Rogglecast 22- Ducking Decade

This week, Pollyne and I discuss my trip to Montauk this weekend, the endless leak of nudes that have corroded society over the last 4 days , as well as celebrities that seemingly suck but we have a sneaking suspicion might actually be cool.
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9 thoughts on “Rogglecast 22- Ducking Decade

  1. What creeps me out so much about the stolen nudes thing is….if there truly is only one guy behind it from 4chan…what length of time did he* devote to doing this? (*could be a she..but come on) That list is apparently so widespread and comprehensive…how much other data did this guy sift through that didnt get posted and how many other celebs were hacked where nudes didn’t show up? Creepy

  2. I’m betting that most of the pics weren’t on the celebrities’ phones. I’m thinking that a lot had been automatically uploaded to the cloud and then forgotten about. That, or saved on the other person’s phone.

    • It’s possible. And, again, the people who did the hacking are undeniable pieces of shit. No one (sane) is stating otherwise. It’s just…damn…famous people need to be careful. If that means a life without taking naked pics of yourself then so be it. I’m not saying that justifies any of this but if I were famous, i’d be VERY careful about anything like this.

      • I’m thinking it’s more likely that many of these were saved on the recipients’ phones. The Kate Upton set, for instance, had pictures of other women.

        I definitely agree with you that celebrities need to be more careful than other people in order to ensure their privacy, though. Popular media has taught people to obsess over celebrities, so intrusions such as this become much more likely when you’re famous (It’s still not right, of course; it’s just more probable).

  3. 100% with that part where you said that when you look at the circle of people you know, the women tend to have more successful professional careers than the men. I’ve noticed that trend too, but generally only with my friends who live in urban settings. I’d say that if I look at my friends living that suburban life, (in general) the men,aka the husbands, of my friends tend to have better and higher paying jobs than them.

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