Song of the day 9/1/14 (the Your Old Droog saga continues)

No Message By Your Old Droog and Rast RFC

It’s fun when two rappers you like come together out of nowhere. In this case, we have Rast and Your Old Droog. Two guys I recently did “Yay or Nay” columns about. Both from NYC and both are getting some shine right now. While Rast has a very interesting story (read about it here) I’d say the man of the hour is Y.O.D.
Why? Well, it’s cause everyone thinks he’s Nas. Literally. People have a theory that this is some sort of side project and Nas is all fucking with us. On paper, this sounds ridiculous. Why would Nas do that? But, when you step back, it would seem like a lot of signs point to this being the truth. His voice sounds A LOT like him. He’s affiliated with Mass Appeal (Nas and Former Ego Trip Founder Sasha Jenkins have direct ties to Mass Appeal). He’s certainly playing into the rumors too. Or, I should say, some other people are. Someone made a fake twitter account that seemed very real and started both Posting YOD songs as well as tweeting quotes from Nas albums.
Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 11.00.16 AM
But, here’s the thing. He’s not Nas. At least I’m 99% sure he’s not. How do I know this? Well, I’ll start with the soft evidence. While his voice is very similar to Nas, his flow and lyrics don’t sound anything like Nas. So, just off the basis of an ear test, to me, he’s not Nas. That’s not enough though, right? Well, how about , prior to him getting a little shine he had all sorts of videos on Youtube. Actual music videos that show his face. This face:
This blew my mind the most cause, honestly, I’m totally racist when it comes to white guy rap voices and thought there was no way on earth Your Old Droog wasn’t a black dude. If the videos (which I saw before they were taken down) he’s more of an arab or a chechen. I can’t even tell. But , one thing is for sure, he’s not Nas. Still not enough evidence?
Well, how bout this article:

So, that’s my case. The truth will all be revealed in NYC on september 3rd when he plays a show. I might not be around for that show but I’m sure phone cameras will be there to record the happenings. If you’re curious or simply wanna see him rock (After all, the thing getting lost in all this is that he’s pretty fucking dope, despite the Nas similarities), here’s a flyer for that show. Oh, and Rast is playing that night as well. Pretty great line up.
Check it

64 thoughts on “Song of the day 9/1/14 (the Your Old Droog saga continues)

    • Does my evidence not do anything for you? Cause, you know, there’s a ton of it.
      But, I suppose, we shall find out. If it is Nas, he’s playing a 150 cap room in NYC on september 3rd. That’s pretty bold of him.

      • There’s just as much evidence that your evidence is crap, coincidence and misdirection. Bold? It’s a publicity stunt.

      • So, you’re saying actual video footage of this dude rapping (which I’ve seen with my own eyes), a bunch of people who met him and various other facts are fake? Outside of him simply not rapping like Nas at all outside of his voice.
        What’s your hard evidence? His voice? Oh, okay then.
        All the things pointing to him being actually Nas is WAY more coincidental than any of the shit I said.

        Then there’s this…Pretty sure he’s not nas , dude.

  1. I’m assuming you’ve never heard Nas because YOD sounds like Nas in every way with voice being the least similar (perhaps because it’s pitched Also, dude rhymes with the wisdom of a veteran rapper. A newcomer wouldn’t likely have the knowledge and style that YOD does. Also, too, I’m not aware of a PBS special featuring YOD. Lastly Captain Murphy set the precedence that Nas is following….what’s the other option? A free album release through Samsung? Lame.

    • Like I said, what real evidence do you have outside of “your opinion”? I agree about the veteran rapper aspect as , apparently, YOD is in his mid 20’s, so a lot of his references are before his time. That said, your captain murphy argument makes no sense as
      1)No one had heard Fly-lo rap prior to that album and the effects used on the voice made him sonnd like Tyler the creator
      2)Why would nas make an alias of himself that sounds exactly like himself? You really think he was like “Pitch me down a hair, no one will ever figure this out”.

      As for me never hearing Nas, shut up. If you think he sounds like Nas in every way, the least being his voice, I question if you’ve ever heard him as well. From the flows, to the vocab he uses…it’s not the same guy. unless Nas specifically chose this character to rap differently and make references he never would, it’s not him.
      Again, my evidence Vs. your opinions. unless there are multiple publications and people perpetrating this lie (which is possible but far fetched), it simply doesn’t make sense. I kinda think YOD caught wind of these rumors early and ran with them as a way to get himself out there. After all, he had been rapping under various different names prior to YOD so maybe he had gotten tired of wallowing in obscurity.

