Yay or Nay: Michael Christmas

I think about 6 months ago (or more) someone linked me to this guys music. I peeped it, liked it then forgot to follow up on it. That’s kinda how the cookie crumbles sometimes , I suppose. Well, it’s over half a year later and I’m happy to say I have rediscovered Michael Christmas. From what I hear, he’s a boston based MC who now lives in Brooklyn. Stylistically, the best way I can describe him is “likable”. He can rap very well, he’s funny, he’s got a good voice and has good taste in beats. But beyond that, he’s one of those mc’s who has a personality that shines through his music. it’s like listening to your buddy rap, if that buddy happened to be a really good rapper. I was torn as to even do this “yay or nay”, cause, to me, this is clearly a big “yay” but , who knows? I’m sure some of you pricks can find a reason to dislike anything. So, i’mma let you have your say in it as well. After all, this is a free country and your voices need to be heard , right?

Here’s his full album “Is this art?” streaming
So, what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Michael Christmas

  1. I remember when you were doing the “Tim and I discuss music and stuff” posts, you guys talked about the Michael Cera song. I liked it and also forgot about it till just a few weeks ago. Was happy that he had a full album out at that point. I’ve been digging it a lot lately. Good shit.

  2. Dude looks like a young Baby Huey. Love the music.

    You should check out Lil Shark, he’s terrible. But also, the beats are surprisingly good sometimes.

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