Check out this unreleased track “Sunny” I did.

My new album , “Bells and whistles”, is coming very soon. So soon, I can taste it. November 18th, it will be released digitally pretty much everywhere you can get music in that fashion. A little further down the line, there will be vinyl (Early 2015 at the latest).
For now, here is a song that is not on the album. This is just a little something special I whipped up for you guys cause I love you. I mean it. I’m in love with you. Will you go steady with me? Take my hand. Walk with me. Lets feed some swans in a pond and talk about our feelings.
Anyway, there is a story behind this song. This is a mash up of about 12 different versions of the song “Sunny.” I did it cause I got mildly obsessed with the song a few years ago and sought out as many covers as I could find. I knew I couldn’t make it an official song (because the song is so famous) so I started doing the mash-up live in shows. I’ve been doing a variation of this in my live set for a few years now and it always goes over really well. Figured I’d do a version of it for people to check outside of my shows.
Also, while I got you here, check this interview i did with my peoples over at the Passion of the weiss. We talk about my new album, gentrification in NYC and my basketball game.
And here is “Sunny”:

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