Answers for Questions vol. 194

Sup brah? Oh, hey girl?
How was your weekend of independence? I hope it was free.
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. As always, I’d love you to participate. In fact, not only that, but do so in an original and strange fashion. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. I accept everything.

On the last Rogglecast you guys bemoaned the sense of entitlement that you inferred from Kickstarter projects. To paraphrase you said something like “back in the old days you worked for your art and suffered to put yourself out there”.

Interestingly, an artist I’m a fan of has gone one step further back beyond “the old days” and is doing some strange Romanesque artistic patronage strategy. He proposed a limited run of $50 in advance for all of the material that he would release in a calendar year, plus some other bonuses, just so that he might have some financial stability up front.

I just wondered what you thought of that? Is it the same as Kickstarter, or more noble, or more pretentious, or just weird? Does it compromise the “artistic struggle”?

Sounds like a Kickstarter off-shoot to me. It’s still an artist asking others to fund his own art. It’s especially strange cause , and I could be mistaken here, he sounds like he’s doing fine art. Painting or sculpture. That type of art is so much more subjective, I can’t imagine just blindly giving that dude money to see what he comes up with. At least with film or music you have some basis on whether or not the product will be to your liking. That basis being “i like this guys last album” or “The movie stars so and so, who I’m a fan of”. With this, he could take that $50 bucks and make art out of baby blood and used tampons. Who fucking knows?
But yeah, it’s the same concept as kickstarter to me. Art existed fine before kickstarter. Broke people made due with what they had and still created. The addition of begging strangers for hand outs is very “un- artistic” to me. That said, if anyone ever feels like sending me money for anything, I’ll take it cause money is awesome.

What was your take on grunge while it was happening/in retrospect?

During that era, I was as deeply immersed in rap as a human possibly could be. I’d say that was my most , over the top, purist stage ever. So, pretty much nothing else was getting in to my musical interests that didn’t contain a rapper and a beat.
I clearly Kurt Cobain dying and not caring an iota. I went to school that day and a few kids were really broken up about it. I literally gave it a passing thought of “oh, whelp, that happened…” and that was it. I didn’t even think about it again.
When the rap/rock album “Judgement night” soundtrack dropped (not grunge but, to me, it shared the same space), I hated it deeply (accept the de la/ teenage fanclub song, which i thought was okay, at the time). The whole idea of the album was a failure to me. Like oil and vinegar. I stand by that to this day though. That album fucking sucked.
Looking back, i still don’t like any of that genre. It just wasn’t for me. Grunge , in particular, seemed rooted in angst and that simply wasn’t a quality I had or supported back then. I always related grunge and music like it with being very suburban. Like “hanging out behind the 7-11 drinking beers and smoking cigarettes on a weekend night” type of music. To be fair, I just never really got into most rock music in general. Especially stuff post 1980.
So, to answer the question, I didn’t give a fuck about at all back then and I still pretty much don’t give a fuck about it now. 90’s rock , in general, is some of my least favorite “current” music ever. Better than Reggaeton, but still pretty bad, in my opinion.

It’s become apparent that I’m a good writer who is terrible at speaking, born of little talking and tremendous reading. I doubt that will change in the future as this summer I’ll probably be spending more time alone than ever. On top of being bad at articulating my points, I lack the momentum to get all of whatever I can do out there without the conversation moving on 12 times and I begin to feel like the asshole trying to bring it back to what I really wanted to mention but can’t.

My teachers agree I’m one of the more well-read high school students they’ve met, and I’ve moved beyond the fear of coming off as self-righteous when I say that I actually have things to say, and there’s a fear of not being able to say what’s mine to say, as Updike put it.

In fact I’ve recently found myself suppressing urges to tell people things just because I know it won’t come out like I hope it will, which develops issues when my boyfriend’s involved and sharing information becomes kind of relevant. The best I can hope for is to ramble long enough that he gets some idea of what I mean without falling into some pitfall of words that only gives me more to explain than before.

So obviously, I think to myself, “What would the guy from Dour Candy do?”

