Rogglecast 20-There isn’t enough purple in the world


This week, it appears Pollyne has finally found her soul mates…and they are the hosts of Catfish. We also discuss my weekend of doing drugs at a music festival as well as the always interesting topic of booty calls. Not to be confused with the movie “Booty Call” , which is pretty interesting too but not the same thing.
Oh, and subscribe to the podcast on I-tunes! Download it! Kiss it on the temple and tell it everything is gonna be alright. Do all that stuff.
Here’s this weeks ‘cast for you mind.

7 thoughts on “Rogglecast 20-There isn’t enough purple in the world

  1. somehow I missed the last episode. that’s why I asked you yesterday for it.

    good one, I didn’t expect that you were going to pop some molly before playing haha,

  2. referring to the catfish part of the episode where you estimated how much you think that girl weighed…I’m just curious, do you think you can accurately predict a girl’s weight? (not like you do that all the time, cause that would be weird)

    I think a lot of guys have this skewed perception with that when it comes to women. and they underestimate. Probably comes from back in the day with those adult ads in magazines and newspapers – when I’ve looked at those, it’s like, ‘nope, give me a break, that girl is not 5’5 and 106 pounds!’

  3. I find that guys always think I’m flirting with them/like them when I’m not/don’t. I have a real problem with that! It’s like I don’t know how to be myself and be friendly with dudes without it coming off as flirtatious.

  4. I know this was asked previously, however if at first you don’t succeed…What does Pollyne desire to become? Actress, writer, comedian, etc? How does she currently make dough/support herself? She is in her 30’s so these thoughts have to be somewhat relevant.

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