Rogglecast 18- Brooklyn girls Vs. Judy Tenuta

It’s been a while…since I said I’m sorry!
So, we’re back! after a two week hiatus, the Rogglecast has returned. This week, Pollyne is still a tiny bit drunk from the night before and firing shots all over the place. She and I discuss the vast topic that is “basic bitches” as well as basic people in general. We also get into that abysmal “Brooklyn girls” song that made the internet sad this week.
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10 thoughts on “Rogglecast 18- Brooklyn girls Vs. Judy Tenuta

  1. With my question that I asked about lookalikes…I totally forgot that I asked that, but when I heard you read: “Christina Ricci crossed with a generic latina actress”…that ‘generic latina actress’ part sounded so ignorant to me! I should have said a “latin Christina Ricci” without the sweeping generalization part instead, my bad. (and also I’m wrong about my lookalike guess)

  2. This is a rapidfire mini quiz:

    Who do you guys think (outta the two of you)…

    a) swears more?
    b) cleans more?
    c) watches tv more?
    d) talks on the phone more?
    and finally; masturbates more?

  3. Hahaha drunk Pollyne “so like we’re like all part of the universe and it’s all connected you know”.

    My question: Has Pollyne hatefucked 5 germans yet to win the bet?

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