This was originally gonna be in “Ask Dr. Tony” but I opted to drop it here.
First off, I’m not sure what the question is here. Are you asking how you can become someone who can express thoughts better verbally? It would appear your writing is as confusing as you describe your social interactions to be. If that is your question, I have no idea. We all have different ways of functioning socially. Some are quick witted in person but can’t spell. Others are more internal and socially awkward. You sound like the latter. I suppose the best you can do is just get more comfortable with the idea of speaking socially. You have a boyfriend…talk to his dumb ass. Maybe try and slow down your mind when speaking to people. Simplify your train of thought. Easier said than, done, I’m sure but, hey , this honestly seems like a problem for a real professional to help you with. Not a guy who made the beats on “Dour Candy”.
I’d also add that just cause you’ve read a ton of books, that doesn’t immediately translate into you being a smarter person. That just means you’ve read a lot of books. I know plenty of complete idiots who are extremely well read. If you love reading and get something out of it, that’s cool. You’re lucky to have a passion like that. Just don’t think that one thing automatically makes you better at anything. I’d advise heavily against becoming one of those people who quotes writers all the time in conversation cause , not only does it come off as smug and pretentious, but ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Save it for a book club.

What is something you enjoy doing that most other people don’t enjoy doing? (besides laundry, that’s too easy of an answer)

I find Sacrificing virgins to be reflective and calming. Just kidding.
I like stats. I like keeping track of them and even doing the math involved to keep tabs on them. When I was much younger, I used to play nintendo baseball and keep detailed stats of all my players. This was before they did it for you. I’d play entire seasons with them. To this day, I strangely enjoy it. It’s funny cause I’m not particularly good at math and, in general, the things I might keep stats on are totally pointless. I think I just enjoy seeing how things accumulate and how the laws of averages generally function.

do you fold the shit tickets or bundle them up before use? I was trying really hard here.

I do a little of both. The ass wiping curiosity out there is fascinating. This must be how girls feel when dudes ask them about dick size all the time.

Hey Blockhead,
I noticed that in a lot of the pictures of you from the early 2000’s you are wearing a beret. Have you since ditched this accessory or do you still rock it occasionally? Can you defend the wearing of a beret? I will say that you looked good in it, which is odd, because most dudes just look like a fricken’ flamer with it on.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…a beret? I’ve never worn a beret in my life. I think you’re referring to the cabbie hat/newsie I used to wear in all my press photos. This one:
To be clear, this is a beret:
I can see how you might be confused but, trust me, they are wildly different styles of hats. As for that hat, I still have it but I wear it very rarely. I wore it back then cause I was not wearing baseball hats much at that time and I wasn’t wearing kangols. It just felt like a nice middle area for me. It’s a dope hat though. True story: Aesop gave it to me in college.

Pick a website:

a) OMG facts
b) Cracked
c) College Humor
d) none of the above

I don’t frequent any of these sites but I also don’t have a problem with any of them. I’d say, of the three, the one I find myself on the most is College humor. Usually cause people on facebook will post links of it. I honestly didn’t even know OMG facts was a website. I thought it was simply a twitter feed…and I prefer UBERfacts to that anyway.

31 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 194

  1. i didn’t ask the first question, but here’s what i’m almost certain the dude is referring to. milo (Mike’s rap-son and Hellfyre Club councilman) did it.

    basically dude makes a rap song nearly every day and his releases come out of the best/most conceptually/sonically cohesive ones. he put out two hours of music last year including features and most of it is phenomenal. less than ten percent of the songs he demos end up getting put out, so this is a way for people to get at all the songs he’s not releasing basically because he’s been fucking up Hellfyre’s release calendar.

    dude put this up just before moving to LA and he needed the funds. all 50 sold out in 37 minutes.

    just wanted to give you some more details on that patronage thing; probably won’t change your view on it, but hey typing this was kinda fun so there’s that.

    thanks for the blog.

    • Ahhhh…that’s actually totally different to me. Cause the money is going toward people actually getting music. They’re buying songs. Much different than simply selling “the prospect of an idea” , like so many other kickstarters do. I know Milo. he’s a talented dude.

      • and super-kind, too. i agree that it’s a totally different thing. glad i could clear it up.

    • yep, that was the artist! I didn’t want it to seem like I was pushing his stuff so I didn’t mention a name. cool to see other people out there like him though.

  2. That’s interesting with the statistics. Would you say that the math you’ve used with baseball stats is the same type of “math” you do when you make beats?

    • Hmm…Not really. With baseball, it’s %’s and addition. With beats, it’s more an equation. There’s more science to making beats. There’s no right or wrong answer. If that makes any sense.

      • In makes sense to me, in that, equations always need to maintain balance between both sides but doesn’t make sense to me beyond that!