      All this said, If you’re right, I’ll gladly eat crow and take my hat off to the whole process. But I don’t see that happening.

  2. my problem with this dude is the same thing that is drawing people in. if you sound like nas but aren’t nas i’m bored, choose a new sound

  3. as much as i don’t want to entertain this bs19, what ‘evidence’ do you have to prove that it’s Nas? cause Blocks shown his evidence but i haven’t seen anything from you

      • Jesus christ you’re infuriating.

        Then there’s this. Apparently, he was once called “Grandma on drums”

        Someone noted it on twitter in May

        Is that all facts? Nope. But it’s fucking evidence of something. Way more than anything you’ve shown me.

        The funniest thing about this all is that I could make a better case for him being Nas than you can. There are things I know and connections I could make that actually make a lot of sense. But I can’t speak on those cause I’d be revealing things that really aren’t my business to reveal. but, EVEN KNOWING THOSE THINGS, I still don’t think it’s Nas.

  4. Seriously doubt this is Nasir, why would people go on record gambling with their credibility saying so. I could see Nas possibly doing this but I couldn’t see him getting people to straight up lie to help him perpetuate it. And for what reason? Nas doesn’t strike me as the type to have the time or desire to do that.

    • You’re right, I’d hate to risk my anonymous, blog commenter credibility. Very few people are “lying,” rather they are creating doubt in order to hype the debate, which has gone on for two months now. For what reason? Publicity and to reintroduce himself to a new generation of fans. This EP is arguably his best work since Illmatic. And because you know Nas so well as to know his type, why don’t you just ask him?

      • Here’s the funny part. I don’t know Nas. But I do know people closely affiliated with him. In fact, I someone who’s heavily involved in all of this. I’mma see him tomorrow and I’ll ask him. (good lord , I hope he doesn’t tell me it’s Nas, cause I’ll both feel like an asshole AND probably not be able to talk about it publicly)

        Also, I’d add this to respond to the pitched up clip. The first comment on the exact soundcloud link you gave reads:
        “You altered dudes voice. It’s not corrected lol, if you went a did some research or heard the dude raps that’s the he sounds. His name is Ivan Korparan…”

  5. Damn, Block–you truly believe everything you read on the internet…everything you’ve presented has previously been thrown into the countless debates in blogs, message boards, youtube videos…still it proves nothing–like a bible or quran proving the existence of god…Just as I cannot prove God does not exist, I cannot prove YOD is Nas. He just is. [chant] Through him, with him, in him, O YOD, almighty Nasir, in the unity of the Hip-Hop Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, forever and ever. [/chant] [sing]Nas has died, Nas has risen, Nas will come again[/sing]

    • If I come back tomorrow with definitive knowledge from my source (I’m even willing to privately email you about cause it’s not something I could talk about publicly either way),will you concede? Hell, I’ll even write you to tell you you were right, if I find that out.
      Cause, you realize, as much as I’m “believing everything I read on the internet” , you’re also sounding like a full on tin foil hat conspiracy theorist as well.

      • My avatar is as follows, but your avatar is just as hilarious (you’re blue in the frowny-face, mad about getting trolled in the comments section). It’s going to be soooooo much funnier tomorrow when you’re wrong.

      • That pic is perfect…hahahahahaha
        While I got you here, in mid-troll, perhaps you can shed light on the entire existence of internet trolls. What do you get out of it? Why bother? I have a feeling this didn’t start out as trolling but, as it went on, you realized your case was kinda being disproven over and over again so you went hard on the trolling aspect. But , really, explain to me the upside of being an internet troll. I’ve always been curious cause it seems like a whole lot of work to be one when the pay off is simply trying to anger people you don’t know for no reason. And the “I’m bored!” excuse doesn’t fly with me. I’m bored too. We’re all bored.
        I dunno…it’s mad loser-ish to me and something only a miserable person would ever bother doing. Make me see it differently. I wanna know the truth behind the whole trolling phenomenon.
        And, to be clear, I’m not mad. I’m disappointed. I should smack our hand with a ruler or something.

