Answers for Questions vol. 197

Shout out to the few people who sent me the above picture this week. It would indeed be a great replacement for my banner pic. I’mma hold on to it for now but, just know, it was appreciated.
How are you guys today? I’m well. I ate chipotle last night for some reason and woke up today legit smelling like barbacoa. Weird. Anyway, this is “Answers for Questions” You know the drill. If you want me to answer anything, send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Keep it interesting and weird. That’s all I ask.
Let’s get into this weeks batch…

How much skin is too much skin to show on the street?
I’d say that entirely depends on the person. I saw a dude walking down the street yesterday with V-neck so deep, it was basically just cloth suspenders. Like, literally, his belly button was almost exposed. I didn’t even know they made them like that. Now, I don’t know if that’s “Too much skin” or not, but it’s definitely a dumb ass shirt.
For ladies, it really depends on how much harassment they’re willing to put up with. You wear tiny shorts and crop top, dudes are gonna be relentless…but if that doesn’t bother you, go for it. I do think some ladies perhaps…umm…misjudge what does and does not look good on their body types sometimes in the summer but, at the same time, if they’re comfortable wearing it, that’s all that matters. Maybe some people love their 4xl muffin tops spilling over the side? Perhaps looking like a slightly opened can of instant biscuit dough is what’s hot in the streets right now? Who knows. Whatever makes you happy.That said, while it is legal for ALL PEOPLE to not wear shirts in public in NYC, that’s one things I feel people should chill with. This isn’t a beach, put a shirt on. Or at least a v-neck that pretends to be a shirt.

Help me out bro, I work near your hood (Houston and Varick St) and I need chill bars to rep, mostly for happy hour.

I can only find super fancy shit or super douchey bro spots like three sheets saloon or off the wagon. I have a very similar personality to you from what I can tell in reading your writing and listening to the Pod. Any recommendations?

To be honest, I don’t really drink on the west side. Occasionally I’ll hit The Rusty Knot on west street but that’s about it. Most places are gonna be douchey, ESPECIALLY for happy hour. Also, it depends what you’re looking for. If you just want a mellow drink, without a bunch of vertically striped shirt pricks there, I’d say just seek out local dive bars. On hudson street, there are a couple. WXOU, Art Bar and this one random bar on Hudson and Commerce that always seems empty but pleasant. If you want to be out around drunk girls with hopes of getting happy hour laid, head over the Automatic slims or Tortilla flats on washington street. They’ll be full of dipshits but also tons of hot girls who drank way too much at 5 pm.
But , if you’re looking for a chill bar with good music, etc…I can’t help you. I generally never day drink, go to happy hour or drink heavily anywhere near where I live. But that has more to do with me not really being a drinker like that. I drink maybe once a week and when I do, it’s cause I went out specifically to drink. I’m all or none with that shit.

On a scale from 0-10, how much do you enjoy popping your own zits?
I don’t enjoy that at all. I don’t get many zits (I’m an adult, you know). But when I do/did, they were brutal ones. Painful boils. Generally around my nose or on my chin. They’d be those type of zits that were under the skin, so popping them just didn’t work most of the time. I pretty much had to let them run their course , until they were finally ready to go, then I’d begrudgingly pop them. Not cause i wanted to but cause I’m that fucking impatient and wanted that thing off my face. But, rest assured, there was no joy in it.
2/10 on the enjoyment scale.

In your Answers for questions 192, there was a question about the word “Faggot” in rap and you answered it in a way that I can agree with (as in it’s not the word itself, but your perception that gives it pain).

My questions are, do you think that is always constant? Like are there any exceptional words?
The reason I ask is because I was listening to MF DOOM’s Take Me To Your Leader (A.K.A. The King Geedora album) the other day and the song “One Smart Nigger” came on. (Here’s a link for that:

Now I’ll stress that I have no problem with this song. I really like DOOM’s work, this album is one of my favorites of his side projects, and I totally agree with what the guy in the vocal sample is saying right before the beat starts. But sometimes I have a hard time letting shit go.

Generally among my friends I’m the token mixed guy, so a lot of my white friends try to let “nigga” pass and I always feel like I have to say something, but usually don’t to save face. One time one of my female friends called our mutual white friend a “nigger” with the hard R, and I was visibly shocked and sorta snapped on her for two minutes. I know she didn’t mean it with offense to me, but it was just weird.

Like there are just different times when “nigga/nigger” offend me personally. Do you see this happen a lot or am I just rambling? Have you ever been in the middle of something like this with any of your black or mixed friends?

