Answers for questions vol. 212

Whattup all.
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Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions” You ask , I answer. Would you like to join the party? YOU CAN! Send me questions! Either leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at Get creative. My answers are as god as the questions.
Let’s peep what we got this week…

Yo Blockhead! I love what you do, and I love your blog blah, blah, blah.. Anyways, let’s get down to the question. It’s a 2 part question. First off, do you believe in ghosts? Or spirits that haunt the earth and shit like that? Secondly, If you were to encounter a ghost or some crazy, evil, haunting experience that was pretty much impossible to explain aka some phenomenon type shit, what the fuck would you do???! I like your stance on social issues but I was kinda high watching a horror movie and randomly thought, “what if ghosts were to start haunting me?” I don’t know why you seem like a good person to ask because shit, you may not even believe in the supernatural… let me know your thoughts. Thanks!!

From a logical stand point, I don’t believe in ghosts. I think when you die, you become nothing more than a lifeless hunk of meat. That said, it’s hard not to have those moments when you feel like you hear something, see something or feel something that is not of this existential plane. While I’ve never seen or felt anything, i’ve certainly heard shit that has made me be like “Umm…ghost?” but then I gather myself and rationalize that it’s probably something else that is easily explainable. So, I don’t believe in them but, at the same time, there is room for error on that opinion.
Now, if I were to experience a real, undeniable haunting? I’d get the fuck out. I don’t play that curious “let’s get to the bottom of this!” shit. The second I see furniture floating around, I’m packing up the minimal amount of shit I need and moving. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would not do the same. I’d rather live under a bridge than in a haunted house. Unless, of course, the ghosts were chill. Like, if the ghosts in my house were like the mice in my house, I could live with that. They’re just living their lives (their undead lives!). But if they were actively trying to haunt me? Fuck all that noise.

As an instrument player starting to make beats n what not, I find most melody and harmony functions to be relatively easy but the drums on anything I’ve ever made are weak as shit… Rhythmically, mix-wise and the particular samples… Be it a loop or individual samples, I can’t quite get it… How’d you get to the next level of drum processing? Just practice, practice, and digging…?Give the people an exercise or some bullshit to get they drum game up

Honestly, I think being able to find/create drums sounds that work for electronic music has a lot to do with having an innate understanding of how those drums are supposed to sound. I can say, without questions, that making good drums is the hardest part of making beats. It’s way easier now than it was 15 years ago cause you could just go buy a pre-made set of drums that sound awesome. But, if you’re actually trying to make your own sounds, it’s no walk in the park. My advice to you would be to do what i did when I started. Look for open drums in other rap songs. It took me a while to be able to edit break beat drum hits to a level of them being okay. But open snares, hi hats and kicks on rap songs? They’re good to go. They’re a good jumping off point cause how they sound can guide you into the way you might want your original sounds to sound. Also, Layer. Adding an 808 to a normal kick does wonders and does layering two different snares.

If Drake were to procreate with a famous lady… who do you think would make the most awkward-looking baby with him?

(I dunno why this worthless thought just crossed my mind, but it did)

Hmmm…I don’t know if this is acceptable cause it’s impossible but if he were able to have a baby with Frida Kahlo, that would be amazing. The baby would be all eye brows.

Which show do you think has a better chance of outdoing their corresponding previous seasons, Broad City or Inside Amy Schumer?
I like both these shows a lot. Broad city, however, is the fucking best. In a way, it’s first season being so good will make it hard to top. where as , Shumer’s first season was decent with lots of room for improvement. So, I’ll say Shumer’s show will improve more but Broad city will be better in general.

Have you ever been asked to make a beat for someone who really could not rap? Maybe even on commission or a friend way back? Did you do it?
Sure. A bunch of times. It’s kinda why I no longer do freelance work anymore. I get people asking for beats on a regular basis but it reached a point where I only felt comfortable working with people I know personally or who I’m a fan of. No more randoms. Not to mention the days of people paying a shit ton for a beat are over so the offers I get are laughable.
That said, if I know you and we’re cool, I’m pretty easy about it. I’ve given beats to buddies of mine who I didn’t think were amazing cause they’re my boy. It’s those strangers I avoid.