  6. It’s definitely not Nas. While he does sound really similar, there is a subtle difference in his tone that you can hear when he starts rhyming faster/ more syllables in a line.
    It wouldn’t really make any sense for him to do this anyways. What, He’d make an alias to make slightly different style of hip hop? Hell no, when performers create aliases it’s to explore an new side of their sound or buy into some sort of concept album. This is just a modest ep of quality hip hop.
    Plus, “Your old droog” doesn’t really fit with Nas unless he’s really into Clockwork Orange or Russian all of the sudden.
    I have a feeling bs19 is just trolling though, so whatever.

  7. I’ve got to admit. I was convinced it was Nas but now I don’t anymore. Why would Nas try several different names to make this project work? This information was new to me…

    Also, I found this on reddit:
    They say Grandma On Drums was Droog’s name. Sounds nothing alike though, of course it’s old…

    • Other than dropping a “lil” or maybe a “yung” why would any rapper try several names (unless the rapper(s) really sucked e.g., Atban Clan)? “Grandma On Drums” was probably picked because around the time the scheme was hatched, there was a mysterious Grandma playing drums on Youtube…obviously no respectable rapper would actually go by “Grandma on Drums” so Droog was selected (after all, PBS often plays “Clockwork Orange” late at night, usually after a late-night PBS show such as, let’s say, Tavis Smiley….

  8. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not a full-time troll and I don’t feel disproven. My reason for trolling in this one particular instance is because this Nas/YOD thing has basically quieted down for a few weeks. In that time nothing new has been discovered–certainly nothing posted above is new. So it’s more out of frustration that there hasn’t been closure to the whole thing. That and I’m bored…which is also why you are putting so much effort into this. Thanks for playing.

    • No matter what the reasoning, you’re kinda the worst. Unless I’m wrong, in which case, I’m totally the worst. But in this battle for the worst, there can only be one!
      Either way, I’ll report back with my findings. Keep an eye out!

    • That’s not how proof works, bs19. You don’t prove that something ISN’T, you prove that something IS. So it’s on you to prove that YOD is Nas, not on Block to prove that he isn’t… And you didn’t do anything to prove your point…

      • I don’t have to prove my point. Nas is coming. Prepare yourself for His revelation…for it was written in The Genesis.

  9. for answers to questions:

    How would you define and categorize an internet troll? Specifically, what exactly is a troll and how many different kinds of trolls are out there?

    (as in, this comment section seems like one example and then there is the catfishing type of troll, which I think is a different type, but I’m sure there are others…)

      • I feel like a loser for reacting to this comment section because that means I’m contributing to part of the problem…but Blockhead..;do you think these two comments came from the same person? I DO (but I could totally be wrong)

  10. Come on Block, let us know what you hear tomorrow!! Honestly, I’m still holding out hope that it really could be Nas, although it’s slowly becoming more doubtful with more & more evidence showing up about that 20 year old Russian guy…

    Now, I obviously realize that this could be completely made up, but just to keep this discussion going, my friend found this post on a message board that I found interesting:

    “I just kicked it with my homie who does studio engineering and he told me that a Droog is 100% definitely Nas. Apparently Nas has a plan to release 4 albums that are a mix of old (as in Illmatic era) and new rhymes with no promotion on some love for hiphop shit. They’re documenting social media reactions and recording interviews with other artists to create a mini-documentary about it all, and the difference between the albums artists wish they could put out and the albums they end up delivering due to label politics. This shit is actually a fascinating project.”

    This could have easily just been another troll, but think about it…it falls in line with Droog’s “makin like 4 more albums then I’m fallin back” line….it’s been confirmed that Nas is releasing Lost Tapes 2 in some form sometime soon….on ‘No Message’ Droog talks a lot about how when he was coming up (coming up!? I thought he was a newcomer in his 20s…) him and his friends never payed attention to independent artists, and on another song he has that line about how people today are “makin hits right on they laptops”…there’s a lot of talk about independent artists, which could be alluding to the future documentary. Also, Nas is suddenly really pushing the Mass Appeal brand hard (just signed Fashawn & Bishop Nehru, Mass Appeal album coming out soon, etc.), and this documentary would be a perfect marketing strategy to make people take notice of Mass Appeal.

    This is all speculation, but it’s possible right?!

