Answers for Questions vol. 210

Hi everyone. It’s that time of week AKA monday. Time to answer some more questions. You sent them and I obliged cause I’m cool like that. If you’d like to join the fun, by all means, flood my inbox with questions. Leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at All i ask is that you try to be creative with it. We’ve been doing these for 4-5 years now. There is still new ground to be broken! Find it!
Okay, here’s this weeks batch…
From reading your blog, I know you’re not a slut-shamer, ps: that term is really becoming annoying, anyways, moving on…
My perspective of your perspective as a guy is that it just makes sense to not have double standards when it comes to men’s and women’s sex lives and it’s better for all parties involved (yourself included). But have you ever been like that in your earliest relationships? Were you ever insecure/jealous or asked a gf how many guys she slept with, etc.

You’d be hard pressed to find a guy who hasn’t been like that at some point. I don’t have any particular memories of me acting or feeling that way but I’d be shocked if I didn’t when i was much younger. Society kinda hard wires us to be like that. That said, when I was 19, I dated a girl who I knew had slept with her fair amount of dudes (and was way more experienced than me) but I don’t recall it ever being an issue. If anything, I was intimidated by it cause she had some much more experience. Sadly, I know a fair amount of dudes who probably wouldn’t date a girl based on her sexual past which is pretty unfair and short sighted. Especially when you consider some of the pasts of the dudes doing that judging. Not to mention, girls who’ve had more sex are generally more fun to have sex with. Less hang ups. It’s more natural and not held up as some super special thing that needs to treated with kids gloves.
The way I see it, we’re all kinda scum bags at some point and people make situational decisions about sex that don’t really need to be judged like that. If someone is known for fucking married people or actively trying to break up relationships, that’s one thing. but if a girl simply likes having sex and does it with multiple people in a safe way? you’re a an insecure dickhead if that repels you.
I liken my feelings towards this to how I got turned off to religion. I probably always just went with the current of “Girls that fuck a lot of guys are sluts!” until, one day, I thought about it for more than a passing moment and was like “Wait..what?That’s stupid” and that was that.

The first time I heard your music a friend showed me the video for “The Music Scene” while we were on mushrooms and it blew my mind. I’m just wondering, did you have anything to do with the making of that video, and I know you don’t smoke weed but have you ever experimented with harder drugs, did you have any crazy experiences? would you take a hallucinogen if your good friend came to your house right now and said lets trip tonight! ?
I had zero to do with that video outside of giving my consent to get it made. Which is too bad cause that video is amazing.
As for drug use, I’ve never done hard drugs. unless you include ecstasy/molly. But, in general, my drug use has been limited to weed and shrooms. I don’t smoke weed anymore but I’ll do shrooms on occasion. Crazy experiences? I mean…shrooming in general is a crazy experience. Even if you’re just sitting around a house. I feel as thought telling drug stories is kinda like telling people your dreams. It’s always way more interesting to you and the other person is generally just waiting for you to finish so they can tell you their dream. So, I’ll pass on that.
As far as me doing shrooms with someone who came over and sprung them on me, it depends on the person, place and time. I’m very particular when it comes to my drug use. I like to be prepared. I’ve done them on a whim before but that was really just the stars aligning.

Yo Block, given the following options, which one would you pick and why? A) You get to fuck Emily Ratajkowski now, except she constantly farts during sex and they smell like hardboiled eggs, or B) You get to fuck Phoebe Cates in her prime, except she constantly burps during sex and they smell like anchovies.
Ohhhh….tough one. Way to ruin two of my favorite girls ever.
I’d rather have sex with Em-rata but I feel as though the farting would be harder to avoid. Like it might stain my nutsack or something. And egg farts are the worst. At least with burps, I could turn her around and project the air elsewhere. So, I guess I chose Cates. HOWEVER, I’d chose Em-Rata if we could have sex somewhere outdoors where it’s super windy. Problem solved.