Yo Block, with your new album right around the corner, have you given any more thought to pressing CD copies as well; maybe a limited release like “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book”?
Not really. I could always whip up a batch whenever if needed but I’mma see how the digital and vinyl go. I already have a house full of blockhead cd’s, I certainly don’t need to add to that.

You definitely strike me as someone who is cautious with their money (I don’t mean that in the cheap way, I mean it in the not spending on unnecessary things way). What age were you as an adult when you struggled to make ends meet the most?

I’d say, like most people, the brokest I ever was was my early 20’s. That’s a given. Especially for a college drop out like myself. Still, I’ve always been very careful with money and , in general, I don’t spend it frivolously. Back then, I worked at a bakery so I’d just eat there and take food home with me. The rest of my money went to bills , dollar bin records and going out a few nights a week. Very little has changed since then, in the sense that I don’t really spend money on anything crazy. I’d rather eat well than have new sneakers every few weeks.
I also hit a rough patch around 2008/9ish. I was making music but I hadn’t been touring much and making money off record sales had become a thing of the past. I actually thought I might have to get a real job. I reached a point where I was just gonna say yes to everything. Someone wanted to buy a beat for $300 bucks? Yes. Someone offered me a shitty show for a few hundred dollars? I’m in. In a way, that mind set actually saved my career. I soon started touring again and made “The music Scene”, which seemingly revived my entire career. But I definitely took a few manual labor jobs during that time just to stay above water.

Bored on a sunday remix: Hott N#gga

So, I’m hungover and have just been loafing around today. Definitely been in sweat pants since I woke up (Like a boss). Anyway, I was perusing the interwebs and came across an accapella for Bobby Shmurda’s mega hit “Hott N#gga”. You’ve all heard it. In fact, you must be pretty fucking sick of it by now. Well, I feel your pain. So here’s a version I whipped up for fun. It’s a more emo look into the eyes of Mr. Shmurda.
Whatever the case, it’s just for shits a giggles so take it for what it is.
Here’s a download link , if you actually want to own this track:

Check out this unreleased track “Sunny” I did.

My new album , “Bells and whistles”, is coming very soon. So soon, I can taste it. November 18th, it will be released digitally pretty much everywhere you can get music in that fashion. A little further down the line, there will be vinyl (Early 2015 at the latest).
For now, here is a song that is not on the album. This is just a little something special I whipped up for you guys cause I love you. I mean it. I’m in love with you. Will you go steady with me? Take my hand. Walk with me. Lets feed some swans in a pond and talk about our feelings.
Anyway, there is a story behind this song. This is a mash up of about 12 different versions of the song “Sunny.” I did it cause I got mildly obsessed with the song a few years ago and sought out as many covers as I could find. I knew I couldn’t make it an official song (because the song is so famous) so I started doing the mash-up live in shows. I’ve been doing a variation of this in my live set for a few years now and it always goes over really well. Figured I’d do a version of it for people to check outside of my shows.
Also, while I got you here, check this interview i did with my peoples over at the Passion of the weiss. We talk about my new album, gentrification in NYC and my basketball game.
And here is “Sunny”:

Meet the worst dude

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 11.14.37 AM
A while back, I wrote a post about “yellow fever“. I posted it here in 2010 but I think it was actually written around 2007-2008. So, to say it’s dated is an understatement. So dated, in fact, that I almost didn’t wanna link it but I feel as though it compliments what I’m gonna get into here a little. What i’m saying is that, while I do stand by the basic sentiment of the post, it’s also admittedly VERY rough around the edges and not primed for 2014. But, you get the point. So, please, read it with that in mind.
As I state in that article, certain white dudes obsessions with asian women (and ONLY asian women) have always been really telling. I recently was hipped to a pretty fucked up video that really just took this to another level.
Warning: If you are a female, this is going infuriate you. If you are a male with any decency, you will be bothered by this. If you’re a scum bag dude? You will probably drop everything you’re doing and buy tickets to Japan the second the video ends.
In this clip, we see the shittiest of all the shitty white bro’s in skinny jeans with a body like Grover, giving a lecture to a group of dudes who probably secretly thought Elliot Rodger made some valid points. He basically explains to them how , as a white men, you can go to Japan and just go completely ham on the ladies. Fuck basic human interaction/right…just grab these girls by their heads, say something vaguely “japanese” to them and thrust their faces into your crotch. It’s seriously fucked up.
There really isn’t much more to say other than “WOW”. I guess I wanted to post this to spread it around cause it’s definitely one of these “This can’t be real life” moments.
Not sure who this guy is or how he gathered a whole group of people at whatever howard johnson’s banquet room this was filmed in but I can only assume he’s been shut down by now. I mean, surely the internet got a hold of this and began decimating his life. 4-chan exists for a reason. I’m am curious though so, if any of you have more info on him or this entire thing, please write in the comment section about it. Inquiring minds want to know…

Oh really, Uberfacts?!?!?!