    ….but then again, Droog’s beats are too good for it to be Nas. 😐

    • Might have to wait. The dude I was gonna talk to is someone I play basketball with every week but he just pulled out of this weeks game sooooo…it’ll have to wait till I see him again. Ughh…

  11. Also, I have it on good authority that Action Bronson is actually Ghostface in a highly realistic fatsuit. What, you think Tony Starks couldn’t afford a movie-quality fatsuit? How fuckin gullible are you? Chumps.

  12. He flows like Nas and sounds like Nas. Even uses the same internal rhyme schemes as Nas but it’s just the subject matter. Him talking about independent artists and hipster websites is so unlike Nas. However, have you heard him on DJ Khaled’s Hip Hop? Anyway, if he is some white Russian guy, that would be a turn off because I’ve heard him use the word “Nigga” more than once.

    • I disagree strongly about the internal rhyme scheme part. in that respect, they sound nothing alike. If he had busta rhymes verse , no one would be like “He sounds like busta but rhymes like nas!”. The voice similarities got people hearing things.
      Also, I’ve NEVER heard him say “nigga” and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard every song he’s released thus far. Trust me, I’ve been looking for it for the very reason it concerns you.

      • I didn’t expect you to respond to my comment. Big ups for that and big ups for being an all around dope artist; Interludes after midnight still gets me through work and study sessions, Party Fun Action Committee still inspires some chuckles and I won’t even talk about the production you did on Capture The Sun. Fanfare and butt kissing aside…
        I’ve never believed that Action Bronson sounds like Ghostface. After I heard the “Fixed” pitch version of Droog’s EP, I was convinced that Droog was Nas. The cadence just matched too well but some of the subject matter and vocabulary just wasn’t Nas like. I assumed that he was pulling a Doom or found a really good ghost writer. I’ll even go as far as saying that some of the world play was superior to Nas’. The thing is Nas has surprised me time and time again. Look at a track like queens get the money, the aforementioned Hip Hop, his rhyme schemes on the Carter IV interlude; all these are similar to Droog’s style.
        I’m not saying that Nas is Droog but you understand the confusion obviously and even worse, the brain sees what it wants to see more than what is actually there or hears what it wants to (rather).
        You make some valid points. As for him using the word “nigga”, you’re right. It might have been a feature (I doubt it) or I guess I had my wires crossed while I was listening to Nas.

      • Oh man… If you’re interested in race VS ethics coming into play when creating avatars and aliases in art… You should google Donelle Woolford.

  13. So it would seem that this young, white Russian rapper has a thing for an older, sophisticated black woman. He’s even been with J.Lo…he must’ve been her back-up dancer…

      • Wow…this dude is a fucking idiot (the guy in the video, not you). he makes some valid points (all shit i knew already and he even mentions some of the people I know in his case) but it’s all just his dumb ass opinion. He also makes some really dumb connections that are reaching crazily. I’d say he’s about equal to my dumb ass opinion.
        Honestly, the one thing that got me the most iffy about my opinion on this is when he played a 4 bar clip from a song I hadn’t really bumped and he sounded A LOT like nas on it. More so than other songs. But still…who knows at this point.

  14. Ah! Who knows indeed! Therefore now amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of Nas your Old Droog; and YOD will repent you of the evil that ye hath pronounced.

    • Fire and brimstone…I’m still team “it’s not nas”. But the two sides are compelling. I wanna make a graph that shows every bit of evidence on both sides.

      • Don’t be such a Doubting Tony. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.

  15. The unfortunate thing is for a good many people the “Just Rhymin With Skizz and New Yorker article by a respected writer seems to prove nothing to those who have firmly set in it their mind that Your Old Droog and Nas are one and the same…they say the dude in the video is lip syncing and the New Yorker article is just false propaganda….smfh…
    The matter is settled to me…not that there was much of a matter…i agree with you in full that the voice sounds somewhat similar but the flow,content and delivery is different and i never thought it was Nas but…not many things are out of the realm of possibilty so i kept my mind open…
    The release of the older rhymes he originally spit on YouTube are jewels also as is the EP…although not Nas he’s obviously “straight out the fucking dungeons of Rap”
    All in all i just discovered ya blog and wanted to add on…keep shining….

  16. Blessed is he that listeneth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the day is at hand. Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.

  17. Nasir has humbled us through the events of September 3rd. We must also openly acknowledge that we have no new evidence pointing to another date for the revelation.

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