  3. Question. You are obviously friends with a lot of fairly well known musicians. Has any of them ever released something that might get a little or a lot of positive buzz, and you are just like, man “I love the person and most of their music in general, but I am not feeling this shit at all. In fact I actively dislike it”. Follow up. Obviously you would never tell them their work flat out sucks(or maybe you would), but do you avoid the subject unless pressed, tell them you dig it and just not go into details, or be brutally honest from the start? No names required, I don’t expect you to call anyone out, just
    wondering your thoughts in general. Any musicians you know who don’t give a fuck and will say something is trash even if it got nominated for an award or something?

  4. How do you feel about your birth name? Do you wish you had a more unusual name than you were given? (Judging by your comment section, ‘Tony’ seems like a pretty common name)

  5. In this day and age, what do guys like, in terms of a downstairs haircut? I know it varies from man to man. but, generally? Does the average, normal, nice guy desire a landing strip? Or hairless? Or just a nice trim? or full throttle bush?

  6. I’ve recently been reading a bunch about how a lot of women experience the best orgasm of their life during a rape (not fantasy, the real deal) and afterward they seek out non-consensual like sex. This has got me feeling all types of ways. One being I’ve lost a lot of respect for women. I don’t know why, I just have. If my girl got raped and started to hint she enjoyed it I’d probably have to end the relationship. You seem like a dude where sex is just sex and you wouldn’t care as long as your girl didn’t become pen-pals with the rapist. Still I feel like I can’t bring this to anyone else. Would you care if your girl had the best sex of her life with some rapist? Does this subject make you feel something weird in your stomach (or dick)?

    • “If my girl got raped and started to hint she enjoyed it I’d probably have to end the relationship.”<——–holy shit, what a sentence. I can't believe some guys think in this manner, wow.

      • I think the better thing to do would be to link us to your sources. That sounds all types of insane. I suppose i could see it happening in some rare instances but that cannot be the norm on any level.

      • google “orgasm during rape”…I’m not trying to be some weirdo, but after reading a bunch of stuff its really fucked with my head. I don’t get what that first person was getting at. How could you look at someone the same when you know deep down on some level they desperately want some stranger to rape them? How could you share you life with, or want to start a family with, that person?

      • I mean shit, I regret commenting in the first place…shoulda kept quiet because now I’ve given you an opportunity to continue.

        but basically…
        1. The language you used in your question insinuates that women getting raped is a warranted reality and they should just accept that it may happen sometimes. Maybe that’s not what you actually think, but that’s how it came across.

        2. It also comes off as fucking selfish. I’d imagine that rape is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through and maybe it’d be better if you were more concerned about how commonplace rape is in our world (and about your girl) than how the secondary effects affect your sex life.

        3. Your overly simplistic view of the whole thing is offensive. If the material that you looked at is purported to be true in *some* cases, I’m sure that it’s perhaps related to a psychological coping mechanism and that it’s definitely part of a bigger picture than you’re giving it credit for.

        PS: I really hope your “girl” was a hypothetical, because if you really DO have a girlfriend, I wish she knew how you REALLY feel.

  7. Hey, Block. I would love to know your opinion on the production aspect of my first ever rap project (a free mixtape is the way to go, right?).
    So what’s the best way to get in contact with talented producers and find the right beats? I need real good production and not “youtube-beats”. Do you have any advice when it comes to searching for the perfect sounds fitting my concept and where to look/get in touch with people? I don’t mind spending money if it means I’ll get the real deal.

  8. In an old post you said you were talking to Open Mike Eagle about doing an ep. Did he end up using your beats for anything?

  9. If you were in a different position and had to make ends meet, which of the following nyc jobs would be the least appealing to you:

    A) Telemarketer
    B) Weed Delivery Guy
    C) Sidewalk Petitioner (many ppl think that they’re volunteers, but I’m quite certain they’re paid)

  10. What is you male take on some recent women’s fashion trends? Specifically: high-waisted shorts and maxi (floor length) dresses and skirts. I’m in my early 20s but I can’t get down with wearing either of these, even though they are popular among my peer group. When I wear either, I feel way too much like my mom in the 90s. I don’t think either are particularly flattering either, I swear I’ve never met a guy who likes those high shorts haha. What do you think?

    • To add to that also: What has been your favorite and least favorite fashion trend(s) over the years. For men or women. And, yes, I understand this is probably coming from a dude who isn’t big into fashion and your opinions on women’s clothing are probably whatever is the most “sexy” or “attractive”.

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