Repost: All of my non-Aesop album tracks. EVER.

So, someone on facebook recently hit me up asking about some random track I did a long time ago and I was reminded of these three compilations. Basically, I took all the tracks (at least the ones that i remembered and could find) that I’ve ever produced that weren’t on Aesop albums, and gave you three installments of music. All in all, 39 songs. Some very rare, some, not so much. But, I figure there are a lot of people out there who like having everything. This should suffice. Some of this stuff dates back to the late 90’s so, you know, this is some throwback shit right here.
It should also be noted that these were compiled before I did any of the albums with Illogic, Billy Woods and Marq Spekt so, obviously, I’m not including those. Also, go buy those. Help me buy that picture of a yacht I’ve been eyeing.
Anyway, here is a ton of free music. Enjoy and please never tell me I never gave you anything.
1)Apology: Vast Aire & Aesop Rock

2)Meditation: Johnny 23

3)Smokin’ them trees: Blair Cosby (AKA Camu Tao)

4)In Crowd: Chase Phoenix

5)A thousand apologies: Chase Phoenix

6)Hotel no motel:Lodeck
7)Scenester: Cage

8)Tough Guy: Chase Phoenix

9)Beautiful Disease: Lodeck

10)Blood boy: Cage

11)Get rich (or try dying): Despot

12)Killing time: Illogic Feat. Aesop Rock

13)Unicycle (water cycle): Cryptic One
1)Substance D: Despot

2)Twenty Something: Chase Phoenix

3)Stripes: Cage

4)Feed me grapes: Lodeck

5)Mermaid pornography: Mac Lethal

6)Love to fuck: S.A. Smash feat. Aesop Rock

7)Room the breath: Hangar 18

8)Struggles: Vordul Mega

9)Haunting:Chase Phoenix

10)Bicycle(Gold cycle): Cryptic 1

11)I pollute: Lodeck

12)Tuscon: Isaiah Toothtaker
1)Applause: Lodeck

2)Crap Artists: Despot

3)Too Heavy for Cherubs: Cage

4)The west Wing: Hangar 18

5)Fishin’!: Blair Cosby (AKA Camu Tao)

6)Happy Pillz: Murs Feat Aesop Rock

7)Secret Agents: Chase Phoenix Feat. Aesop rock

8)Sticky Pigs Feet: Chase Phoenix

9)Midnight Manhattan: Mac Lethal

10)Demon-str8: Lodeck

11)PAtience: Chase Phoenix

12)Miss By a Mile: Slug, Eyedea and Aesop Rock

13)Tricycle: Cryptic 1

14)Winds Know Better: Isaiah Toothtaker Feat WitchDoctor

18 thoughts on “Repost: All of my non-Aesop album tracks. EVER.

  1. Thanks. This and the way you run this site are why I will pay for your music when it comes out rather than just thief it off the Internet.

  2. thanks block! fits perfectly on 2 discs, 79mins a pop. just in time for a drive out west. no remixes though? that nacho picasso track you did… love that dude. yall should collab fsure

  3. Argh! Just saw this and I must be late! It tells me permission denied when I go to the links. :(. Can you re-up, please. Love me some Blockhead when I need something to zone out to and nod my head.

      • It may be because you have the account used to set it up, so it would still be working for you, brother. Or perhaps the server rejects users after a certain amount of downloads. I was just now able to get the second link to work, but 1 and 3 still deny permission. Anyway, thank you for throwing these goodies to the masses homie. You are one of my inspirations as a producer.

        Vibe Ichi

      • i dunno. I just tried on my phone (which isn’t linked to an media fire account) and they worked fine. Don’t know what to tell you. Sorry.

  4. Awesome upload. Much thanx.
    Though the first volume does not work since mediafire somehow recognizes the song Stripes by Cage. Then blocks me and says I can buy it at amazon…
    But still, sweet music

  5. A little thank for a lot of good tunes… I like your sound, and I love the humour and spirit of your posts. Much Respect ! Merci beaucoup !

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