Twitter is a fun place to release brain farts into the ether. It’s also a fun place to complain to strangers about said brain farts. But sometimes, the human brain requires more. Better food for thought. Perhaps, I wanna learn something every now and then. That’s where Uberfacts comes in. I don’t know who runs it. I don’t know who does their research. All i know is that @Uberfacts is source of some of the most interesting and highly debatable “facts” ever known to man. For that reason, it’s one of my favorite “people” on twitter to follow. So much knowledge. So much made up, completely bullshit knowledge. But, if you’re at all a smug, know it all kinda person, Uberfacts is your friend. I figure I’d take this time out to show you guys some “facts”. And perhaps discuss them. Now, keep in mind, I don’t know shit. These things could very well be true. All of them. OR, they could be completely made up. I’m far too lazy to research any of the claims and , also, who cares? But, let’s take a peak for the fun of it…
Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.56.15 AM

Oh really, Uberfacts?!?! I’m sure a persons will to live lessens when there is no one else to live for. That said, I don’t recall anyone getting cancer from loneliness, nor do I recall Diabetes being caused sitting alone in your parents basement playing world of warcraft. That said, 15 cigarettes isn’t THAT many a day, compared to people who really put down a pack or two a day. So, perhaps, being a lonely person who sits in their own filth and eats 5 sleeves of Oreos a day is worse for you than smoking and being obese. But basic loneliness? If that was the case, there’d be a lot more dead crazy old cat ladies. Those broads live to be , like, 200.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.11.21 AM

So, in other words, Wiz Kalifah keep his left shoe on all the time, right? Get it!??! he’s never in the zone! ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Side note, this is probably true and that’s fucking hilarious.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.56.42 AM

This is one of those Uberfacts I’d show people and be like “See! I’m not an impatient dickhead! I’m just a happy and confidant person!” as I aggressively weave in and out of crowded streets with a look of disdain on my face..
The problem with this “fact” is a similar problem to many “facts” stated by uber. What was the study on this? How’d they figure that out? Did they take 100 people and time them while they walked, then do a psychological test after to gauge their happiness and confidence? i’mma guess they didn’t. I’d venture to say uberfacts research on that was, at most , “Hey, look at that guy walking fast and smiling…”.
Still, I ride for this one cause it applies to me. Regardless of how completely full of shit it may be.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.02.42 AM

Finally…this seems legit. And it’s something I could see actual studies done on. Sleep research is boundless and they pretty much cover everything. So, this being a thing makes all the sense in the world. It’s also another one that plays nicely into my own personal agenda. I’m a very anti-snooze alarm. it makes no sense to me. Why wake up earlier just to get 20 more minutes of shitty sleep when you can just set your alarm to the time you have to get up , without the interruption? I get that people need to be revved up in the morning but I refuse to believe people who hit the snooze button 5 times are better rested. And uberfacts got my back, bro.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.08.34 AM

Panda Porn? Really? I’mma need WAY more details on Panda Porn ,uberfacts. Where is it made? is there backstory to the scenes? Do pandas have multiple sexual positions? How deep does it get, fetish , wise? Who directs these porns? Do other animals have similar porn? Do animals understand what porn is? Feel free to take your time and answer all these questions. It’s cool, uberfacts, I can wait.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.10.15 AM

I don’t wanna take the wind out of the sails on this one cause, really, if I can blame me being an asshole on something other than me simply being an asshole, i will. however, “IMS” simply sounds like me when I’m really hungry. If that’s the case, I get “IMS” a few times a day. So, ladies, if you see me and I’m being the worst, it’s not me, it’s IMS. To fix it, simply buy me a meal. Clearly, snickers already has cornered the market on curing this.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.57.20 AM

