Peep my new song “On the back of a golden dolphin”

Leak leak leak…
Here’s a second song off my upcoming album “Bells and whistles”. It’s called “On the back of a golden dolphin”.

The album drops november 18th. Be about it, guys.
Also, in case you missed it, here’s “Kaput!” , which I leaked a month ago.

33 thoughts on “Peep my new song “On the back of a golden dolphin”

  1. Awesome! Opened my mind for memories about Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book.
    This tune is rising and … wait … cheerful ? Did I just heard a cheerful Blockhead beat or is it just me?

  2. I love it! I was a bit worried because I didn’t like Kaput at all, but I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re one of the few artists I know who seem to grow with each project. I can scarcely listen to Music By Cavelight anymore because your newer stuff completely overshadows it. I can’t wait for the full album!

    • Well if you hated Kaput but loved this one, I think you’ll like half of my new album. I’d say the vibe falls somewhere between those two songs.
      Also, Co-sign 100% about music by cavelight. If you think you’re sick of it, Imagine how I feel!

  3. super dope. great progression. love the horns that come in around 3:30 and the super melodic tune that starts around 4:00! the sample blending is top notch as per usual too. you are heading in a great direction my friend

  4. hi there, when will be The Vinyl version of “Bells and Whistles”? and where I can bought it ? May be some pre-order ? 🙂

  5. I like this one better than Kaput! (I usually prefer your more downbeat stuff, so that’s a surprise!). Looks like the album will be pretty sweet!

    Also, I hope you worked out a system for the LP edition.


  6. Have you heard brother ali’s “so dearly” from rites of passage? Same piano loop not to take away from this track because they sound very differently and I really enjoy both. Just an observation

  7. can you really leak your own music? I mean wouldn’t it be a preview or a pre release or like hey just check out this song I made. I love be your boring instrumental music btw, I be teaching mad yoga to this jaunt right here.

  8. Longtime fan here but I’m not too sure about these latest tracks man. The music is extremely chaotic, there is no flow. The Music Scene was brilliant. The entire album told a story as well as the amazing build you did per track slowly layering in complexity over time. These tracks make it sound like you’ve suddenly became a breaks dj. Sharp cuts between very, very different samples with no real flow or transition. I’m very surprised tbh. If you played either of these tracks to me and asked me who it was without knowing there’s no way in hell I would guess it was you. I’d guess Exile perhaps. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m all for a musician progressing and changing things up but as long as the progression doesn’t take away the sole piece that makes that musician unique. This doesn’t anything like “Blockhead” music and that is a decidedly bad thing. Sorry bro, I’m not digging it. But good luck with the album. Hope people like it.

    • Umm…sorry? I don’t know what to tell you, dude. I can disagree with you all I want but you’re gonna feel how you’re gonna feel. I don’t agree with your synopsis but, well…there’s nothing I can do about that. I guess we can just break up or something?
      i will say that if you really can’t hear the “blockhead sound” in these songs, you’re actively trying to ignore it. It’s there. It’s always there. I approached this album the same way I did the two prior to it. So if you feel it’s not transitioning or flowing in a certain way, I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about. But, like I said, your opinion is your opinion. Nothing I can do to change that.

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