New song With Marq Spekt- Grilchy 808

Hey! Peep the second single from my album with Marq Spekt “Grilchy 808”. The album, “Justplaywitit”, drops July 29th on Hipnott records!
This song is something very different for both Spekt and I. In fact, I can safely say you’ve never heard either of us involved in a track like this before. Instead of explaining it, just peep it:

Also, if you missed the first single “Sumofitsparts”, here it is:

Okay? okayyyyyy.

15 thoughts on “New song With Marq Spekt- Grilchy 808

    • yes, this is something totally different. This is an album i did with MArq Spekt. He raps, I do the beats. My new solo album will be all instrumental and hopefully out late fall/early winter. I’ll make an announcement when that’s all settled.

  1. I showed a japanese friend this today and got her to translate the “lazy genius” characters into alphabet sounds, here is what it looks like:


    ^ (The “ke” and “no” blocks use the japanese syllabary script and the other 4 blocks use the chinese logographic script and both of these scripts are used in tandem within the japanese writing system. Put together, “namakemono” = lazy and “no tensai” = genius).

    At least that’s how I understood it, pretty freakin complicated! And Blockhead, I realize you don’t give a fuck about this sorta stuff at all hahahaha. Very cool song, btw!

    • First off, I’ve been using 808’s since the 90’s. Secondly, it’s one beat. It’s something different. I’m not riding a wave ( the beat itself is about 3 years old) just trying something different once in a while. I know people hate when artists do that but, luckily for us, we get to make the executive choices when it comes to what we release.

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