“Bells and Whistles” Streaming now it’s in entirety! Peep it!

Yup, the good people at Waxpoetics.com were kind enough to hook your boy up by streaming my new album “Bells and whistles” in its entirety (Shout out to Kyle Eustice!) . It comes out on most digital platforms on tuesday, November 18th. That’s next week, yo!
Anyway, here’s the Album! I hope you enjoy it.

21 thoughts on ““Bells and Whistles” Streaming now it’s in entirety! Peep it!

  1. Just amazing! This is definitely as the japanese would say a “power up”. Great piece of work! I love this even more than all your past work and I thought that would be hard to say. Incredibly melodic and just.. quite the adventure.. Good job! I can’t wait for it to come out!

    • There will be no more albums on Ninja tune. They are no longer putting out my music. As for the cd’s, I dunno what to tell you. It’s possible I’ll do a small run but it’s really not worth it. Some people still buy cd’s but not many. Way more people download and buy vinyl.

  2. Another gem… Give yourself a high five for me.
    There’s no such thing as “throwaway beats” from you.
    -Loyal fan, Kev-

  3. i don’t know whether you’d rather not know things like this, or whether it’s interesting to hear how others might work the same sample, but i’m personally pumped to hear the same sample used by my favorite mc (ceschi) and your production. if your curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGS94ZhEhYg
    (produced by Dj Scientist)

    It’s that piano at 1:00 on Kaput! I think it’s the shit, so i hope it doesn’t bum you out.

  4. Hey random question Blockhead — In the waxpoetics article it mentioned a press release so since ive always been curious about the behind the scenes of music, are you represented by the pr agency BIZ 3 like def jux, el-p/run the jewels and aesop were/are?? Amazing album btw!

  5. Hey is that line in The Everything Song sampled from somewhere? and if so where?

    “Song of everything has something for somebody”

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