Rogglecast 25- Hairless Styles

Holy shit…It’s been a long time. Well, we have returned. Rogglecast , my podcast with my buddy Pollyne, is back and as roggley as ever. This week , we discuss how to drink as you age, how Pollyne is forever a tween and we listen to a youtube video of a woman who hates big dicks. That and so much more…It’s nice to see you all again.
Also, if you have questions you’d like us to answer on the podcast, send them to

4 thoughts on “Rogglecast 25- Hairless Styles

  1. Loved it! Those stories you both told about your mothers were so fucking funny and adorable. Pollyne, I wanna say that you should learn the korean alphabet with your mom haha. It’s seriously very easy and straightforward (the pronunciation/entire language structure, not so much).

    ps, blockhead: I know you feel inept when it comes to languages, but your accents are actually kinda good! Must have to do with all that beat making and rhythm and stuff…

  2. Yeah, shit is a mess. But you know what, looking back, I think 2014 has been a really incredible time to be alive. Just think of how many unbelievable abuses of power have been uncovered within every single domain of society this past year, I can’t even wrap my head around it. And it feels shocking/not shocking and depressing and debilitating all at once. But what other choice is there than to keep on facing and looking at how bad things have truly been and continue to be… right?

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