Yay or Nay: Where are they now?

This one is what “Yay or Nay?” is all about.
It’s been about four years since I heard the name “Skipp Coon”. In fact, I think he might have been one of my first “Yay or Nay?” subjects ever. Last time I wrote about him on this blog he was an southern rapper with a shitload of potential who seemed to tip toe the line between being fairly mellow and being almost punk rock. In 2010, He dropped an ep called “Independents day Ep“, It featured a song like “it is what it is”, that had the feel of being on front porch, casually sipping lemonade.

It also had a song like “Fight” that showed a completely different and far more aggressive side of the mississippi rapper.

Well, it’s four years later and the man is back with 9 song album. It would seem that the time passing has edged Skipp over more towards the experimental side of things. In fact, way further than I expected. His new album (That you can peep here and download for free) is an interesting combo of styles and sounds I didn’t expect. Listening to it, it feels like a mix between Killer Mike, KA, Armand Hammer and Shabazz palaces. That’s a pretty impressive list and I honestly doubt Skipp Coon even listens to most of those names. It’s more a testament to the abstract direction he has taken with this new album. Aggressive, pointed rhymes. Beats that are , at times, super minimal and , at other times, challenging and chaotic. I generally tend to gravitate toward the more minimal stuff but, overall, it’s a really interesting listen. More than anything, it’s not at all what I expected from the southern MC. I dunno, i think it’s pretty cool for someone to return after 4 years of silence (as far as I was aware of at least) and bring it back with a whole new game plan. Here are some tracks from the album I’ve been fucking with”

So yeah, if you like some fairly off center hip hop, this will be your shit. Download it. Support the men. Hell, if you like it, you can “name your price” and give the dude some money. That’d be nice of you!

2 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Where are they now?

  1. SKIPP is definitely showed a side that mainstream hiphop will be hesitant to bring up. I feel this albumb is a great cliff note of what was and the current state of disfunction in America specifically addressing issues in word play. I think this is music that speaks to the unconscious listener and validates a conscious listener state of mind.


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