Rogglecast 23: Back(fat) in the saddle again

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, Pollyne and I have returned! Rogglecast is back. This week we discuss Riff Raff’s love life, Ebola, Fat shaming vs. just simply being lazy and out of shape and the life expectancy of most friendships. Pollyne is also in a singing mood. So that’s fun too.

7 thoughts on “Rogglecast 23: Back(fat) in the saddle again

  1. Yayyyyyyyy, can’t wait to listen to it.

    Also, I know what day it is today and it’s so hard not to, but I’m not gonna say it. NOT-GONNA-SAY-IT!!

  2. Im Brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro but living in the US almost my life. I speak portuguese fluently with a little bit of an accent though. I was just curious to know which city in Brazil is Pollyne is from and does she ever go back to visit? Also, can she say something in portuguese? Her english is flawless but i wonder if she has an accent speaking portuguese??? Obrigado Blockhead!!!

    • edit: she can say “eu nao vou falar português seu vagabundo!! Me deixa em pas porra e vai se fuder!!”

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