up on got his music more listens than it ever had before. The good news is that he’s complete mediocre on every level so it’s not like this stunt is ever going to actually work. On one hand, props to him for even trying something like this but , on the other, this is a truly depressing look at how people get attention in the music industry right now. Having a hissy fit tantrum is the new “making a demo”. ughh…Entitlement is a motherfucker.

The second thing I’d like to spotlight are these videos a reader pointed out to me. Two dudes in brooklyn have a “prank show” on youtube where they basically just try to go to the hood and get fucked up. That’s the prank. Here are some examples:

I feel as though the word “prank” has gotten away from us. A prank is when you play a trick on someone. The idea is to fuck with another person in a way that has them on their toes. Not to get yourself jumped. What these dudes are doing is more daredevil type shit but ,instead of being like the dudes from jackass, they’re trying to fuck with the last people anyone wants to fuck with. I can’t put my finger on why it feels kinda racist but it definitely does. I also won’t feel bad when either of these dudes end up in a hospital.
So, yeah, a salute to this week internet dickheads of the week! Well done, guys!

14 thoughts on “This week in Internet Dickheads

  1. around 1:50 in the first video dude swiped his phone back and started walking away peacefully then jackass just starts following him.

    “hahaha look at how explosive poor black people are; i bet they’d beat me up over something small like me calling them n*****s or stealing their expensive phones!”

    fuck those guys

  2. Pigeons and Planes are responsible for ever letting this Corduroy dickhead get any sort of shine. They should get some of the blame for it, because it’s lame as hell they gave him a feature only cause he’d submit his shit hundreds of times and then wrote a lame 1000 words “essay” about why they should feature him, which still didn’t have ANY good reason for him to be given the publicity. It appears that he was featured on Vice after Pigeons and Planes gave him some shine just because dude wrote an unconvincing piece about why his lame shit should get featured, and all of that fueled his ego and made him expect he’ll get more coverage. Dude sucks, he should never even get that one foot in the door that he got with P&P. I write for a blog too and get a lot of shitty submissions from rappers that shouldn’t be playing their shit to anybody. I don’t ask them to write a little story about why their music doesn’t suck and then post that lame stuff. This little kid is an entitled idiot, but P&P shouldn’t give him any shine in the first place. There should be no reward for talentless people who try whining their way into getting featured.

  3. shoot, there goes my idea of getting filmed walking through brownsville and swiping dudes iphones so i can emergency blog bout how blogs are bullshit and dont give me enough shine.

  4. The dude doesn’t even sound like he’s quitting. Also, if you can afford a MacBook Air in high school, you’re not as broke as you pretend to be. You don’t need a whole pro-studio for a demo. Garageband is plenty just to get yer shit up online. From there, if it is quality, someone will notice. If it isn’t quality, I guess you can just bitch about how blogs won’t feature your garbage.

  5. The video is definitely racist because they’re going to the hood to perpetuate some kind of stereotype like “Look at how these black people react when we do some really stupid shit”. The idea being that a black persons reaction is gonna be funnier and more over the top if they did it to anyone else. It’s hella racist.

  6. I also like how the still shot of that first “in the hood” video looks like some real gay high school slow dance.

  7. The problem I have with those “prank” videos is eventually one of those guys is gonna get hurt really bad or killed and some random innocent person is gonna have to go to jail for it.

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