Answers For Questions Vol. 213

Hi everyone! I just flew back from philly and boy are my…oh wait. I took a train. Trains are cool.
Anyway, shout out to all the people who came out to oston, Brooklyn and Philly this weekend to see Elaquent, Muneshine and myself. We had a great time. Vancouver, seattle and portland is next, starting this thursday.
Anyway, this is answers for questions. You ask. I answer. Guess what? I need more questions. The queue isn’t dangerously low but it could use some reinforcements. So, ask away. Anything. Get weird. You can either email them to me at or simply leave them in the comment section below. They’re both anonymous. Do it!
Let’s check this weeks haul…

How good of a gift-giver do you think you are when it comes to buying a present for your girl, family, etc?

The worst. I don’t like getting gifts and I don’t like giving them. I’m a very “you handle yours and I’ll handle mine” kinda guy. I generally don’t expect gifts and don’t need them (there’s not much out there I REALLY need that I don’t have). So, when it comes time for me to get people gifts, I’m clueless. I’m just not thoughtful in that way. I need specific instructions. That, I can do, for sure. But if someone is expecting a creative and thoughtful gift? I’m not the guy. What I’ve been doing the last few years is taking people out to nice dinners. It seems to make both parties happy.
I dunno…I feel as though I’m too old to be giving or receiving gifts. I think it’s weird when people over a certain age are still hung up on that shit. It’s like “yo, santa isn’t real, bro. We all got our own lives to live. Can’t we just skip all this bullshit?”

Heyo, are there any songs you’ve released that have surprised you for not taking off? If so which ones? I always thought cherry picker would be one of your most recognized tunes, but I guess it could still happen.
Hmm…Not really. I tend to keep expectations low, in general. To the point where it’s like “I’ll be happy if anyone fucks with this…”
All the ones that have jumped out to me as the catchier songs , seem to end up eventually being the most popular songs. Insomniac olympics, Daylight, None shall pass, Music scene, The strain. Those all , in my mind, were “hits” when I made them. A few have been unexpected. I didn’t think “carnivores Unite” would be as popular as it has been. Some with “Which one of you jerks drank my arnold palmer?”.
I guess “Expiration date” didn’t take off like I thought it might. “The art of walking” too. But, really, I don’t make actual hits to it’s a non-issue.

I’m a big fan of your music and separately of your blog persona. Particularly I find the answers for questions and ask Dr. Tony sections fun. Based on how up front you are about calling out some people seeking advice for being naive, delusional, etc., I feel like generally you like/respect your question askers. I have the conflicting feeling that you are not the type that would be the one asking questions on a blog that you followed. Do you see what I’m getting at here? Do you relate to the people who ask for advice or does the fact that they are posting asking someone to help them with their problems on the internet distance them from you? Do you think you would be friends with any of the people you encounter on your blog? And specifically, if Dr. Tony were someone else, could you ever see yourself seeking his advice?

I’m not really one to ask for advice. I may not say or do the right thing in real life but i generally have a grasp on what that is. Also, what can a stranger tell me about me that I wouldn’t know myself? Advice, in general, is funny cause so many people seek it out but so few people actually act on it. I have friends who ask me for advice hear and there but , when it’s all said and done, they do whatever the fuck they were gonna do. To me, someone asking for advice is more just a way for them to say what they’re gonna say, under the guise of pretending they need your help. It’s more that people want a sounding board. I opt out of that. I know what needs to be done. Whether I do it or not, remains to be seen. But , I think I’m a very logical and level headed person (too a fault, even).
As for the part about “could I be friends with someone who asks a question on my blog”, it depends. Some people, I read and could tell that I probably wouldn’t wanna be in a room alone with them. Others seem totally cool. I relate to some of them very much and others I just roll my eyes at. It’s on a question to question basis for sure. But simply answering their questions doesn’t make me feel a distance or anything. Actually, I’d imagine , if I met some of these people, we could talk about these same problems in person and it would be all good.

How did you manage to continue working with aesop while he stayed at boston university? Just over the summer, or what?

