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A while back, I wrote a post about “yellow fever“. I posted it here in 2010 but I think it was actually written around 2007-2008. So, to say it’s dated is an understatement. So dated, in fact, that I almost didn’t wanna link it but I feel as though it compliments what I’m gonna get into here a little. What i’m saying is that, while I do stand by the basic sentiment of the post, it’s also admittedly VERY rough around the edges and not primed for 2014. But, you get the point. So, please, read it with that in mind.
As I state in that article, certain white dudes obsessions with asian women (and ONLY asian women) have always been really telling. I recently was hipped to a pretty fucked up video that really just took this to another level.
Warning: If you are a female, this is going infuriate you. If you are a male with any decency, you will be bothered by this. If you’re a scum bag dude? You will probably drop everything you’re doing and buy tickets to Japan the second the video ends.
In this clip, we see the shittiest of all the shitty white bro’s in skinny jeans with a body like Grover, giving a lecture to a group of dudes who probably secretly thought Elliot Rodger made some valid points. He basically explains to them how , as a white men, you can go to Japan and just go completely ham on the ladies. Fuck basic human interaction/right…just grab these girls by their heads, say something vaguely “japanese” to them and thrust their faces into your crotch. It’s seriously fucked up.
There really isn’t much more to say other than “WOW”. I guess I wanted to post this to spread it around cause it’s definitely one of these “This can’t be real life” moments.
Not sure who this guy is or how he gathered a whole group of people at whatever howard johnson’s banquet room this was filmed in but I can only assume he’s been shut down by now. I mean, surely the internet got a hold of this and began decimating his life. 4-chan exists for a reason. I’m am curious though so, if any of you have more info on him or this entire thing, please write in the comment section about it. Inquiring minds want to know…

18 thoughts on “Meet the worst dude

  1. Yah man, this is totally vom-worthy.
    The guy is originally Swiss. In fact so am I, and it so happens that I know people who know people who know the guy, like were in high school with him or something. You can troll his profile here, if you like:

    He’s apparently affiliated with a company called Real Social Dynamics (aka Really Small Dicks as the Internets has decided), which seems to organise thins kind of ‘conferences’, selling tickets to these events going up to $3000 from what I saw… Real sad. Just like Magnolia.

    Obviously there has been massive community uproar (with hashtag, petitions, buzzfeed post, etc.
    check for instance). He was supposed to appear at events in Australia soon, and the venues are cancelling due to all the protest.

    Was indeed really infuriated, and bothered, and all that since yesterday, even though it really isn’t surprising or new or whatever. At the same time, even though the first reaction is like ‘oh I wish I could make him taste a bit of his own medicine’-type, you also have to admit that this kind of revenge-driven attitude does not help improve society. Especially if you go nuts on his ‘followers’ who, even though they certainly are at least massive douchebags, shouldn’t be treated like shit but rather educated: you’ll never make anyone change their minds by punching them in the sack.
    Anyway, thanks for letting me pour out all the shit here, hehehe…. Hope the info helps!

    (Also thanks for all the beats and tunes, by the way. Keep it real!)

  2. That video made me sad that dude exists, but those comments on the video (youtube comments) made me sad a ton of people existed. Why did i read the comments?!?! Fuck! NEVER read the youtube comments. Fuck that dude. And the shitty people saying shittier things in the comments (youtube).

  3. oh god, Blockhead! I must NOT watch this video as I know how upset and angry I can get with this general topic (that topic being the reduction and infantilization of eastern asian women by douchebag [mostly white] men).

    So, without having seen the clip, in the words of Aviva Yael – “I want it to start with his dick and end with his toenails in the most painful and excruciating torturous way” (ps: I dont actually want to do that, obviously)

    • pps: still haven’t clicked on it! and I’m kinda proud of the restraint I tend to have with clicking links that I know I don’t wanna see or shouldn’t (2girls1cup what? Stillll haven’t seen that)

  4. Yea, there’s a bunch of these dudes all over the world that teach socially awkward men how to pick up girls. It’s picked up in the last few years and these dudes make mad bank in seminars and ‘infield training’. They call it daygame and has a huge youtube following. Its is linked to that Mystery Method pick up artist guy, he’s the one that made ‘peacocking’ (wearing loud clothes so girls see you/remember you) and ‘negging’ (where you insult her and she’ll become more interested in you) popular. Its some fucked up alpha male wannabe type bullshit for freaks that want to live like Wolf of Wall St jerk offs.

  5. “I mean, surely the internet got a hold of this and began decimating his life. 4-chan exists for a reason.”

    This guy is actually worshipped on 4-Chan.

    Men who frequent 4-Chan are his EXACT target demographic.

    • ^100% agreed. I understand what Blockhead what getting at with that, however the mere mention of that board gives me the douchechills. There’s been a lot of talk in the news of 4-chan recently, but 4-chan has been the worst for years. Some people are just lowlives on there, but others on there need to be charged and prosecuted.

  6. Glad that this dude didn’t make it into Australia. It’s just sad that people were actually prepared to pay money to hear what a fuckwit like him had to say.

  7. I got a rough translation of the japanese written on the picture up above.

    The characters on the left (roughly) say:
    “This man says that asking girls out on dates is extremely easy.”

    And the characters on the right (roughly) say:
    “Do japanese women really love the white man?”

    (I was really hoping the translation would turn out
    as, “Check out the Mother Issues that this piece of shit has!” or something like that. Oh well)

  8. This is all well and good for the guys that really want head from Asian girls. But what about those of us that just want a good old fashioned handy from a Puertorican girl? Same technique?

  9. Oh this is that cunt I was reading about this morning who just got kicked out of the whole of Australia because of how much of a stain he is. I’m delighted he got the boot, he’s the lowest form of shit scrape. And yeah, 4Chan love this kind of individual because they all not-so-secretly wish they could stop wanking over hentai tantacle porn and writhing round in Cheeto dust and actually find a nice girl to buddy up with, only they can’t because of their fictional social awkwardness that stops them saying hello to the girl on the bus they’ve been in love with for the past 27 years.

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