Here’s the thing…I eat incredibly fast. I always have. People are amazed and appalled by me on a daily basis. While i’m not exactly svelt, I’ve also never been too tubby. So, perhaps my genetics are so that my metabolism happens to keep up with the speed in which I shove food into my mouth. So, as an exception to the rule, I’d like a formal apology from Uberfacts. That said, scientifically, I’m sure this makes all the sense in the world. But, whatever…If it were true I’d be like 400 pounds.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.01.18 AM

I just found this interesting on so many levels. The size of balls are such a curious thing. One would think: The bigger the balls, the bigger the loads, the more fertile the man. While that might be true (it’s probably not at all) the concept of small nuts equaling good fathers is…well…preposterous. Why? Well, first off, what the scientific code for being a good dad? That’s not exactly quantifiable. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we were trying to list off all the good dads of our friends. out of about 30 people, we came up with 3. It was really depressing. So, clearly, lots of big nuts out there. So, ladies, next time you’re performing oral sex on a dude and you see two little raisins down there, let him put a baby in you cause he’s in it for the long run…with his little baby nuts.

Answers for questions vol. 211

G’day mates! How was your halloween? What did you dress up as? no way! Me too. We’re so simpatico.
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. It’s ben going on for years now and , most likely, won’t stop anytime soon. If you’d like to be a part of this, by all means send me questions. Either leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at The weirder the better.
Well, let’s see what we go this week…

Give me a rough ballpark figure as to the # of people in your life who have tried to convince you to read a certain book/novel at some point or another…
Shiiiiit…That’s hard to calculate.
I should clarify that I’m not “A reader”. Clearly, I know how to read and am able to understand the written word but it’s just never been something that took with me, as far as being something I enjoy. The only time I have read books for pleasure is when I was traveling abroad. That was primarily cause I was going to places where I wouldn’t be watching TV and would have lots of down time on trains and planes. Basically, when i had no other choice. In general, I find most books pretty boring and forgettable. I read them, absorb them , then forget them. The only stuff that I’ve ever felt really stuck with me was more along the lines of biographies and other non-ficton type books but, even those didn’t really have a lasting effect on me. I dunno, there’s something about the written word that doesn’t resonate with me. I’ve discussed this with many people and every one of them has been like “Oh, you’re just reading the wrong books!” and listed a bunch of books I should read. I taken a few of those suggestions and I still feel the same way. The books weren’t bad…I simply didn’t give a shit.
So, to answer your question, I’d guess about 75 to a 100 times.

Who would win in a fist fight: marky mark or samuel l jackson?
At this point in life? I’m guessing Marky Mark. Sam Jackson is old and Marky Mark is on some raged out southie shit. Sure, Sam jackson is much taller and probably knows how to fight but Wahlberg got the speed and power. Dudes with rage issues, in general, are dangerous. They don’t have that little voice in their heads that tell them “stop punching, he’s dead”. I feel like Marky Mark is one of those guys. You can see it in his dead eyes.

How far can confidence get an aspiring musician if their music is subpar? How far can confidence get anybody for that matter?
Oh man, confidence can go pretty far but there definitely is a ceiling. I think, with music, it can certainly open doors. Eventually, you’re gonna have to prove it though, and that’s where the ceiling begins. If you can convince people you’re great some dumb motherfuckers are always gonna agree. Look At Kanye. He’s a decent rapper and good beat maker. People actually think that guy is a genius. He’s definitely a good artist but a genius? Get the fuck out of here. But he’s good enough to at least make it a discussion. On the other hand, being overly confident can backfire. If you bring that attitude to the wrong person, they will laugh in your face. I’ve certainly never been one to take anyone like that seriously. If you tell me “check out this album I made. I can 100% say it’s the best music every made” I’m gonna think you’re a dickneck. That said, I’ll probably peep it , just to see how much I hate it. But that’s the problem. The over confidence has already made me wanna hate you, which means your music has to be even better for me to even consider it. I just feel like that will make it harder for anyone to be taken seriously.
Outside of music, confidence can get you laid and get you jobs. Sadly, people will always be impressed with that kind of bullshit. That said, there is good and bad confidence. There’s arrogant confidence , which is the worst and anyone who carries themselves in that way is actually pretty insecure underneath it all. Then there is the silent confidence. That’s just being sure of yourself without the showboating and bragging. Girls notice that shit. I’ve seen terrible looking dudes who had that and were able to bag girls WAY out of their league. The kids might call that “swag”. Others might just assume you have a big dick.

