Rogglecast 21- Bump and Whine


This week, Rogglecast finally turns 21. In honor of that, Pollyne gets her buzz on while we discuss topics such as the ice bucket challenge (that neither of us know much about), read a sweet poem from a dedicated listener , as well as go deep into the mind of a dating guru who is gonna help Pollyne find love/destroy every possible relationship she might have looming. It’s fun.
As always, check it here, download it. Like it. Or you can go to I-tunes and subscribe. Whatever makes you happy.

9 thoughts on “Rogglecast 21- Bump and Whine

  1. ahaha it’s funny with that super long question how Pollyne has 3x the reading skills when drunk than you have, sober (you know that’s true anyways….not trying to insult you!)

  2. That 21+ drinking age restriction in the states has always baffled me. Like, I can’t wrap my head around it on any level. And I know this doesn’t affect you* anymore in any way and it has been discussed can join the military yet can’t drink, you can own a gun yet can’t drink..but even on the most basic level, you can fuck a girl but aren’t allowed to buy her a drink – whaaat? I don’t know the history of this law at all, but I need to find out how this decision came to be.

    *actually, come to think of it, it DOES affect you when you tour with those 21+ or all ages shows

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