When people ask you to sign stuff at shows, what’s your style? Do you do the same thing every time or do you try write a different thing each time?

I do the same thing with slight variation. I write my name is a truly terrible faux graf hand style that would infuriate any and all people who ever took graffiti seriously. For real, my handwriting is next level terrible. Always has been. Then I draw a little blockhead character. This is where the variation comes in cause his face is slightly different every time.

You’ve spoken before about the time you spent at university, but, I’m curious, what was your major and why didn’t you finish school? I’m presuming it wasn’t music, only because you’ve said repeatedly that you don’t understand the technical aspects of music theory.
I wasn’t there long enough to have a major. I went for one year to Boston university and was in a program called “general studies”. This was basically a program for people who sucked in high school and needed to get back up to speed. It was literally high school courses. The idea was to do two years there and then find a major after you had gotten back on track. It was the worst. I did that for a year and was like “nah, I’m good…” and went the fuck back to NYC.
I didn’t finish school for many reasons. For one, I’m terrible at learning. Particularly things I don’t care about. Which is pretty much everything they teach at schools. This is not something I’m proud of but it’s the truth. I thought I A.D.D. forever but it turned out I just wildly disinterested in most things being taught to me. I tried to go back to school for a little bit later in life and it didn’t take. I’m simply not that kind of mind. I’m also profoundly lazy when it comes to things that are needed to get through school. In other words, I’m REALLY lucky this music thing worked out. At least, so far.

Now that you’re touring again, I was wondering what it’s like to deal with having openers that you didn’t pick for every stop. I personally like to do some research (if needed) to decide whether or not I go early to check the opening sets. Do you do the same? Are you usually stuck there listening regardless, or do you use that time to get some food, prepare, etc? I imagine some of the acts really suck, but some could also be a nice surprise.

I really don’t pay much attention to them. If we’re talking bout opening openers. Like the local guys. That’s generally when I’m out getting food. Sometimes I’ll catch them cause I’ll be out selling merch early (This only works at shows where people show up early).
I definitely don’t do any research on them cause…well…I’m just not that thorough a guy. From the ones I’ve seen , they generally range from decent to good with a few real stinkers thrown in.
Side note, if you’re an opening act (I’m talking the guy who’s playing when doors open), a good rule of thumb is to not make the backstage your playhouse. I understand that you’re excited to be playing a show but there are few things worse that chilling backstage and the local opener comes in with 8 of his friends who then proceed to drink and eat everything in the room. That shit is rude as fuck and , trust me, a terrible look for any artist that might be watching.

Where did you get the audio sample of the people arguing in the song The Daily Routine? I’m pretty sure they moved into my building a couple of months ago.

It was from some random record I found about drug recovery. Those were all real arguments recorded from inside a halfway house. Pretty grim shit.

10 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 210

  1. My question is about manboobs. Or just overweight people in general. I work with some guys that are under 35, but in really bad shape because they cram fast food into their faces constantly. I wouldn’t care, but it’s just distracting trying to talk to someone with moobs. When someone has a lazy eye or burns on their face, I get self conscious about staring, because I don’t want to make them feel bad. But with the moobs, I have trouble holding my composure, and have nearly broken out laughing during a few conversations. Do manboobs make everyone uncomfortable or am I just a complete btichhole? How can I hold a conversation without laughing?

  2. I used to play all blockhead at a music movie store where I used to work but had to cut that song out of my rotation unfortunately. Made lots of people fans though with my play lists

  3. Would you put out one really cheesy, terrible song that sweeps the nation for an absurd amount of fortune and fame? I’m talking like the lamest song ever and that will be legacy.

  4. Today it took me a few good seconds to remember how old I am while drinking a morning coffee. I was thinking that I’m 30 years old and completely forgot that I had turned 31. I do that all the time and it’s not even in purpose! Do you do that too in the first few months following your birthday?

    (What a random and also basic question, oh well)

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