Answers for questions vol. 199

What up? Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. The internets longer interview. This is where you guys ask me whatever the fuck you can think of and I do my best to answer it. No rules , except don’t be boring with your questions. If you’d like to ask me anything, holler at my email- or just leave your question in the comments below. Go nuts. I always need more questions.
Here’s this week batch , for dat azz…

Question. You are obviously friends with a lot of fairly well known musicians. Has any of them ever released something that might get a little or a lot of positive buzz, and you are just like, man “I love the person and most of their music in general, but I am not feeling this shit at all. In fact I actively dislike it”. Follow up. Obviously you would never tell them their work flat out sucks(or maybe you would), but do you avoid the subject unless pressed, tell them you dig it and just not go into details, or be brutally honest from the start? No names required, I don’t expect you to call anyone out, just
wondering your thoughts in general. Any musicians you know who don’t give a fuck and will say something is trash even if it got nominated for an award or something?

Hmm…that’s tough. I have friends who make other genre’s of music (rock and electronic type stuff) that just isn’t my cup of tea in general. So, in that way, I don’t generally praise them cause it’s simply not my thing. However, when they do something that definitely jumps out as special, I certainly let them know.
As for the rappers, I can’t say I’m really close friends with anyone who I think makes shitty music. Sure, I like some projects/songs more than others but there’s rarely (none I can think of off the top) a situation where I’m like “wow, that dude just made a total piece of shit album…”.
It should also be noted that I don’t have that large a circle of close (close being the key word here) friends in the music industry.I know a lot of people but my actual real life friends are typically separate of that. So, it’s not like I have every rapper and producer I know sending me their album and begging me for an in depth critique. I’ve found, in general, most people don’t care. I know when I make a new album, i don’t send it to anyone unless they specifically ask to hear it.
Also, musicians in circles are generally supportive of each others work. Almost to a fault. It’s rare you meet someone who will tell another artist (a peer) “yeah, that sucks”. I’d say, the one person I know who flat out honest is probably Despot. He pulls no punches when it comes to his opinion on his friends music and he’ll say it to their face. I definitely respect that.

How do you feel about your birth name? Do you wish you had a more unusual name than you were given? (Judging by your comment section, ‘Tony’ seems like a pretty common name)
I’ve never really though about it. Tony is actually my middle name (short for Anthony). My first name is really James but, for some reason, no one ever called me that. My older bother has a similar situation too as his first name is John but everyone calls him Nick.
I don’t really feel either way about my name. I like that it sounds italian, even though I’m not at all italian. That always throws people off. But, I can’t say there’s a name i’d want more. People go a bit crazy with the names nowadays and I feel like it’s a lot to live up to for some of these kids. I met a dude named Elegance a few days ago. Real name! That’s a tall order. A name like that pretty much means you have to be a clothing designer or a dancer…can’t nobody wants to be working at some shitty office job and being called “Elegance” all day.

In this day and age, what do guys like, in terms of a downstairs haircut? I know it varies from man to man. but, generally? Does the average, normal, nice guy desire a landing strip? Or hairless? Or just a nice trim? or full throttle bush?

I think every guy has their preference but, personally, I like a well kept strip of hair (or just well trimmed in general) with no hair below. Basically,enough hair that makes me think I’m not hooking up with a child but also not a gorilla salad where the actual vagina is.
In general, the only one I have an issue with is the completely unkept vagina.Never trimmed, never shaved, never waxed. On a scent level, it’s worse and visually it’s not that appealing. I’ve had a few bad experiences with those types and it turned me on them forever.
But, hey, that’s just me. I know a few dudes who love that shit. I should add they’re also total creeps but they do exist.

Hello block! Im a big fan of your music, and an even bigger fan of your blog!haha.Thought id send you a question and im not sure if it goes with your usual format, but i thought id submit something dumb and different
If youre down, go to my page on Facebook
And tell me in all honesty ‘two things you l Ike iabout me’ and ‘two things you dont like about me’ after a five minute thumb through.

Wow…this is a next level idea and a very bold move on your part, young lady. I don’t now whether to give you props or think you’re crazy. But , I shall proceed…
I like
1)Your baby is cute and put him in funny outfits. Disgruntled baby face + a costume he was forced to wear = comedy gold. I don’t typically love tons of baby pics on facebook but, because you’re not actually clogging up my time line, it doesn’t bother me that much.
2)I like that “To catch a predator” is in your tv show likes.

I don’t like
1)Ear gauges. That shit’s gross. I’ve said it before but it’s basically like putting too loose buttholes in your ears.
2)In general, your updates are kinda wack. Not bad or anything…just boring. To be fair, you’re clearly a new mom and , if facebook has taught me anything, It’s that new moms are bored as fuck. It’s not like your updates are extra terrible…just kinda “meh”. If we were friends, I would probably unfollow your feed. Don’t feel bad though, I got a quick trigger with that and it’s never personal.

