Yay or Nay- Where are the now?

I was surprised to see I’ve been doing this these “Yay or Nay” posts for a few years now. I was curious to see how some of these guys fared , so I dug in the crates. This is pretty much an update or how the music life has treated some of the artists I spot lighted a while back. Let’s take a look…

Chance the rapper

When we last saw him…
He had just released his video for “Juice“, It was going well and his trajectory was definitely on the up and up.
This is what you thought of him:
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.20.19 AM

Since then…
He released on of the more critically acclaimed albums of last year in “Acid rap“. He was featured in XXL’s annual freshman Class , did a song with Childish Gambino and performed at lallapalooza (that still happens?). I’m not sure but I’d guess he was touring pretty successfully right now and , well, things are good for him.

Looking back…
To me, he was one of those rappers who I clearly see has star potential and broad appeal. That said, while his album Acid Rap was good, I didn’t find myself checking it that much. It’s more just a preference thing to me. Kinda like Kendrick Lamar. undeniably talented, just not for me personally. But, fuck what I think cause Chance is pretty much lined up to be one of the next big things in rap music in the very near future.

Spark Master Tape
When we last saw him…
He had released one mixtape “Syrup Splash” and the lead single from his next mixtape “Half of Nepal“. Due to the mystery surrounding him, there was as much talk about who is as there as about his actual music.
Here’s what you thought of him
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.22.10 AM

Since then…
He dropped his second Mixtape “The #Swoup Serengeti“. SMT is definitely one of those “You love it of you don’t” kinda acts. He remains a complete mystery. That said,I’ve seen some amazing detective work done online to figure out who he is. While this research could be faulty , it looked on point and all I can say is he is no one any of us have ever heard of prior to SMT. He’s also apparently not even from North America…which is fucking mind boggling to me. Whatever though…keep making the good music and he could look like the netherlands soccer team for all I care.
From what I hear, he’s got a new mix tape dropping this year.

Looking Back…
I fucking love this dudes music. All of it. His last mixtape was easily top three for me last year and I can’t wait for his new shit. When I posted his music, initially, i was expecting my readers to loath it. After all, you guys generally don’t react well to rap about guns, drugs and basic low life behavior. But the response was shockingly positive and I was pleasantly surprised.
To this day, pretty much both of his mixtapes are in my Ipod and get run on a weekly basis.

When we last saw him…
He was churning out ep’s and gaining a strong fanbase. He had just aligned himself with west coast crew “The hellfyre club” and was touring extensively.
Here’s what you though of him
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.22.45 AM

Since then…
He’s been as prolific as any artist I can think of. He put out three ep’s in 2013, did a ton of guest spots, was featured on the Hellfyre clubs mixtape “Dorner Vs Tookie”, as well as putting out music almost daily on his bandcamp. Looking at his numbers in the poll, he’s probably one of the most overwhelming “YAY!” votes I’ve had.

Looking back…
I was honestly on the fence about the guy. Not cause of a question of his talent, but more the style of rapping he did. I wasn’t sure it was for me or not. Clearly, you guys felt strongly about him though so it would appear that you guys saw it all a long.


When We last saw him…
He was just calling himself Wiki. He had a few videos here and there and there was talk of him being signed to XL records. Thing is, between the videos I posted and his next release, it appeared as if he had just not panned out. I saw very little new music and what I did see was kinda noisy hell. I kinda assumed he had flared out. Well, that was as wrong as wrong can be…
What you guys though of him
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.28.53 AM

Since then…

After being quiet for about a year (apparently they were working on the album and perfecting their live show), Wiki came back with a group called “RatKing”. Now signed to XL, they just dropped a really good album called “So it Goes“. The group did a great job of blending Wiki’s rappity rap roots with futuristic production, all while maintaining a cool punk rock aesthetic , without making noise rap.

Looking back

When I first heard Wiki, he seemed like a quintessential NYC type rapper. He could rap, had a ton of energy and seemed hungry. He reminded me of a young Cage. I gotta say though, he surprised the shit out of me with the direction he took. Not only that, but the fact it worked so well. Even as a fan of his earlier work, I would never have guessed he’d go where he did and I’m glad it went that way.

When We last saw him…
He was two solo albums deep and dropping new videos every so often. Intuition had a loyal but small following. He was always one of those dudes I saw as having the potential to be VERY BIG. Aside from being a skilled rapper who makes really good songs, he was a white guy that girls like , who rapped about his feelings. That’s a huge market right there.
Here’s what you guys though about him
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.20.45 AM

Since then…
He’s been a busy guy. Not only did he finally release his album with his production partner Equalibrum (Entitled “Intuition and Equalibrum“) but he’s been doing a really awesome Podcast called “Kinda neat“. It’s basically like Marc Maron’s Podcast but with underground musicians.

Looking back…
He’s taking his time with releases but he’s one of the more focused artists I know. Very attentive to details in both the songs he makes and how he uses social media/the internet to his advantage. While he’s definitely a “type” of rapper (if #barz are your shit, you will not be on board with Intuition) he’s one of those dudes I keep waiting to see blow up on a major scale. I mean , shit, he’s much better than Macklemore and look how well that dude is doing…

When we last saw him…
He was known as T.shirt. He had a few albums on Bandcamp but had really gained exposure for his song “Automatic“, which had a crazy video to go with it.
Here’s what you guys thought of him
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.21.05 AM

Since then…
It’s seemingly been an interesting ride for Shirt. He drops mix tape songs here and there, gets love on hot 97, seems like he might be taking his music in one direction (more mainstream) but then drops his new mixtape “Rap“, which was both awesome and anything but mainstream. He also pulled a prank where he made up a new york times article about himself and posted it online. It was actually pretty awesome.

Looking back…
He’s a curious dude. He clearly has a game plan but , I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. All i do know is that he makes good music. He’s got good taste in beats too. He has an air of mystery to him simply cause , at least it seems this way, he doesn’t really give a shit about blowing up off his music. It’s like he makes money elsewhere and does music for fun. Honestly, dudes who do that tend to often be great cause they’re not trying to please anyone.

10 thoughts on “Yay or Nay- Where are the now?

  1. Yo what evidence you got on Spark? I got laughed at for months saying Captain Murphy was Flylo and now look. PUT ME ON THE CASE BLOCK.

    • I mean, everyone knew that Captain murphy was Fly-lo but this is different cause whoever SMT is , is no one who anyone knew about prior to SMT. The dude i know who did some serious detective work found old videos of a guy he thinks to be SMT. He was an arab/latino looking guy. But, outside of that, i don’t remember the exact details.

  2. Good time to say a big thank you for introducing me to Shirt and Intuition (their music, that is). Great stuff!

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