Answers for questions vol. 215

Whattup everyone? How was your thanksgiving? Full of mirth, I hope. So much fucking mirth.
It’s 4 days later and I’m finally starting to feel human again. Eating that food two days in a row has a recovery time similar to a two day drinking bender. At least for my stomach.
Anyway, This is “Answers for questions”, You guys ask me stuff, and I answer it. I’m always in need of new questions so , please, join in. You can email me questions to or simply leave the questions in the comment section below. Be creative. Be interesting. That’s all I ask.
Okay, lets see what this week has in store for us…

How many hotdogs do you eat in a year? I try to keep it one a month, so 12 a year.

Hmm…hard to say. I actually like hot dogs but I can’t say I eat them with any frequency. Maybe 5 or so? Depends how many summer bbq’s I hit. Ask me how many sandwiches I eat a year and I would have to hire an accountant to answer.

What if your house was haunted by a ghost who was pretty chill and didn’t make a lot of noise but smoked weed all the time? Like the only result of this ghost would be that your house would smell like a bag of blunts constantly. Would that make you want to pack up and leave? What if the weed-smoking ghost was Biggie Smalls, does this change your opinion?

This is related to a question from a few weeks back about living with a ghost.
This ghost sounds very mellow and all but it would basically be like having a roommate I didn’t want. I don’t know if I’d move out but I wouldn’t love it. I don’t smoke weed. My girl is actually allergic to weed smoke. So this would be an issue. Besides, what is ghost weed like anyway?
The ghost being Biggie doesn’t make it any better or worse. He’s still a former dead guy who smokes weed in my house all the time. His ability to rap doesn’t hold much weight with me unless I could record songs with him…which would be amazing on many different levels.
Regardless, I think moving wouldn’t be as urgent but it would be inevitable.

Hi Block,

Can you post or link to audio examples of one of your purely instrumental tracks before mix, after mix, and finally, after being mastered? Perhaps a more recent album for current context. Soundwise, it’d be interesting to hear the differences. Also, do you work with the mixer during the whole mix, or just give him general notes for each track?


Can’t put audio examples (mainly cause I’m really bad at marking and keeping track of what mix is what). I will say that my initial mixes (the ones I do myself straight off of my computer) are generally pretty decent. There’s rarely a mix of a beat that sucks and doesn’t work until I get it into a studio. It’s all just getting the right levels. Taking it to a studio is more for getting the drums right and throwing down effects I wouldn’t normally have access to on my computer.
As for how I get my mixes done, I do it one of two ways (depends on who’s mixing it)
1)I sit with him and mix the entire song. Like, he’s doing the work but I’m over his shoulder telling him what I want to be done.
2)Give him the tracks with some basic notes and let him go for it, then come in and adjust it to what I want.
The first way generally results in the songs sounding exactly how I had planned it while the second one will often lead to the song going different directions cause every engineer has their own ear. They’ll hear something and try it that I would never think of. Sometimes I like it, other times I don’t. BUt it’s kinda cool to have that to play with.

Answers for questions:Have you ever had a girl kiss, or try to kiss you, while giving you a blow job?

I don’t know any girls with two mouths so this sounds somewhat impossible.
I think you mean has a girl ever kissed me after a blow job? Sure. Depending on how far it went, I reciprocated. If she didn’t do it to completion, that’s fine. If she’s got a load in her mouth, she’s being an asshole and will get denied. I realize that sounds ungrateful but…well…sorry. I don’t want jizz in my mouth under any circumstance. I’d rather not get the head than get it and get my own spunk in my mouth.
Any time a girl has attempted that with me it’s 100% been her fucking with me. I’d like to believe no girl blows a dude, takes his load in her mouth and thinks “He might want to share this with me”. That’s the female-male equivalent to “ass to mouth”, and only a certain type of person is gonna be into that shit. A person, I should add, that I am not.

Do you think halloween creates a subtle psychological notion that not being “you” is rewarding?

Umm…Nope. I never thought about it cause, you know, it’s halloween and it’s fun. But,I’m sure, if you wanted to take the psychology of it apart and suck every little bit of fun out, you could make a case for that. You’d be a dick if you did that though.
Halloween grinch status.

this might be a question, at best it’s a few statements ended by question marks:
saw a commercial for a Chevy or Gm car that clearly used a DJ Shadow track off his first album (Endtroducing), and given that it’s a blatant and unashamedly all sample album, does that give you any feeling of hope for the licensing of your music, or sample-heavy music in general? you’ve stated often that licensing is the most major income avenue for your style of music, and that hopes of that are slim to none, but this seems like a major break in attitude toward it by a major advertiser. made me feel all warm and giddy inside. i willingly sat through a commercial without hitting the mute button for the first time in years, for all 5 times it played during the hour show. that’s gotta be a win for somebody.

First off, I cannot tell you how many people have asked me if I got a song in a Chevy commercial. Like 5 people a day since it has come out. This is hilarious to me cause that’s a DJ Shadow song and people should know that. Especially my fans.
I was pretty surprised to hear his song in a commercial for the very reasons you named above. While I was psyched for him, it didn’t bring me hope or anything. I assume he just cleared the sample. That’s the only way that happened. The few times I’ve gotten major licensing , we ended up clearing the samples as well. It’s costly but, in the case of an ad spot like that, it’s worth it. That’s probably a 6 figure pay day for him so it makes a lot of sense.
I don’t know this to be fact, btw, I’m just assuming. If he didn’t clear it, then that does give me hope. Cause, in my experience, advertisement people aren’t even trying to touch songs wit samples in them, let alone use them with any risk of legal action attached.

If you could have an extra limb anywhere on your body what limb would you choose and where on your body would it be?

I think an extra arm would be the obvious choice. But where to put it is tough. My instinct is to say my back but then how the hell would I sleep? I’m thinking a second arm coming out of one of my shoulders makes the most sense. It would split off the like a fork in the road. Not quite sure what it would do but it would make carrying stuff easier. It might help my defensive game in basketball too. Downside: I’d be a freak of nature with three arms.

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    • They actually asked me about it a while back but, to be honest, I don’t have a working record player so it would be hard to do. I sample mostly stuff I download off the internet these days (rare records are too expensive). SO, if they could find a way to do it working around that, I’d totally be into it.

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