I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a little bit, but just got around to typing it out. How do you feel about the recent trend of rappers talking about their more “Spiritual” side with the “3rd Eye” and meditation?

Off the top of my head I know a lotta East coast (or “BEast” coast, for those into that) rappers like Joey Bada$$, Bishop Nehru, and The Underachievers are taking ideas like that and running with them.

I see this less as some dudes rapping about hallucinogenics and more like people opening up to different ideas, BUT at the same time I feel like it’s been done before with Hieroglyphics, Souls Of Mischief, and Del’s solo work, among other artists. So I’m sorta conflicted.

I wanna know how you feel about it? Is it trendy? Will it hold up 5 years later? Do you think the comparison is fair or are they totally different?

I think it’s the same as it ever was. Rappers been talking about that kinda shit in some form since the late 80’s. Just a bunch of high dudes talking about a vague “spirituality”. It’s kinda like how people used to rap about “lyrical miracles”. It’s just some shit that sounds cool and deep but, really, isn’t. It’s kinda like the confidence thing above. If you say you’re deep enough times, people just start to believe you.
That said, I don’t think everyone who talks about that shit is wack. Much like rapping about selling crack, if you do it in a creative way, it can be quite enjoyable. But, in general, I don’t buy most “spirituality” like that. Even if they actually practice what they preach, it’s not my scene.

Hey, have you ever considered making another PFAC album? What reasons for, or against it would you have?
Not really.
I love that first album and it’s definitely the album I’ve worked on that most honestly reflects me as a person. That said, it was made over the course of like 8 years , during a very different time in my like. Nowadays, both Jer and I are too busy to really sit down and make an entire new album. Not only that but the landscape of music has changed drastically since we did that album. Youtube is everything. Trends come and go over the course of weeks. We simply can’t keep up with what’s going on cause, well, we’re older and don’t give a shit. As much as I love our album, it’s pretty dated. All the things we made fun of on that album are no longer “things”. I feel as though , for us to stay relevant , we’d have to churn out songs and videos on a monthly basis and it’s just not possible. Also, for me at least, that fire isn’t there to make that kind of music.
PFAC was 100% labor of love. We made no money on it and it sold terribly. I doubt that would be different now if we started again. We got bills to pay and other things to work on. It simply doesn’t fit into the life schedule.

what’s your policy on adopting new slang? do you add it to your repertoire only if your friends start using it organically? will you steal a term from teenagers if you genuinely like the way it sounds? or do you steadfastly refuse to use any slang that wasn’t hot when you were “young?” is anyone over 30 that uses new slang a sucker? this was inspired by sway (wiki says born 1970) repeatedly telling angry kanye “you don’t have to turn up.” follow up q: does any american culture other than hip hop/urban/young black even produce new slang anymore?
I don’t really have any rules about that. My slang is pretty rooted in the 90’s. I still say “dope” , “ill” and “wack”. Any new shit that has snuck in over the years has generally done so via irony. Like , I thought it was so corny I started saying it as a joke and , one day, it’s a part of the lexicon. Funny how that happens. But, in general, I don’t really tend to add new slang to my vocab simply cause it’s not natural for me to say that kinda shit. Like , i would never say “swag” with any earnestness. And the only time I’ve said “turnt up” is when I’m making jokes on twitter. I think, when you get older, you naturally distance yourself from “what the kids are into” no matter how young you may feel. I’m no different.
As for the follow up, I’m pretty sure all sorts of cultures create slang in the US. Thing is, unless you’re part of that culture, you might not hear it. I’m sure metalheads have their own slang. Same with goths or even frat bro types. That kinda stuff just doesn’t take off cause it’s less of a defining part of their cultures. Hip hop slang is relentless and constantly evolving. Part of the reason it gets more light is cause it’s so integral to the culture. It also gets more press cause hip hop is self referential. Slang words often begin via songs. Like “thot” became a thing cause of a cheef keef song. Rockers simply aren’t doing that kinda shit.

Why are there no Mexican super heroes?
No se. Es una lástima que el mundo podría usar uno. Cada cultura tiene sus propios super hero. Uno es sólo ligeramente hacia la cultura racista, pero no tanto que no pueden estar orgullosos de ello.