I’ve recently been reading a bunch about how a lot of women experience the best orgasm of their life during a rape (not fantasy, the real deal) and afterward they seek out non-consensual like sex. This has got me feeling all types of ways. One being I’ve lost a lot of respect for women. I don’t know why, I just have. If my girl got raped and started to hint she enjoyed it I’d probably have to end the relationship. You seem like a dude where sex is just sex and you wouldn’t care as long as your girl didn’t become pen-pals with the rapist. Still I feel like I can’t bring this to anyone else. Would you care if your girl had the best sex of her life with some rapist? Does this subject make you feel something weird in your stomach (or dick)?

I feel as though your info is a little off. I’m not expert on this but, from what I’ve learned/know/understand, women who get raped are pretty fucking effected by that attack. This can manifest itself in many different ways. Some might become asexual and just avoid human contact. Some compartmentalize it and can carry on with a somewhat normal sex life and some go the other direction and act out sexually and probably get into all sorts of strange shit. Rape fantasies being an example. Now, to say that’s the norm is fucking crazy. But I’m sure it happens here and there.
However, this “best orgasm during a rape” thing seems preeeeetty far fetched. When you write “A lot of women experience the best orgasm of their life during rape”, you realize how crazy that sounds, right? I know a decent amount of girls who have been sexually assaulted and none of them seem to speak of their trauma in that way. Not even close. Sure, maybe a handful of women on earth might make this claim. Lots of things are possible. I’m sure those women have had fucked up shit happen to them before that rape even happened for them to react that way to actually being raped. Like I said, I’m not an expert on anything remotely close to this topic but that would be my uneducated guess. So, I dunno if the article you read was bullshit or if you read it wrong or misunderstood key points. But something doesn’t smell right with this entire premise.

So, to answer your questions, this question doesn’t really make me feel some kinda way cause it’s so specific and devoid of concrete facts. Would this bother me if it was a girl I dated? I mean, sure. I don’t want to have to pretend rape a girl every time I have sex. But, in reality, I’ve never really found myself attracted to damaged girls like that. So, I doubt I’d ever find myself in this situation for very long.

Questions for Answers – Are you aware that you’re pretty heavily represented on the NPR music segue front? I definitely remember a Labor Days track, a Music by Cavelight track and just today a Dour Candy track all used as segment segues… What do you think that says about you, NPR, and the fact that you’re probably about as hip hop as its going to get as far as being endorsed by NPR? But, even though you’re a white guy I’ll guess that since you’re a Manhattan boy/don’t drive you probably don’t even know what NPR is?

I know what NPR is ,dude. I grew up with radios and , also, have a mom who still listens to it all the time. “All things considered” was on every morning before I went to school when I was a kid.
As for them using my music, I really have no clue why but I’m down with it. My guess would be there is simply someone working there in programming who likes my shit and fits it in when ever he can. Whoever that person is, thanks! My mom gets super hyped whenever she hears me on there.

13 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 199

  1. I hope people pull no punches in reply to Despot either… I like the guy, but not being able to make one record in 10+ years is turning into a joke. It’s the underground version of “Detox”, except it’s his debut…

  2. The guy who submitted the rape question is a complete dip shit which I’m sure everyone already realized but I still had to say it because he’s just so fucking retarded for it.

  3. Hey Bloc,

    You’re a musician who makes a living creating and performing his work. Even though you’re not über famous or rich, you seem to have a loyal fan base, you do things your own way, and you’ve been at it for years; I think that’s a pretty objective metric for success. However, I’m curious, how do you view your own career? Do you see yourself as being successful?

  4. oh yeah….THAT question. Well it’s finally over and done with now – so I guess there’s that.

    The following is an amateur hour q:

    What’s the grossest sounding word you can think of in the English language? For me it’s “smegma” (and I pronounce it like this…..ssschmegma)

  5. “I’ve recently been reading a bunch about how a lot of women experience the best orgasm of their life during a rape”

    I like how he casually says ‘a bunch’.

  6. Have you seen Bobbito García’s “Doin’ It In The Park”? …any thoughts on it?

    In addition, Do you have any favourite films/documentaries about basketball?

  7. This has to be said to rape question guy. A girl who experiences the best orgasm of her life during a rape HAS BEEN RAPED BEFORE, you moron. After a rape, sometimes a woman’s brain hard-wires to be attracted to situations that mimic her original terrorizing experience in order to cope with the unbelievable violation she’s lived through, and despite her best intentions, she finds herself re-enacting her trauma over and over again in order to deal. Women often feel that if they can control the rape situation themselves the second time around, it will somehow make their original trauma less agonizing. Rape Question Guy, the fact that you’ve been “reading a bunch” on the topic and didn’t come across any evidence to this effect leads me to believe that perhaps… You can’t read? Pretty likely for the kind of absolute retard that would even ask a question like this. The fact that you can say that seeing a woman’s compass spin after she’s been totally brutalized makes you lose respect for her makes me cross my fingers that one day, maybe one day, Darwinism will wipe idiots like you off the face of the planet. One can only hope.

  8. What do you think is the best music video from Outkast? (I’m on this weird kick lately where I’ve been rewatching all of them and have realized how consistently good they were!)

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