Answers for questions vol. 214

Whattup everyone! I’m back from my tour and it feels great. Shout out to all the people who came out and saw me (along with my boys Elaquent, Muneshine, Lost Midas and Yppah). I had a blast. Hope to see you all again real soon.
This is “Answers for questions”. You asked, so i answered. If you’d like to be a part of this, you should do that! Send me questions! get weird! Either email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Have fun with it. Be original. It’s anonymous so don’t be scurred.
Let’s se what we got this week.

The Earth’s time is coming to an end, natural disasters are on the rise and everyone’s starting to go into widespread panic/insanity. A day ago you met a man who has access to a space ship going to the next inhabitable planet( it has become known around that time that there is one). He tells you that you can bring two people, one backpack of essential supplies and choose one of the following to have access to in addition to what you put in your bag:
1) a 9 mm handgun with 200 rounds
2)a hatchet
3)Harpoon gun with 5 Harpoons
4)a belt with a small knife, 20 yards of rope, and a roll of Duct Tape
5) a Bullmastiff and a Swiss Army pocket knife

Who do you choose? what’s in your bag? and which number do you choose?

I don’t wanna cop out of this question but I feel as though I should be honest. I’m not a man with great gumption. When the world starts to fall apart and we are all forced to fend for ourselves and live off the land, I’m well aware that I’ll be checking out sooner than later. So, while the offer to go to the new planet would be awesome and appreciated, if surviving on that new planet means me needing to carry tons of weapons and learn how to scavenge, I’mma be dead within the first week anyway. So, realistically, I wouldn’t even bother going and just die however I was gonna die on earth. But, for the sake of the question, I suppose I’d bring two people with me who know how to survive in such situations. So, shit, i dunno…Bear Grylls and a chef who specializes in cooking using ingredients found in nature. Yes…I said a chef…cause, at the end of the day, my love of food wins over all.
As for what i’d bring from that list, Probably the gun and the belt with all the stuff on it.
Either way, I wouldn’t last a month…and I’m okay with that.

Would you put out one really cheesy, terrible song that sweeps the nation for an absurd amount of fortune and fame? I’m talking like the lamest song ever and that will be legacy.
People love to ask variations of this question. I’ve gotten it in some form maybe 10 times over the years. It’s like “ooohh, I’mma get him! Will he sell out!?!!”
Well, yes , motherfucker, I would. But here’s the thing, it would have to be a song I actually made. If it’s some bullshit with my name on it that i had nothing to do with, that’s a little different (Though, not gonna lie, if i could make a comfortable living off of one song, it would be hard to say no to that).
If the song was one of my own and I didn’t make it specifically to sell out, then I could 100% live with that. Maybe I made it as a joke and it took off? That shit happens. Some pop stars biggest songs are things they wrote in five minutes while fucking around that happen to blow up. Also, it’s not like this one song would change how I make music. I’d go right back to doing what I’ve been doing prior to it. So, if my fans are so fickle that they’d leave me over one song, fuck’em.
Listen, I make music for a living. I’m a niche artist. I realize this and I’m totally fine with it. I make enough money to live my life but I’m far from rich. If making one song could afford me a better life, I would do it. Why? Cause it’s my life. I used to care a lot about people selling out and not staying true. And, still, I’ll see shit that makes my soul hurt. But this is my life. I don’t have the problem of being super prideful about things. If something came along that meant I would be set for the rest of my living years, I’d take it. Hell, DJ Premier did three songs with Christina aguilera, you think he regrets that? Fuck no. Those royalty checks come 4 times a year and he probably smoke 5 blunts back to back to celebrate.
It should also be noted that I make instrumental hip hop so none of this would ever actually happen. That kind of success simply isn’t in my wheelhouse.

