Yay or Nay?: I.O.D.

This might be a tough one to gauge for multiple reasons. Here we have a young rapper from Brooklyn by way of Harlem. If you look back into his catalogue, you’ll find he’s done some pretty good throwback raps in the vein of people like Bishop Nehru and Joey Badass. While that kinda stuff is fine,it’s also pretty boring (in my opinion) but it would appear his newer stuff is going else where. The problem is, there’s only one song that shows these newer leanings so I don’t know if this is a total stylistic change or just one song. So, cause of this, people might be quick to judge. For that reason, I’m giving a bunch of examples of what this kid can do. Just to shed a little light on what he’s working with. From what I can gather, he’s clearly a versatile rapper who’s also got an ear for some weird beats (I mean that in a good way).
I’ve long said that when you mix weirdness with someone with actual skill, it usually makes some of the best rappers. I’m not quite sure I.O.D. has found his voice yet but the potential is off the charts. On “Ebola” he almost sounds like a more controlled and less disabled Young Thug. As someone who’s not a fan of Young Thug, I have mixed feelings about it cause , for one, he’s rapping pretty nuts on that track but, he does sound like Young Thug which is like fingers across a chalkboard for me. Regardless, peep all the track and let me know what you think. If you just peep on you might not get the full picture here.

So, What do you think? (you can vote for more than one choice, btw)

3 thoughts on “Yay or Nay?: I.O.D.

    • I agree. I feel as though most of the people who voted watched the first 45 seconds of “Ebola” and made their mind up…which is unfortunate. If you go back to his other material and listen to “ebola” with that in mind, it’s actually pretty fucking awesome.

  1. I don’t think he’s “bad” per se, but, I’m also not hearing anything that makes me all that interested in listening further. To contrast I.O.D with Joey Badass, when I first heard Joey on “Survival Tactics”, I was blown away. (Although, I agree that the throwback stuff gets a little boring)

    I will say that I like the older stuff you posted much better than the Ebola song. Homie at least has potential

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