We didn’t really “work together” like that at that point. We were friends. I’d see him over the summers and rap with him, we’d make songs together causally. But, it wasn’t until the summer before he graduated (where he lived in the city) and after when we really started busting out lots of music together. Once he was in NYC full time, things got rolling pretty quickly.

Two-part question:

A. How much worse are you at dealing with being sick (talking about your average cold or flu), than you girlfriend?

B. In very general terms, why are men so terrible at being sick, or are you guys only like that when you have wives/girlfriends? Why, Blockhead…why?!!

You may notice a theme evolving here in this weeks post but, when I’m sick, I want to be left alone. I’m not saying I handle it well (I’m miserable) but , in general, I’d rather be in complete solitude while the sickness is going on. Sure, someone can bring me soup and liquids or whatever but, at the same time, I can do that myself (delivery style). If I’m so sick that I can’t move, then MAYBE I’ll need some assistance. Otherwise, leave me be and I’ll see you when I’m better. It should also be noted that, I’m very sensitive to getting sick. If I feel some shit coming on for real, I shut it down. I don’t go out and tempt fate. I try and nip it in the bud as soon as possible. So, often, this will result in me seeming like a pussy cause I’m staying home with what seems like a minor head cold. But I’m not trying to make things worse.
As for men being terrible at being sick…I really didn’t know that was a thing. i’ve seen both sexes be needy and pathetic when they’re sick. I’d venture to say that’s more a personality trait than something based on sex. Perhaps you only date needy pathetic men?

My question is about manboobs. Or just overweight people in general. I work with some guys that are under 35, but in really bad shape because they cram fast food into their faces constantly. I wouldn’t care, but it’s just distracting trying to talk to someone with moobs. When someone has a lazy eye or burns on their face, I get self conscious about staring, because I don’t want to make them feel bad. But with the moobs, I have trouble holding my composure, and have nearly broken out laughing during a few conversations. Do manboobs make everyone uncomfortable or am I just a complete btichhole? How can I hold a conversation without laughing?

Can’t say I’ve given manboobs much thought. I mean, obviously, i’ve seen them but I tend to view the whole package of that person , over just the boy tits. Obese people are obese. You’re a man and you got tits, chances are, the rest of you is equally disastrous. I think you may just personally think man boobs are funny. I mean, it should reach a point where it’s not always hilarious but if that’s your thing, that’s how it’s going to be.
I’d imagine these poor tubby dudes aren’t too thrilled about it though.

6 thoughts on “Answers For Questions Vol. 213

  1. Yo Block,
    How do these whack rappers get as many chicks as they do? I’m talking the likes of Riff Raff or Mickey Avalon and so on? Is it the never breaking character, acting like a big shot thing they have going for them or what? If I starting putting out shitty albums and dressing or acting like a goon I don’t think I’d be as deep in women as these clowns. So what’s the difference?

  2. Oh burrrrrn with my sick question.

    question – How nervous do you get the day before you release an album by yourself?

    (a4q question)
    When you eat a standard meal of potatoes, a type of meat, and vegetables…are you a person who eats each section in its entirety before moving onto the next or do you eat it all together bit by bit?

  3. lots of ringtone questions:
    you ever judge someone based on their ringtone?
    what is your ringtone and why?
    how often (if ever) do you change your ringtone?
    if you could record your own verbal ringtone (which you can), what would it be/say?

  4. Have you ever found yourself feeling really grimy after masturbation? Idk what it is lately but right after I bust, I feel this short wave of disgust crash over me.

    If global warming is in fact real, how come we’re getting record cold winters?
    Would you rather hibernate like a bear or migrate like a bird?

  5. I just happened upon the booklet for Music by Cavelight. Isn’t it nice to have a visual aid to accompany your audio production? Just about a thing of the past now… shame. Anyway, could you please help us understand the pictures you chose to include? Who are all these people? Why are they important? How are they a piece of you? Perhaps include page numbers for reference. Thanks!

    Also, I see you had a shout out to Vitamin Water. Have you noticed how much they suck since they switched to natural sweetener? I had a hard time accepting that my go-to beverage was a bust after that change… fuck… I still haven’t found a suitable replacement. Any suggestions?

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