So Taylor Swift has been named tourist ambassador of NYC… Any thoughts???
I think it’s ridiculous and offensive but it makes sense. In a way, she does represent what New York is to every person looking in from the outside. A backwoods, gawky dork who’s lived here for 3 months is the perfect person to welcome all the other people just like her into this city. I only wish this had happened in the 80’s. I would have loved to see Debbie Gibson be our ambassador.
It should also be noted that her version of NYC is comical. If anyone watching her from their double wide thinks “I’mma be just like Taylor!”, I actually feel bad for them. Sadly, the only people who can afford that life style in NYC are people like Taylor swift.
As watered down as NYC has gotten, it will still chew up and spit out your average person who moves here. The cost of living alone will knock out 75% of the wishful thinkers.
So, in a way, when that happens, they can all blame Taylor swift. That’s something I can get behind. Look out for the “Blame Taylor” campaign of 2016.

Today it took me a few good seconds to remember how old I am while drinking a morning coffee. I was thinking that I’m 30 years old and completely forgot that I had turned 31. I do that all the time and it’s not even in purpose! Do you do that too in the first few months following your birthday?

I used to do it more. But, i feel, the older I get the more acutely aware I am of that age. I’d imagine there will come a time where that’s gonna totally change and I’ll stop keeping track. But, as someone in my late 30’s, my eyes are on the clock. When I was in my 20’s, I definitely would forget what year I was in though. That’s cause nothing mattered THAT much at that age. You feel like you got all the time in the world. As you get older, the pin hole you’re looking through starts to minimize and all those real life adult things you were ignoring in your 20’s start to come into focus. I don’t think this is a good thing..but it happens. Get ready for it!

Hey, have you ever been courted by major record labels? If so, how did those meetings go?

Also, would you ever consider being a part of a production “team”, like, how other people do the actual production, and Dr. Dre just puts his name on it?

I have not. I sample. That alone knocks me out of most major label conversations. Add on I don’t sell hundreds of thousands of records and it’s a wrap.
As for the production team question, sure. I much prefer working alone but it’s something I’d hear out and consider. I’m not in this for the fame or power of my name so working behind the scenes would be totally fine with me.
If you mean would I hire a production team to make my beats for me, nah. That’s silly.

Would you rather eat a chicken sandwich while standing in a port-a-potty or sleep in dumpster behind KFC for one night?
I eat incredibly fast so I think I could pound that sandwich in like 45 seconds. I’d take that over a full night behind a dumpster with no hesitation.

Does it concern you that the NBA Western conference is so much stronger than the Eastern conference? Do you ever contemplate what half of the nation is the better of the two? Does it even matter? From what I hear the east coast is overcrowded and in general people who move there from the west coast don’t like it. What is the alternative city folk perspective?
This question kinda hops all over the place Are we talking basketball here or are you using that as a way to say the west coast is better than the east coast?
The strength of the western conference has never been a concern of mine. If anything, it’s great cause it will give a shitty team like the knicks a chance to make the playoffs.
Also, these things change. In 5 years, the landscape of basketball will be totally different.
As for east vs. west, in general, I’m an east coast guy. I love it out here. I love parts of the west coast as well but they’re just truly different. Yes, it’s more crowded here. Life moves a lot quicker. If that’s not something that appeals to you, then you won’t like it. I like that. When I go out west, I feel as though I’m faster than most people. Like my brain is working quicker. I don’t mean I feel smarter. I mean I feel my natural way of being is just more on point. Cause, in NYC, you have to be. On your toes. It’s not lax here like it is out west.
But to argue your point, i know tons of west coast people who move out here and love it. And vice versa. It all depends what kinda person you are. If you want warmth year around, lots of space and nearby nature, then the east coast isn’t for you. If you want action, excitement , everything you need walking distance away, and a little grit, NYC is for you.
Oh, but you also have to be rich to afford it so there’s that too.

4 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 214

  1. (Don’t answer this if it has been asked before)

    Were you a Columbia House cd subscription member back in the day?


    What’s the average gender breakdown at your
    shows? It’s amazing how male-heavy some of your peers’ shows end up being, but I’d guess that the attendance at yours is more balanced?

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