I mean, that is the one word that will always be an issue for some people. Even a word like “faggot” doesn’t hold nearly as much weight as nigger/nigga.
As a white dude, I can’t really say when it’s right or wrong to use either version of that word. I’d argue that the “hard r” version is , in general, a bad move. But the “soft a”? That’s up to the individual. I know tons of people who use it and don’t even think about it. When a white person says “nigga” in front of them, they don’t blink , as long as the intent is okay with them. That said, the same white person drops a “hard r” and there would be problems.
I haven’t come across much beef amongst friends over that word (nigga, not nigger cause what civilized person actually says “nigger”?). Maybe it’s my age , location, etc but that word is just is either something someone doesn’t say ever or it’s so engrained in their lexicon that there isn’t even a thought otherwise.
Your situation sound a little different though cause you’re the one non-white person amongst a bunch of whites. It wouldn’t shock me if they had weird preconceived notions about race in general but, most of all, they simply might be ignorant to the power of that word. I’ve definitely been around suburban , basic white people whose understanding of when and how to use those words was bafflingly off point. As the one black guy, you’re allowed to tell them to shut the fuck up and , in general, shut them down on racial matters whenever you feel like it. Someone’s gotta tell them, right?

Hey Blockhead, I gotta TV hypothetical for you. Would you rather live as Louie in “Louie” circa ’08. Or George Costanza in “Seinfeld” circa ’94? I know this a dumb question but humor me

Hmm…My initial reaction was louie but I think I might be off with that. Thing is, Louie had kids, is kinda lonely and generally kind of a mess. While George , as big of a piece of shit as he is, lives a life of freedom and has his group of friends. He just seemed happier socially, regardless of what a lunatic he was outside of that. Not to mention, he always pulled women WAY out of his league. So, I think i gotta go with george. Not to mention, 1994>>>>2008.

what are you going to do in 5 years when hip hop is dead

I’m not so much worried about hip hop being dead (come on, son. You know hip hop will exist forever. It’s as locked in as any genre that exists right now) as I am music being dead in general. I don’t mean that in a sense that people will just be “over” music. I mean that ways to earn money doing it will all dry up eventually. At this point, the last two ways to make any real money making music are touring and song licensing. Song licensing will never die but It’s only a matter of time before some technological break through comes through that figures out a way for people to see ALL live shows for free, thus taking that last chunk of money right out of the artists hands. Streaming video feeds of live music are already pretty popular. If they figured out a way to make that seem bigger and more exciting, it’s a wrap on anyone ever leaving their house again to see a show.
The only bright side to this is that, once all the money has been taken out of music, the only people making it will be people who legitimately love making music. So, in a way, so great music might come out of that. I’ll be broke as a motherfucker though…

12 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 197

  1. Just a note about Louie….I always thought that ck was writing this show with this question in mind…what would he be like if things didn’t line up the way they did in his real life…what if he had never been in the right place/right time or got the right breaks? An (unlucky) Louie, if you will.

    I know my thought isn’t groundbreaking, just wanted to mention it!

  2. Hypothetical question: If sampling became completely outlawed, or for some strange and unimaginable reason it simply didn’t exist any more… Would you attempted to make non sample based music? or just bite the bullet and give up music?

  3. This is probably too boring for a blog post, but do you think there are safeguards in place that will keep licensing going?

    I mean, if all the big fast food businesses decided one day to start acting like kids in the suburbs and ignoring copyrights to use music in commericals without license would there be any realistic way to stop them? Could music copyright be so weakened that even big business starts to scoff at paying for music?

    I’m sure they’d take a huge PR hit today, and there would be lawyers lining to up to sue, whether on behalf of record labels or individual artists, because businesses have money, but that seems like a reasonable posibility to me if continue down the path we’re on for another 20 years. Of course I have zero experience either licensing or buying licenses. Do you think such a thing could ever become standard? McDonald’s jumping on limewire to find music for their commercials?

  4. I had no idea you could be legally topless in NYC until a few months ago when I heard about that photographer who took topless pics on the Empire State Building (I live in Maryland). I asked my friend in NY about it and he’s like “yeah, you’d be surprised the amount of topless-ness that happens”. Kinda blew my mind, haha.

    On the revealing clothes topic, I do side with you, Block, that hopefully ladies know what is flattering on them. More power to the chicks out there rockin’ their muffin tops, but I think flattering, and well-fitting clothes will actually make you look thinner and all-around better. If you’re a size two with a small butt and A cup boobs, a crop top and daisy dukes is going to have a totally different effect on you than a size ten girl with D’s. If you’re very thin, I think you can pull off more revealing clothing. That’s just my opinion from what I’ve observed. That shit does not work for me, though. I’m like a size six, but I wear a 34DD bra. I was always taught to flaunt one asset (especially if you’re not rail thin) and keep the rest more modest. For example, a low cut top but with jeans, instead of shorts. Personally, I think women’s fashion trends this summer are kinda cheap-looking. Not that Block gives a shit because he’s a dude, haha.

  5. On a scale from 1-11, how much do you enjoy a good shit?

    Why does the US have so many lawyers???

    What are some telltale signs that make you aware that a girl is flirting with you?

  6. Why do the men of NYC catcall to the extent that they do? It’s in a league of its own (when you compare it to any other major city within an English speaking country that is)

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